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Pictures taken during January 2016

id: 45768
The first photo of 2016!
id: 45769
Anyway, back to video games
id: 45770
Vic inspects the Mario Maker interface
id: 45771
Alan looks so tired
id: 45772
McKeed likes Mario
id: 45773
id: 45774
Bryce likes Mario too
id: 45775
Vic cooks up a diabolical level. Or is he playing?
id: 45776
Mario Maker took up a good chunk of the night
id: 45777
Topaz really had fun making levels
id: 45778
Bryce is in awe
id: 45779
Meanwhile, Katie and Alan hang out in the kitchen area
id: 45780
Juuust hanging out
id: 45781
Bryce's turn
id: 45782
Vic thinks things are funny
id: 45783
Bryce.. don't look now but there is a penguin on your shoulder
id: 45784
Bryce is so zoned out
id: 45785
Looming over me while waiting for breakfast
id: 45786
Topaz finds breakfast decisions so stressful
id: 45787
id: 45788
For some reason this photo of Vic sort of reminds me of his cats
id: 45789
It's a race to go karts for racing!
id: 45790
Mel being Mel
id: 45791
Mel being slightly crazy Mel. So.. normal Mel
id: 45792
McKeed sees you
id: 45793
Amanda is ready to race
id: 45794
Topaz is ready to.. observe
id: 45795
Mel is now behind the camera, by the way. She snapped this lovely photo of me
id: 45796
Will seems skeptical
id: 45797
Walking out to our Karts
id: 45798
Dave knows how to ham it up for the camera
id: 45799
Albert is all business
id: 45800
Amanda just wants to make sure she doesn't drive under the barrier like that other person
id: 45801
I see the camera.. but do not acknowledge it
id: 45802
Vic... Vic loves Twizzlers
id: 45803
Katie is up next
id: 45804
And Will rounds out the pack
id: 45805
Vic takes the inside line and overtakes Amanda
id: 45806
It was a nice track
id: 45807
Albert wonders how to drive Will off the road
id: 45808
Amanda gets suited up
id: 45809
I swear this helmet fits..
id: 45810
I love this shot of me. Thanks, Mel!
id: 45811
Holy crap, relax Albert
id: 45812
Quite a crew
id: 45813
Will is ready for racing
id: 45814
Katie is also ready for racing
id: 45815
Oh hey, so is Vic
id: 45816
Apparently everyone is ready for racing
id: 45817
id: 45818
Look at me go. Gotta go fast!
id: 45819
Ever wonder what this track would look like if every color was gone except green? Wonder no more?
id: 45820
Amanda takes the corner at speed
id: 45821
Get outta the way, Vic. I got people to pass
id: 45822
Got to lean into the corner
id: 45823
Will is a blur of speed
id: 45824
Amanda is about to get bumped out of the way if she doesn't give up that inside line
id: 45825
Dave is blowing kisses to the camera!
id: 45826
I win! I got lucky because Dave won the first race and I won the second. Since his score went up after the first, my win was worth a few more points
id: 45827
Amanda slid in just in time for this shot
id: 45828
What could they be playing?
id: 45829
Some sort of bizarre space narwhal game..
id: 45830
Mel is excited for cheesesteaks
id: 45831
There were a couple of games of Artemis but it's so involved I never felt up for a game
id: 45832
Peter is the comms officer
id: 45833
Who knows what these chumps are doing
id: 45834
McKeed got me a hotas! Of course, I bust it open and flew around in the Google Earth flight simulator on my macbook
id: 45835
"They're my fwends!"
id: 45836
What do you think of Mario Maker, Jeff?
id: 45837
Video 1 was a lot more packed than Main Events
id: 45838
Nerds in their natural habitat
id: 45839
Mel uses Will as a pillow. Willow.
id: 45840
Topaz tries to figure out Bryce's level
id: 45841
"So the thing about Star Citizen is.."
id: 45842
Alan is lurking around
id: 45843
id: 45844
Omar got a pretzel maker!
id: 45845
And music!
id: 45846
Hi Topaz
id: 45847
Hi Mel
id: 45848
Bryce drew this for the Miiverse
id: 45849
Well done, Miiverse
id: 45850
Omar tells Yoda who's boss
id: 45851
McKeed tries to get the Yoda robot to listen to him
id: 45852
Watch out, he's armed!
id: 45853
id: 45854
We had a little car confrontation as Omar, Dave, and I left for another round of go karts and Mel and Will left for breakfast
id: 45855
Mel's gonna die
id: 45856
id: 45857
We're back
id: 45858
The layout for track 1. Fun track!
id: 45859
Whoa. Hi Omar.
id: 45860
Dave is ready to race. Of course, I crushed him.
id: 45861
Bryce tries his hand at being a bomb defuser
id: 45862
Bomb experts?
id: 45863
Ahh, here they are
id: 45864
"Do you have the word 'see'?"
id: 45865
Bryce is gonna die
id: 45866
Omar is in the Mount Your Friends zone
id: 45867
Hey look, an almost normal photo of Mel!
id: 45868
So tense!
id: 45869
id: 45870
Someone remember where we parked
id: 45871
Alan is super excited
id: 45872
Well.. let's get in line
id: 45873
Mel.. that face..
id: 45874
This is Vic's future attic
id: 45875
id: 45876
It's a cat!!
id: 45877
It's Dean!
id: 45878
Peter and Sam will hold down the fort as Topaz and I get dropped off at the bus station
id: 45879
How can a street intersect with itself?? We must be at the nexus of the universe!
id: 45880
Topaz makes some receipt origami
id: 45881
Burger inspection: begin
id: 45882
Vic takes no joy from his burger
id: 45883
Topaz does
id: 45884
Amanda is so little!!!
id: 45885
Anthony tries his hand at Elite Dangerous in VR with the hotas. By the way, "HOTAS" means "Hands On Throttle And Stick". It's that controller thing
id: 45886
Topaz was impressed
id: 45887
Buzz was sleepy
id: 45888
This.. is my life
id: 45889
It's easier to take photos of Anthony when he doesn't know you're there!
id: 45890
Somehow this is the only photo I took of Topaz during his excellent talk on regular expressions
id: 45891
id: 45892
Don't fall!
id: 45893
Aaand dismount
id: 45894
Josh, Anthony, Topaz and I make our way to Barcade
id: 45895
I would like to use the VR button, please
id: 45896
"This taxi is so crazy!"
id: 45897
Topaz is deep in tetris-y thought
id: 45898
Josh looks impressed with this game
id: 45899
Tetris tatter-tots! Tetris tots!
id: 45900
id: 45901
The display in the center was all 3D and weird
id: 45902
Suz is here! And she got me a ridiculous "Eggstronaut"!
id: 45903
She also brought Beany's present.. what could it be?
id: 45904
Ohhhh my god. It's a mug with Neil on it!
id: 45905
And Buzz!!
id: 45906
Josh checks his email. Suz checks.. her life
id: 45907
Who's ready to race?
id: 45908
Turns out this wasn't a very accurate simulator. Or really a simulator at all
id: 45909
Josh takes no joy in racing
id: 45910
Drastic maneuvers
id: 45911
Josh won!
id: 45912
Vroom vroom
id: 45913
So dramatic
id: 45914
I was having fun
id: 45915
Suz doesn't understand driving
id: 45916
Is Suz crazy enough to drive a taxi?
id: 45917
Barcade, folks.
id: 45918
Sign language stories while eating burgers at Lucky's!
id: 45919
Midtown New York
id: 45920
Midtown is so crowded it is ridiculous
id: 45921
Johnald wants Topaz's beer
id: 45922
Anthony has one of those fancy copper mugs
id: 45923
Shots and a check
id: 45924
id: 45925
Topaz is having fun
id: 45926
Quite a crew
id: 45927
Such an advanced blackboard
id: 45928
It is was so dark in this bar!
id: 45929
Time to stumble home
id: 45930
Oh god, where is the train, I need to sleep! It's 3am!
id: 45931
id: 45932
So. Many. People. Ugh.
id: 45933
Nice view from Synacor's NYC office
id: 45934
Those ants look like people!
id: 45935
Colors and lights
id: 45936
Hey I know that logo
id: 45937
Elevators are fun
id: 45938
I see you, other platform
id: 45939
Topaz spies a camera
id: 45940
The right stop, the wrong museum
id: 45941
The museum of natural history! Not tonight though
id: 45942
Hey look, an old timey Batmobile!
id: 45943
This doesn't look very aerodynamic
id: 45944
Red Batman?
id: 45945
Batmobile details
id: 45946
Weird pipes
id: 45947
What's in the bags?
id: 45948
Tony's future computer room
id: 45949
"The computer history is in the next room!"
id: 45950
Just loafing around here, eh?
id: 45951
Hey it's that place we want to go to
id: 45952
Buzz, your girlfriend, woof.
id: 45953
Ha, harsh
id: 45954
No more coffee for you
id: 45955
Hez inspects tiny UNIVAC
id: 45956
Old timey telegram.. thing!
id: 45957
I think this was a trans-Atlantic telegram line
id: 45958
Telstar! An early communications satellite
id: 45959
If I understand correctly, you put a card in that thing on the right, and all the dials change to indicate what data is on it
id: 45960
Vacuum tubes, for that warm analog computer feel
id: 45961
"Yes, this is Dog"
id: 45962
id: 45963
This is how they make fiber optics. But upside down. They stretch out a slug of super pure glass
id: 45964
Fun fact: 4chan was written in Fortran. No, no it wasn't.
id: 45965
What is even going on here
id: 45966
Topaz inspects a recreation of an early transistor
id: 45967
"Hello, transistor!"
id: 45968
Hey cool, it's Tennis for Two! Well.. a recreation. But that's ok
id: 45969
It's an old recreation, at least
id: 45970
Yet another indie 2d side-perspective game..
id: 45971
Spiffy controllers
id: 45972
Topaz discovers that Space Invaders is hard
id: 45973
"Gronk" is a word you don't hear associated with video games enough these days
id: 45974
Behold.. a typewriter!
id: 45975
Let's put it through its paces
id: 45976
Perl isn't going to run on this thing, Topaz
id: 45977
Font ball! Ball of fonts!
id: 45978
I don't even know what this is. Some sort of bizarre data storage, I'm sure
id: 45979
The physical representation of the source code that runs my photos page
id: 45980
Heyyy, this keeps flashing "IBM"
id: 45981
I used to build towers out of old punch cards at school
id: 45982
CPU dies!
id: 45983
I was impressed they found a graffiti door without obscenities on it
id: 45984
Fancy subway
id: 45985
Neil hates packages
id: 45986
id: 45987
This is a fun box
id: 45988
id: 45989
Stickers, drivers, bla bla bla
id: 45990
Buzz has claimed the box
id: 45991
This looks promising
id: 45992
It's... it's beautiful
id: 45993
The flight stick!
id: 45994
The throttle! Hands on both and you have a Hands-On Throttle and Stick, HOTAS!
id: 45995
Purnell is ready to party
id: 45996
Jacob is always ready to party
id: 45997
My messy desk
id: 45998
You ready to party, Tim?
id: 45999
Jacob is ready to.. check his phone
id: 46000
Max is ready to go home, I think
id: 46001
Off we go
id: 46002
The sign right outside Wolf Films, down the hall from my office
id: 46003
Why are bowling shoes so weird?
id: 46004
id: 46005
Who's ready for laser tag?
id: 46006
I already know the rules, let's go!
id: 46007
Kailey loves laser tag
id: 46008
Beer is fun
id: 46009
Serious conversation at the bar
id: 46010
Isaac conversation at the Isaac
id: 46011
Max, alone at the bar
id: 46012
Nate is talking serious talk
id: 46013
id: 46014
AJ's got a beer
id: 46015
"The thing about it is.."
id: 46016
Artie Party?
id: 46017
id: 46018
Tough to catch Purnell off guard!
id: 46019
Tough to catch lots of people off guard
id: 46020
James hates black and white photos
id: 46021
But loves bowling!
id: 46022
Line it up..
id: 46023
Anne lets it fly!
id: 46024
Kailey is having fun
id: 46025
Mr. David Wolf!
id: 46026
Henry spotted me. I need a less conspicuous camera
id: 46027
Kailey said normally my photos of her are faces like this one and was glad this wasn't her
id: 46028
Karl thinks about his next shot
id: 46029
A lot of these shots are black and white because the colored lighting in the pool area was horrific
id: 46030
Kailey and I had to try like four times to get a picture we were happy with
id: 46031
Beard Club
id: 46032
Henry said that the beer pitcher lends authenticity to this photo
id: 46033
Photobombed again!
id: 46034
Oh I bet this is a fun group to hang out with
id: 46035
Hey Luke! How is the ropes course?
id: 46036
Trust in the safety harness!
id: 46037
Hanging out at the bar
id: 46038
Looking at all these beard people.. maybe I should stop shaving!
id: 46039
Please call an attendant
id: 46040
Nate checks out my new Apollo pen. But more on that later
id: 46041
Artie also checked it out. But the next batch has more details on the space pen!
id: 46042
AJ lines up a shot! Everyone lines up a shot! That's the standard pool photo caption
id: 46043
On July 20th, 1969, the Apollo 11 Lunar Module "Eagle" landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on board. Mounted in the window was a 16mm film camera.
id: 46044
At the beginning and end of the film reel was some exposed film used to load onto the reel. Normally they would be discarded.
id: 46045
But these film scraps were distributed to Kodak engineers as thanks for helping on the Apollo 11 program. Decades later one engineer sold his scrap..
id: 46046
.. and now I have a piece. It also came with this snazzy notebook!
id: 46047
Certificate of authenticity
id: 46048
Only 144 of these pen sets were made
id: 46049
Seeee, I told you!
id: 46050
Two fancy pens!
id: 46051
See that little black speck? That's a piece of 16mm film that's been on the moon
id: 46052
But not just on the moon.. on Apollo 11. The first manned landing. How amazing is that.
id: 46053
Thanks, Toapz!
id: 46054
Of course, I consulted with the astro-cats
id: 46055
Buzz, you were the LMP, the camera was in your window! Do you recognize this?
id: 46056
Neil was too busy landing the vehicle
id: 46057
Judging by his ears, Buzz is surprised by this reunion
id: 46129
Sprint planning
id: 46130
Starrett-Lehigh at sunset
id: 46131
Fwoooosh goes the 7 line
id: 46132
Just flying my spaceship..
id: 46133
id: 46134
"Backup Max Photo #1"
id: 46135
March 28th is very far away
id: 46136
Sunbeams in the morning!
id: 46137
"Hey Max! Backup photo!"
id: 46138
I really should have just done a photographic study of Max
id: 46139
LRS team lunch!
id: 46140
My walk to work is about to get a lot colder
id: 46141
Two very serious spacecraft on my desk
id: 46142
My daily walk past the construction site
id: 46143
How billboards are born
id: 46144
Looking down the bike/jogging path along the Hudson
id: 46145
Building buildings
id: 46146
id: 46147
Walking past the heliport everyday certainly leads to some dramatic, and windy, moments
id: 46148
I really like this shot
id: 46149
It's tough to keep cat fur off an Oculus Rift
id: 46150
There's a whole other world in there
id: 46151
Colorful ride
id: 46152
I'm so glad the 7 line isn't that ugly exposed metal in my neighborhood. These arches are nice.
id: 46153
Income Tax man!
id: 46154
Ugly exposed metal 7 line! Just a few blocks east of my street
id: 46155
My doctor! I won't use his full name so google searches don't lead here, but I call him Dr. Jeffy B. He doesn't know that.
id: 46156
Hey it's that building from Hackers!
id: 46157
I join the ranks of the many people taking photos at Grand Central
id: 46158
Yet another tour group
id: 46159
Walking to work
id: 46160
Max loves my photo projects
id: 46161
Early morning coffee
id: 46162
Oh sorry, am I interrupting?
id: 46163
Oh god.. do I want to go outside?
id: 46164
No, no I don't
id: 46165
It's so snowy!
id: 46166
Ahhh, we're going to be buried!
id: 46167
Everyone under the sidewalk shelter!
id: 46168
What a rotund snowman
id: 46169
Blizzard aftermath
id: 46170
So much snow
id: 46171
But Seamless cannot be stopped!
id: 46172
Lots of stores put cardboard down in front of the doors to absorb water. Is that a New York thing? I don't remember seeing it in other places
id: 46173
Let's go to work
id: 46174
id: 46175
Everyone picks their way through the sludge
id: 46176
It's times like these I'm glad I have waterproof boots
id: 46177
The bike path was plowed. The footpath was not
id: 46178
id: 46179
Eh. Plowed enough
id: 46180
Helicopters don't care about snow
id: 46181
id: 46182
Lots of construction going on at Hudson Yards
id: 46183
Hamptons! They make the best salads in the city and I don't care what Josh says
id: 46184
Oh ho! Josh saw me typing the previous caption
id: 46185
People lunching and learning at Lunch and Learn
id: 46186
Good ol' Bliss St
id: 46187
Taking an alternate route to work to stay away from the Hudson wind
id: 46188
The 7 flies by
id: 46189
Please :(
id: 46190
Walking through Chinatown to visit Suz
id: 46191
Lots of New York scenes here
id: 46192
Graffiti on construction signs!
id: 46193
Open marketplace
id: 46194
Sometimes I'm surprised just how stereotypical NYC New York can be some times
id: 46195
The barrels huddle together to stay warm
id: 46196
Bummer for you, bike man. I didn't even notice the missing seat until right now
id: 46197
This guy's got his seat
id: 46198
Lots of ladders
id: 46199
Suz lives in a tall building
id: 46200
"Suzanne's Lament"
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