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Pictures taken during February 2016

id: 46273
We had an externals presenter come in to talk about automating construction
id: 46274
Very interesting talk
id: 46275
His robot held onto the wall with a vacuum!
id: 46276
Also the ceiling!
id: 46277
Neat robot
id: 46278
id: 46279
Good ol' JFK
id: 46280
TSA. Yuck.
id: 46281
Waiting around the terminal
id: 46282
Of course it's snowing.
id: 46283
Window seat!
id: 46284
id: 46285
Waiting in line to take off
id: 46286
I really like this shot. Long line of planes
id: 46287
Away we go!
id: 46288
JFK from the air
id: 46289
Hey it's Manhattan
id: 46290
id: 46291
Way to live up to the stereotype, Buffalo
id: 46292
Landing is always dramatic
id: 46293
The very moment Topaz discovered me on his couch
id: 46294
"What are you doing here??"
id: 46295
Kate thought VR was neat but still preferred her bomb defusing on a computer
id: 46296
Phones are fun
id: 46297
Topaz loves sake
id: 46298
id: 46299
More sake!
id: 46300
Many VR demos were had
id: 46301
The coolness of the VR headset and the lameness of the t-shirt cancel each other out
id: 46302
So many people had their first VR experience this weekend!
id: 46303
Kate loves the pictures I take of her
id: 46304
Bomb defusing is complicated
id: 46305
Topaz is having fun
id: 46306
"Do you have... a symbol?"
id: 46307
Studying never ends
id: 46308
The Wastls
id: 46309
Of course, a lot of buffalo chicken was eaten
id: 46310
Celebrating Bradley's birthday!
id: 46311
Spaceport Eden!
id: 46312
How rude!
id: 46313
Uhh.. Eric.. it is inadvisable to walk around in VR
id: 46314
Virtual Eric and Regular Eric
id: 46315
Monocular camera vision is confusing
id: 46316
Better? Or worse. Better? Or worse.
id: 46317
Yes, it still works if you tilt your head
id: 46318
Topaz in concentration mode
id: 46319
Let's play an incredibly complicated card game!
id: 46320
It's like Magic.. but even more confusing
id: 46321
It took us around and hour and a half to get started. Good game though!
id: 46322
Hey I know this commute
id: 46323
I guess I traded the 5 for the 7
id: 46324
VR demos at Synacor!
id: 46325
Mark was so sold on it that he ordered an Oculus Rift / PC bundle a few minutes later!
id: 46326
id: 46327
Lake Erie remains pretty
id: 46328
Nice sunset
id: 46329
Oh hi
id: 46330
Dustin finally got his full sized Lego LM
id: 46331
Dustin's "virginity shelf"
id: 46332
Who's ready to lose money at poker?
id: 46333
Steve sure is
id: 46334
You guys, I'm really good at poker
id: 46335
Look at all my.. not much money
id: 46336
Dustin's having fun
id: 46337
So is Steve
id: 46338
Tamara is better at poker than me
id: 46339
Megan doesn't play but still likes poker
id: 46340
Check out this crazy ceiling
id: 46341
The bowling place is full! Let's find a new one
id: 46342
Time for bowling!
id: 46343
This is a combination bowling score computer and Apollo mission control station
id: 46344
Alcohol is important for bowling
id: 46345
Is that the right ball?
id: 46346
Distracting Megan
id: 46347
The wine glass seems out of place
id: 46348
Looks like a good shot..
id: 46349
id: 46350
I'm super bad at bowling
id: 46351
Tamara is super good at bowling
id: 46352
Steve is OK
id: 46353
Looks good so far..
id: 46354
Let's all take a moment to study the fire evacuation plan
id: 46355
Tamara's got the woogedy arms
id: 46356
So chill. So relaxed.
id: 46357
Megan bowled a ball!
id: 46358
Then who was camera???
id: 46359
Bomb defusing!
id: 46360
Dustin seems concerned
id: 46361
Dustin is an expert bomb technician
id: 46362
Tamara needs some red yarn and thumbtacks
id: 46363
Bombs are fun
id: 46364
Steve takes a turn in the hotseat
id: 46365
I love diners!
id: 46366
How you can tell this diner is near a college
id: 46367
Steve takes his mandatory turn in the GearVR
id: 46368
What is up with all the shirts at the Buffalo airport?
id: 46369
I couldn't resist some proper Buffalo wings. It was at the airport, but it was still Anchor Bar.
id: 46370
Insert plane here
id: 46371
Insert basketball here
id: 46372
There is an intense game of Settlers of Catan going on over here
id: 46373
Mike is freaking out in the background
id: 46374
Artie is having fun
id: 46375
id: 46376
Banana Max
id: 46377
Mike really needs to relax
id: 46378
Nate and Luke like beer
id: 46379
Tim looks up instructions on how to wear headphones
id: 46380
Artie's still determined to win this game
id: 46381
Hi Josh
id: 46382
Luke got these weird programmable robot blocks
id: 46383
Will they drive?
id: 46384
It's getting away!!
id: 46385
Nate has some ideas about the robot blocks
id: 46386
So does Mike
id: 46387
We put our best engineers on the job
id: 46388
I love the battery tail
id: 46389
It's driving in circles!
id: 46390
Well, Settlers is over
id: 46391
Good game!
id: 46392
Rogue robot devastating the landscape!!
id: 46393
Let's go home, Josh
id: 46394
id: 46395
These street vendors near the Megabus station must do really well
id: 46396
What are they building over the walkway?
id: 46397
The helipad never gets odl
id: 46398
id: 46399
There are more things on the walkway!
id: 46400
Cranes are so relaxing
id: 46401
This counts as a sidewalk
id: 46402
I think this might be the most NYC photo I've ever taken
id: 46403
Steam, trucks, hardhats, traffic lights..
id: 46404
It's coming right for us!!
id: 46405
Lots of people walking around
id: 46406
Mike was in town so we grabbed lunch!
id: 46407
Hi Buzz..
id: 46408
id: 46409
Snowy 7
id: 46410
Even snow has to sit down. That was a bad joke.
id: 46411
My camera bag now sports the mission patch for the podcast episode I'm working on
id: 46412
Wait for the light..
id: 46413
OK, sure
id: 46414
id: 46415
Statue of Tax Man
id: 46416
Cranes were always scary, even before that one collapsed downtown, but now I'm keeping a closer eye on them
id: 46417
Crane party!
id: 46418
Train party!
id: 46419
Scaffold party!
id: 46420
This car sits here all day every day with the lights flashing. I asked a guy why and he said it's to deter people from driving in, not realizing it's not a street
id: 46421
Barrel art?
id: 46422
Max art
id: 46423
I like how they wrote out on the windshield in case someone didn't get it
id: 46424
These are some remarkably chill horses
id: 46425
Now the walkway is getting lights!
id: 46426
Max loves his daily photo
id: 46427
Let's work through some tickets
id: 46428
The LIRR station looks pretty nice from the right angle
id: 46429
Yep.. it's my racing station
id: 46430
So many non-functional buttons
id: 46431
Code, Tim, code
id: 46432
Origami storage
id: 46433
What the hell is going on here? Are we summoning a new Macbook?
id: 46434
Everyone piles in for a "Core Practices" talk
id: 46435
As you can tell, I was thoroughly engaged
id: 46436
Questions were asked... and some were answered
id: 46437
Nate is building a Cyril
id: 46438
id: 46439
Tim in a seat of crap on all our desks
id: 46440
Why is it in quotes??
id: 46441
Yep.. NYC.
id: 46442
Tim pounding away on my neat Red Bull keyboard
id: 46443
id: 46444
id: 46445
Who, hi Bloo
id: 46446
Beany is skeptical of VR
id: 46447
Bloo gives it a shot
id: 46448
Type type type, says the Suz
id: 46449
Nothing like grocery shopping at 12:30am
id: 46450
Hi Neil!
id: 46451
One last photo of this furniture arrangement before yet another shuffle
id: 46452
Alexa, unpack yourself
id: 46453
Alexa, plug yourself in!
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