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Pictures taken during April 2016

id: 46690
There it is, everyone
id: 46691
The box is now open
id: 46692
The actual Oculus Rift box
id: 46693
The back of the box
id: 46694
It's out of the bag!
id: 46695
So is the back!
id: 46696
It's out of the sleeve!
id: 46697
I finally see the Oculus Rift CV1 with my own eyes!
id: 46698
It's beautiful
id: 46699
The headset itself
id: 46700
Interesting that the camera wasn't securely fit into the little holder
id: 46701
The back of the tracker
id: 46702
Oculus logo
id: 46703
Looking into the headset
id: 46704
The build quality is really good
id: 46705
Looking through the back
id: 46706
It's a really nice looking device
id: 46707
From the other side
id: 46708
Closeup on the front
id: 46709
Oh just one more
id: 46710
Lots of goodies hidden under the tracker camera
id: 46711
The Oculus Remote is stuck on top
id: 46712
This is where everyone expected the controller to be
id: 46713
Xbox controller dongle, manual, batteries
id: 46714
Everything in the box
id: 46715
Sure it's not hooked up to anything, but that won't stop me from trying it on!
id: 46716
Kailey is just going to be glad that my daily insane countdown, which passed zero a while ago, is gone
id: 46717
Family photo!
id: 46718
CV1, DK2, DK1
id: 46719
I had to return the DK2 so this was my only chance to get a shot of them all together
id: 46720
Nice looking lineup
id: 46721
Fe peers inside
id: 46722
That's a lot of post-its, Max
id: 46723
The goal was to break down a familiar event into small steps so we can learn how to break a more complicated thing down
id: 46724
What steps do we actually need?
id: 46725
Will we feed the cat?
id: 46726
It turns out waking up and going to work is more complicated than we thought
id: 46727
Fe walked us through the process
id: 46728
Tim explaining.. something
id: 46729
An agile car?
id: 46730
Are we having fun?
id: 46731
Onto the big board!
id: 46732
Hey it's that trade center
id: 46733
New York streets
id: 46734
New York.. sidewalks/
id: 46735
This certainly looks like New York City
id: 46736
Nice looking street
id: 46737
I think the WTC is following me
id: 46738
I found them!
id: 46739
Run, Yaddi!!
id: 46740
Suz unpacks "Cosmic Encounter"
id: 46741
While Tony inspects the Pokemon drinking game
id: 46742
We got UFOs!
id: 46743
We got UFOs, Tony!!
id: 46744
Look who's here!
id: 46745
It's Yaddi the Shark!
id: 46746
Yaddi loves life
id: 46747
Poor Yaddi
id: 46748
Can't you see how much fun Yaddi is having being a shark?
id: 46749
Suz is having fun not being a shark
id: 46750
Neat old police car
id: 46751
Jacob demonstrates how to hit a baseball
id: 46752
He's better at this than I am
id: 46753
Here it comes!
id: 46754
Hi Neil
id: 46755
They're still working on the exterior of my building
id: 46756
id: 46757
Claiming everything is 99 cents or MORE isn't that impressive
id: 46758
id: 46759
Buzz likes blankets
id: 46760
Shawn presented at Lunch and Learn
id: 46761
Shiny windows
id: 46762
Max loves pictures
id: 46763
Ospreys over the Hudson!
id: 46764
Neil is so sleepy
id: 46765
Gifts from Buzz?
id: 46766
Hello, Buzz.
id: 46767
This is where I store my Oculus Rift
id: 46768
Josh is having a hood kind of day
id: 46769
Planning out stuff to do at work
id: 46770
That's a big piece of steel
id: 46771
Backing up in trucks is hard, if Euro Truck Simulator 2 is to be believed
id: 46772
That building near the train station is growing so fast!
id: 46773
Buzz loves windows
id: 46774
Neil loves sleeping
id: 46775
id: 46776
I think Tim is ready to go home. Also, you can totally see me in that mirror
id: 46777
My desk is covered in random crap
id: 46778
Greg's turn to do a Lunch and Learn
id: 46779
id: 46780
I remember Spring
id: 46781
It's getting taller!
id: 46782
We thought Max was taking notes but it turns out he was just drawing his fan club
id: 46783
Hey Buzz is actually on the top of the chair for once
id: 46784
Neil is a good pillow
id: 46785
It's nice having cats that don't hate each other
id: 46786
This is what kept me alive for a few days when I had norovirus or some other horrible illness
id: 46787
Buzz inspects debris all over the ground from my rough week
id: 46788
I spent pretty much all week in bed
id: 46789
I'm out in the world again!
id: 46790
Neil never gets out in the world
id: 46791
Suz and Neil are best friends
id: 46792
id: 46793
I finally took the plunge on Windows 10
id: 46794
Oh yeah, packing is going to be a blast when I leave this place
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