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Pictures taken during March 2016

id: 46454
Business jet?
id: 46455
Hey there's another plane back there!
id: 46456
By the time they get near me they already have their wheels down
id: 46457
Telephoto lenses are fun
id: 46458
Hey another vehicle!
id: 46459
I wonder which is heavier..
id: 46460
When the winds are right the planes come right over my neighborhood
id: 46461
id: 46462
I have no idea what this plane is
id: 46463
Nice winglets. You can thank NASA for that
id: 46464
Final approach!
id: 46465
Much of the weekend was spent pairing
id: 46466
Let's get to work, Isaac
id: 46467
I made this before the work got too hectic
id: 46468
Our teacher was Fred George and he was pretty great
id: 46469
Fred eviscerates some of Mike's code
id: 46470
Like me, Fred prefers to just drink the diet soda from the 2-liter. That's the way!
id: 46471
This is the face you make when your code gets totally destroyed but you learned something useful along the way
id: 46472
id: 46473
Tim's turn in the hotseat
id: 46474
I wish this class went for another week
id: 46475
Some of my fellow classmates
id: 46476
This is how much our brains grew
id: 46477
The hotseat is stressful
id: 46478
Fred continues the lecture
id: 46479
He's also a fellow Oculus Rift owner! Well.. in July he will be
id: 46480
Alan thinks over the lessons
id: 46481
Dana listens
id: 46482
I like Fred's shirt
id: 46483
Did he hear me type that?
id: 46484
The coding cycle
id: 46485
It was a whirlwind class and not everything stuck but the stuff that did helped a lot
id: 46486
An overview of the classroom
id: 46487
Time to watch Fred code a little
id: 46488
My crazy "cake" vim color scheme that I chose for better visibility on the projector.
id: 46489
Who wants Rocket Pig?
id: 46490
Max considers the options
id: 46491
If you're going to have a cheat meal, make it a good one!
id: 46492
Rocket Pig is the best.
id: 46493
Look at that thing!
id: 46494
WASD keys both for gaming and I suppose for the name of the company that made the keyboard!
id: 46495
The katakana spells out "Weyland" after "Weyland-Yutani"
id: 46496
All the keycaps are inspired by the film Alien
id: 46497
While I was at it I also picked up an F1 logo for my Red Bull Racing keyboard
id: 46498
The numpad was done by a guy on Reddit and served as a great starting point
id: 46499
The keyboard is largely inspired by the keypad on the self-destruct controls for the Nostromo
id: 46500
PURGE is an important button
id: 46501
It uses Cherry MX Brown switches so it's really nice to type on
id: 46502
I had to make sure to get plenty of photos of it before cat hair inevitably got all over it
id: 46503
I'm really happy with how it came out
id: 46504
Whooo, keyboards!
id: 46505
Hey Neil, want a rubber band?
id: 46506
Neil loves rubber bands
id: 46507
"Don't tell people that"
id: 46508
Mel seems wary of the sim cockpit
id: 46509
id: 46510
Mel gets her bearings in Elite: Dangerous
id: 46511
Time to fly!
id: 46512
Mel is also an expert racer. She didn't crash once. But maybe because she managed to drive at around 30mph in a Formula 1 car..
id: 46513
Hey this one wasn't even at the Auto Show. I just found it near work
id: 46514
That's certainly.. a vehicle
id: 46515
Inside the "crystal palace" of the Javits Center
id: 46516
Hey it's that place where we are!
id: 46517
Cars!! I mean.. autos!!
id: 46518
Hey neat, a NASCAR
id: 46519
Crispy M&Ms are the best
id: 46520
I want my Rift to be delivered in a race car
id: 46521
Inside the M&M car
id: 46522
What do these switches do?
id: 46523
I think the Maserati logo is super ugly but hte car is nice
id: 46524
This car was slowly rotating
id: 46525
Nice wheels
id: 46526
Aurora not included
id: 46527
This looks a lot like the last shot of a car's wheel but it's a different car
id: 46528
No roll bar?
id: 46529
I like the flashy brake pads
id: 46530
id: 46531
So many red cars
id: 46532
I want some cool aero elements on my car
id: 46533
I think this might be a Huracan, which I've driven in Assetto Corsa!
id: 46534
Hey look, paddle shifters!
id: 46535
This car certainly looks fancy
id: 46536
Various paint options
id: 46537
Hey it's not a Formula 1 car but it's pretty close!
id: 46538
id: 46539
Nice front wing
id: 46540
"Aero" indeed!
id: 46541
Another shot of the rear of the car
id: 46542
The wheel looks so simple compared to F1 cars!
id: 46543
Cool motorcycle
id: 46544
I bet that chain can take some abuse
id: 46545
I like this corner of the show
id: 46546
Nice gull wing doors
id: 46547
id: 46548
I wonder if this is also in Assetto Corsa..
id: 46549
The funny little Smart Car corner
id: 46550
Matte finishes seem to be the thing these days!
id: 46551
A GT3 car!
id: 46552
Hey look, more cars!
id: 46553
This one seems out of place
id: 46554
More cars downstars
id: 46555
That hood seems really awkward
id: 46556
Me sitting in very expensive BMW. i8, I think
id: 46557
Here's the exterior of the car I was sitting in
id: 46558
I also got to ride around in a BMW electric car
id: 46559
Inside the electric car. I think maybe an i3?
id: 46560
Old timey police cars!
id: 46561
These sims looked hilarious. If anything I'd want the FRONT of the car to be there so it looks right to me when driving!
id: 46562
Fancy Jeep
id: 46563
These guys were rocking and rolling on a motion platform. Probably not a great idea since those GearVRs don't have positional tracking
id: 46564
Even more cars!
id: 46565
Now this is definitely a car I've driven in Assetto Corsa
id: 46566
It was pretty strange actually being in the car after sitting in it virtually
id: 46567
I'm pretty sure this is what Phil drove around in Iraq
id: 46568
Another car I've driven in the sim!
id: 46569
Whoa. Dazzle camo!
id: 46570
This is where we design solitaire.
id: 46571
Oh hey there, little guy
id: 46572
Waiting for the light to change
id: 46573
Backup Max photo!
id: 46574
Max looks up information on his favorite album
id: 46575
A little windy on the Hudson today
id: 46576
Setting up a new billboard
id: 46577
Buzz was curious what the super was doing to my toilet
id: 46578
Buzz wonders why I'm moving all the furniture yet again.
id: 46579
Hey look, a beard!
id: 46580
Lovely Sunnyside
id: 46581
Inside my supermarket
id: 46582
What's up with this police line?
id: 46583
Under the 7
id: 46584
Another shot looking down the length of the 7
id: 46585
Oh hi guys
id: 46586
What.. the hell.. is this.
id: 46587
I had a train car to myself again. This happens a lot between Times Square and 34th St
id: 46588
Inside 34th St Hudson Yards
id: 46589
The escalator tunnel
id: 46590
Looking up at the artwork in the entrance to 34th st
id: 46591
More escalators!
id: 46592
I really really like how the lighting came out in this shot
id: 46593
Fancy dome thing on 34th st
id: 46594
Construction guys unloading some gear
id: 46595
Great light this morning
id: 46596
Cranes everywhere!
id: 46597
A little haze does wonders for a photo
id: 46598
So many cranes
id: 46599
This big scary hole was eventually covered with a metal plate and a bunch of dirt. Secret scary hole.
id: 46600
Lifting heavy things
id: 46601
Melting.. snow? I'm not sure what's going on here
id: 46602
Inside the other office for work
id: 46603
Hey look, it's 10th ave
id: 46604
Fancy cars at the fancy car store
id: 46605
Starrett-Lehigh can look pretty nice in the right lighting
id: 46606
Walking over to the Hudson
id: 46607
Birds love sunset
id: 46608
Nice sunset over New Jersey
id: 46609
id: 46610
So red!
id: 46611
Hey it's that Josh guy
id: 46612
Way to make dumb faces, Josh
id: 46613
Riding the long escalator at 34th st
id: 46614
id: 46615
A closeup of one of those cranes
id: 46616
That's a big piece of steel
id: 46617
Looking along my walk to work
id: 46618
Taking some long distance shots from the 12th floor of Starrett-Lehigh
id: 46619
What are these guys up to?
id: 46620
Space Shuttle Enterprise is in that gray thing
id: 46621
Empire State Building!
id: 46622
This boat is pushing a boat
id: 46623
Wide angle shots from up high look nice
id: 46624
id: 46625
I never managed to get a shot from here of a helicopter taking off but this one is pretty nice
id: 46626
I found an art gallery with paintings of astronauts!
id: 46627
Also Mount Everest and Formula 1 cars!! Did I paint these??
id: 46628
Nope, this guy did. I'm including this photo so I can find this later
id: 46629
That's a lot of packing peanuts
id: 46630
Another giant steel beam
id: 46631
Peeking through the hole
id: 46632
The view from the entrance to my office
id: 46633
Another nice sunset
id: 46634
Neil loves the racing chair
id: 46635
Laundry laundry laundry
id: 46636
id: 46637
This guy had a cool hat
id: 46638
James as a cone?
id: 46639
Coding at the pairing station
id: 46640
Cool contrails coming from this landing plane
id: 46641
"Hey Artie! Picture of the day!"
id: 46642
Why is the news here?
id: 46643
More news vans
id: 46644
Sunny morning in Sunnyside
id: 46645
Greg's got one of those BB-8 robots
id: 46646
Move, ball!
id: 46647
Hey today isn't St. Patrick's Day!
id: 46648
Nice lighting after getting off the train
id: 46649
Nice lighting
id: 46650
Lazy cats
id: 46651
Optimistic packing
id: 46652
Lots of steel
id: 46653
Stupid bird
id: 46654
Walking under the scaffolding
id: 46655
I don't want the crooked bathroom
id: 46656
Max loves photos
id: 46657
Big ship
id: 46658
These cranes sort of freak me out
id: 46659
So many barrels
id: 46660
I really like the reflection in this shot
id: 46661
Bike trail!
id: 46662
Pier 64
id: 46663
Going up river
id: 46664
Weird angles on Starrett-Lehigh
id: 46665
id: 46666
There's that boat again
id: 46667
Coming in for landing!
id: 46668
Now that I have a taste of how hard it is to fly helicopters I find these guys really impressive
id: 46669
That's a big boat!
id: 46670
Away they go!
id: 46671
id: 46672
And a little reflection!
id: 46673
Helicopters and airplanes
id: 46674
Off to Norway?
id: 46675
New York
id: 46676
Grand Central
id: 46677
A statue on Grand Central?
id: 46678
Closeup of the MetLife building
id: 46679
More weird building closeups
id: 46680
This one actually isn't black and white
id: 46681
Hi Grand Central
id: 46682
So many taxis
id: 46683
Inside Grand Central
id: 46684
That's a weird car
id: 46685
Hey it's me!
id: 46686
That's a lot of booze on Nate's desk
id: 46687
Neil and his doppelganger
id: 46688
Rain rain rain
id: 46689
I caught Max on his way to work! Too bad I didn't the next day because I somehow missed March 31st! Oh well. It could still be 365 photos this year!
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