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Pictures taken during May 2016

id: 46795
This VHS was so great. But I found a video of it online so it's time to get rid of it!
id: 46796
Oh jeez. Hi Carl!
id: 46797
Mozart has been living on this mortar shell for over a decade now
id: 46798
Yes, Dad, this is a camera
id: 46799
Dad in his apartment!
id: 46800
Ready to go for a drive?
id: 46801
Lunch is fun
id: 46802
Brett is confident. Time to break him
id: 46803
Vroom vroom
id: 46804
It's a high speed corner if you do it right
id: 46805
Go karts are so much fun
id: 46806
The hairpin is tricky
id: 46807
Safety first
id: 46808
My beard looks super weird
id: 46809
As expected, I crushed Brett. Better luck next time!
id: 46810
Tons of fun though
id: 46811
Numbers numbers numbers, racing
id: 46812
Hey it's that INDY car again!
id: 46813
Nice looking.. whatever this car is
id: 46814
This guy was pretty great
id: 46815
This guy was pretty.. strange
id: 46816
Jamming in Downtown Crossing
id: 46817
My aunts love cats
id: 46818
Isabelle knows to stay out of the way
id: 46819
Gragra takes a look at what Mom's done with the condo
id: 46820
"Oh my goddd!"
id: 46821
She can hardly recognize the place!
id: 46822
My favorite space book as a kid
id: 46823
This little segment on black holes fascinated me
id: 46824
Two sisters and their mom!
id: 46825
Just hanging out
id: 46826
Hi Becky
id: 46827
Facebook is fun
id: 46828
It's just past 2pm so it's obviously time for dinner
id: 46829
Who wants asparagus
id: 46830
Or ham?
id: 46831
Carve it up!
id: 46832
Haha, Gragra looks so bored
id: 46833
Catch that roll!!
id: 46834
Mmm, strawberry shortcake
id: 46835
Time for cards!
id: 46836
Gragra loved hers
id: 46837
Aunt Kathy didn't like the card I got for her but hopefully she knows it's all in good fun, h aha
id: 46838
Spiffy hat, Gragra
id: 46839
"For me??"
id: 46840
Mom liked the giant card I got her
id: 46841
Becky the model
id: 46842
Gragra's having fun
id: 46843
Good times
id: 46844
Me, Mom, and Becky!
id: 46845
I pose with Gragra's hat. Also Gragra, I guess
id: 46846
Mom's turn with the hat
id: 46847
Everyone get in the picture!
id: 46848
Some Beany art I had on my wall for over a decade!
id: 46849
I think I drew this..
id: 46850
Isabelle found the one person who didn't want a cat sitting with her
id: 46851
Is it me??
id: 46852
Aww, thanks!
id: 46853
Freedom, here I come
id: 46854
Thanks guys!
id: 46855
Fancy card
id: 46856
Thanks Gragra!
id: 46857
Such card, very wow
id: 46858
id: 46859
Who? Who is proud of me??
id: 46860
Aw, it's Aunt Teresa and Uncle Chris!
id: 46861
Still curious, thanks!
id: 46862
"Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."
id: 46863
Thanks Aunt Regina and Uncle Jim!
id: 46864
It is??
id: 46865
Thanks, Dad!
id: 46866
All the fancy cards have this weird transparent layer on top
id: 46867
A big day for both of us
id: 46868
Hey that's when I graduated
id: 46869
Thanks Rafters!
id: 46870
Go on..
id: 46871
Thanks O'Connells!
id: 46872
I always loved this Rakka art by Beany
id: 46873
Oh man, Anime Club flyers
id: 46874
Photos from E-camp!
id: 46875
That's me in the hat at the top. Looking good.
id: 46876
I don't even know what this is from, but Beany drew it and I stuck it on my wall
id: 46877
Gragra always rights nice long notes on her cards
id: 46878
This used to be taped to the outside of a third story window that didn't open
id: 46879
Beany cat!
id: 46880
Way to go, Beany. This is why you're not allowed in the Launch Control Center
id: 46881
James took this photo on his film camera during his photography class
id: 46882
Is this cat dead??
id: 46883
Mount Aziscohos! The first mountain I ever climbed and spelling bee challenge word
id: 46884
id: 46885
See I knew about the Mayan end of the world date before it was cool
id: 46886
I really liked my laptop in high school
id: 46887
Alright, let's go through this whole thing..
id: 46888
I wrote all this nonsense in fifth grade, so I was 8 years old
id: 46889
VERY fun
id: 46890
Haha, classic me. Favorite time? The time when they left me alone to goof off at home
id: 46891
"Well it's the end of the page!"
id: 46892
"After this I'm going to go outside and play frisbee with myself." my childhood
id: 46893
Wiggly wiggly!
id: 46894
id: 46895
Ahh, Animorphs
id: 46896
"It was.... never mind" what was it??
id: 46897
Well that was fun
id: 46898
Nice clip art
id: 46899
id: 46900
Dad arriving to his surprise 40th birthday party! Mom looks so proud of herself
id: 46901
I paid a lot of money for this piece of paper
id: 46902
It always annoyed me that there's no mention of my TWO degrees. Come on!
id: 46903
Josh has some water
id: 46904
Oh no. Picklebacks!
id: 46905
Suz loves Beany's gift
id: 46906
It's.. what is this, needlepoint?
id: 46907
Josh is cool in his sunglasses
id: 46908
Beany is panicked in her Beany
id: 46909
Andy is relaxed
id: 46910
Avi is too relaxed
id: 46911
Josh tells a bad joke...
id: 46912
..and the sunglasses fall into place
id: 46913
Suz talking to all her friends
id: 46914
"This is a table"
id: 46915
Nice pose
id: 46916
Charlie's beard is impressive as always
id: 46917
Suz is ready for some picklebacks
id: 46918
"There are good ships and there are wood ships.."
id: 46919
First the whiskey..
id: 46920
There it goes
id: 46921
And inexplicably, the pickle juice is the chaser. I still think I'd prefer whiskey as a chaser to pickle juice
id: 46922
Josh and Beany are friends
id: 46923
Parties are fun
id: 46924
Such excitement
id: 46925
Steven wants Andy's sunglasses
id: 46926
Beany drew this awesome space doodle in my Fundamentals of Astrodynamics Book
id: 46927
Phone pictures!
id: 46928
Beany's super cool, guys
id: 46929
Beany was cold and I was not, so now she' Ricciardo
id: 46930
I think Suz is having fun
id: 46931
Let's go get pirogis!!
id: 46932
And off we go
id: 46933
Suz is super ready for pirogis
id: 46934
So is Tom
id: 46935
It turns out 1 in the morning is when they clean the platforms. They were spraying hoses all over with no regards to if people were walking by. Watch out!
id: 46936
Hey guys look, it's an airplane
id: 46937
And another one!
id: 46938
This guy is not driving a plane
id: 46939
That's a plane!
id: 46940
id: 46941
id: 46942
Hey it's that James guy
id: 46943
Just pouring some flammable liquid into this onion cone..
id: 46944
Ahh!! Fire!
id: 46945
Nice mushroom cloud
id: 46946
So much fire
id: 46947
The chef was having a lot of fun
id: 46948
Let's go to Universal!
id: 46949
This is some roller coaster that James hates
id: 46950
That's a big sign
id: 46951
James loves pictures
id: 46952
Mariah lines up a shot in the darkest and most difficult to photograph minigolf course ever
id: 46953
At least James has a nice bright ball
id: 46954
Too many options
id: 46955
Whoa, attacking robot
id: 46956
You got it, sign
id: 46957
Mariah's having fun
id: 46958
Don't point that at me!
id: 46959
id: 46960
James is just lurking in the corner
id: 46961
This circle was slowly spinning.
id: 46962
Hey it's the moon and Mars!
id: 46963
"Non-stop Nightlife Upstairs"
id: 46964
Oh yeah, I should probably take a sign of a Universal sign
id: 46965
The minigolf course!
id: 46966
James takes a look at the golf
id: 46967
Cars are fun
id: 46968
id: 46969
Ahh, the hammock district
id: 46970
Florida beach!
id: 46971
James is always so uncomfortable
id: 46972
Nice path through the woods
id: 46973
The contrast between shadow and sunlight was really high
id: 46974
Furry tree
id: 46975
I love little wooden paths like this
id: 46976
Super bright beach
id: 46977
Oh good
id: 46978
Let's learn a learn
id: 46979
A history!
id: 46980
Danger: Wild Oysters!
id: 46981
James. Florida man.
id: 46982
This seems a little excessive for a free ferry
id: 46983
Now you can learn with me
id: 46984
Let's get on the ferry!
id: 46985
Safety first
id: 46986
It's the fort!
id: 46987
This fort has been here for hundreds of years
id: 46988
And now so are we!
id: 46989
Most people were bored by the history speech and just wanted to go look. I thought it was interesting!
id: 46990
Up the stairs
id: 46991
id: 46992
Weird little side room. No, it's not a toilet.
id: 46993
Looking down on the cannons from the top floor
id: 46994
James keeps an eye out for the British
id: 46995
They should shoot at boats coming up this waterway
id: 46996
Hopefully not our boat
id: 46997
This is how we got on the roof. I had to hold my camera bag over my head
id: 46998
James heads back downstairs
id: 46999
Tight fit!
id: 47000
Not too tight though
id: 47001
This is how you get on the ladder
id: 47002
This ceiling would be so annoying
id: 47003
A fort with a view!
id: 47004
James checks out the weird little room
id: 47005
It's amazing how a little structure like this can make such a big difference
id: 47006
The view from the weird corner room
id: 47007
id: 47008
I bet that bench wasn't here originally
id: 47009
Let's shoot the British
id: 47010
This is where the soldiers slept
id: 47011
Hey I know this stuff from that Napoleon Total War game
id: 47012
Hey get back in the fort. Also, fire on the horizon!
id: 47013
Cannon selfie!
id: 47014
James found some crabs
id: 47015
The view from the ground
id: 47016
I don't know much about forts. Seems legit
id: 47017
Well that was fun! James is taking a selfie of me taking a selfie
id: 47018
And here it is!
id: 47019
Here's another fort that we didn't visit
id: 47020
Trying to find a parking space... unsuccessfully
id: 47021
If you look closely you'll see that only one of these heads is real
id: 47022
Finding change for the parking meter
id: 47023
Duck Central
id: 47024
Let's go find some ducks
id: 47025
id: 47026
"Can I have some food too?"
id: 47027
Getting duck food
id: 47028
"Not for you, swan!"
id: 47029
id: 47030
Little birds!
id: 47031
How James feels about swans
id: 47032
Uhoh.. a confrontation
id: 47033
Ducks are nicer
id: 47034
So many birds
id: 47035
Want some.. whatever this is?
id: 47036
Little baby ducks!
id: 47037
Don't mind the camera..
id: 47038
id: 47039
"This is my butt"
id: 47040
This photo should be the cover of James' biography
id: 47041
Geese! Who do you think you are
id: 47042
You can't hide from me
id: 47043
Dinosaur eggs
id: 47044
Another group of ducks
id: 47045
Hi, duck
id: 47046
James has a great shark costume
id: 47047
id: 47048
Time for Mexican food
id: 47049
Colorful fountain
id: 47050
Big giant ferris wheel
id: 47051
What will James get to eat?
id: 47052
Those lights in the distance are Disney
id: 47053
Disney fireworks!
id: 47054
Hi James
id: 47055
I've never seen someone eat a burrito like this..
id: 47056
So many people
id: 47057
TJ Miller talked for a while at one point
id: 47058
House of Blus
id: 47059
It was pretty dark. Great for photography
id: 47060
Max is clearly having fun
id: 47061
The dance pit
id: 47062
Tim chills out on the porch
id: 47063
I thought "Drive" was the name of the company that did the ticketing logistics..
id: 47064
Hey it's Mickey
id: 47065
Near the back row
id: 47066
James being James
id: 47067
Josh is in the back row!!
id: 47068
It's that Bioshock Infinite hallway
id: 47069
Eating lunch under the big umbrella because it is so so hot
id: 47070
We had to make some sort of sculpture that represents the ideals of the company.. or something
id: 47071
The best one will be chosen to make into a real statue
id: 47072
Lots of people playing with clay
id: 47073
That's ours. A diploma on top of a bunch of lines connecting random cities. Tadaaaa
id: 47074
id: 47075
Had to get a picture with Buzz, obviously
id: 47076
More talks
id: 47077
Let's eat food and leave
id: 47078
Hey it's a roller coaster!
id: 47079
Not quite as popular as the Disney characters
id: 47080
I was asked not to caption photos with my company's name so it doesn't show up on google.. but there it is!
id: 47081
id: 47082
Fake streets at Universal
id: 47083
Optimus Prime!
id: 47084
Waiting around
id: 47085
I ran up to Max and took this photo
id: 47086
Diagon Alley!
id: 47087
I've gotta say.. the movies are dumb but this is still pretty cool
id: 47088
Big ol' dragon
id: 47089
Someone call animal control
id: 47090
Inside the Weasley shop
id: 47091
Not nearly as popular as Ollivander's
id: 47092
Knockturn Alley is spooky
id: 47093
I didn't like this creepy store anyway. The fact that it has my name on it just makes it worse!
id: 47094
Inside Ollivander's
id: 47095
Lots of wands available
id: 47096
Dragon fireball!
id: 47097
id: 47098
And then the dragon's head exploded
id: 47099
Time for everyone to head over to the other Harry Potter area
id: 47100
Everyone kept cheering very loudly in the small and echoey space
id: 47101
Artie is lining up one hell of a high five
id: 47102
Nate is having fun
id: 47103
Whaaaat, that dude just walked right through the wall!
id: 47104
It's the Hogwarts Express!
id: 47105
We're at platform 9 3/4!
id: 47106
OK, this is pretty awesome, haha
id: 47107
We're on the Hogwarts Express!
id: 47108
No flash photography!
id: 47109
We're gonna be wizardssss
id: 47110
id: 47111
Actors singing
id: 47112
That is a ridiculously huge toad
id: 47113
It's Hogwarts!
id: 47114
The butterbeer was actually pretty good
id: 47115
What the hell happened?? I ride one roller coaster and when I come back everyone has rave-cowboy hats!
id: 47116
James?? On a monorail?? Impossible
id: 47117
Does it feel weird to be in the passenger area?
id: 47118
The monorail!
id: 47119
Hey it's Josh!
id: 47120
Josh. Loves. Presidents.
id: 47121
id: 47122
id: 47123
James will be annoyed that I forgot what this ride is called
id: 47124
Disney ducks!
id: 47125
Cinderella's castle
id: 47126
Fun things are fun
id: 47127
id: 47128
I've always loved this structure
id: 47129
Mission: SPACE. Always a little freaky, always fun
id: 47130
We made the most beautiful car
id: 47131
James needs all these cookies
id: 47132
Is Mariah making a cake?
id: 47133
James needs cereal
id: 47134
"Oh hello"
id: 47135
Don't spin that thing too fast!
id: 47136
He's spinning that thing too fast!
id: 47137
Look what we found in the grill
id: 47138
On the road again
id: 47139
To the Kennedy Space Center!
id: 47140
Hey Gus Grissom has a street!
id: 47141
It's the VAB!
id: 47142
We're here!
id: 47143
They set up the shuttle countdown clock at the outside of the visitor's center. Very cool
id: 47144
Rocket garden
id: 47145
Yes, please
id: 47146
Always fun seeing the ET/SRBs
id: 47147
Hello again!
id: 47148
Atlantis' nose
id: 47149
I could sit here all day
id: 47150
It's just gorgeous
id: 47151
Looking back at the payload bay
id: 47152
The aft portion of Atlantis
id: 47153
The SSMEs are so intense
id: 47154
Looking up at Atlantis' engines
id: 47155
Radiator doors
id: 47156
That's one hell of an interface
id: 47157
id: 47158
James climbs into the space station
id: 47159
He's floating!
id: 47160
Taking a peek at Atlantis' underbelly
id: 47161
An actual flight instrument!
id: 47162
Of course, James records his trip down the reentry slide
id: 47163
Looking along the wing
id: 47164
James demonstrates the STS-135 nose gear tires
id: 47165
Bob Crippen's flight suit!
id: 47166
My favorite use of Helvetica
id: 47167
Oh boy. Here we go.
id: 47168
Not a happy place
id: 47169
Personal effects of the Challenger crew
id: 47170
Displays for the crews of both Challenger and Columbia
id: 47171
Good quote, Reagan
id: 47172
Wow. This was a piece of the side of Space Shuttle Challenger, OV-099
id: 47173
The windshield of Space Shuttle Columbia, OV-102
id: 47174
I have no words
id: 47175
I was 22 days old when the Challenger accident happened
id: 47176
So I've always felt a sort of connection with it
id: 47177
The Columbia disaster is one of many things that got me into spaceflight. I wanted to understand how it could happen
id: 47178
It's difficult to imagine the forces this windshield encountered
id: 47179
Closeup on the Challenger debris
id: 47180
"The conquest of space is worth the risk of life." - Gus Grissom
id: 47181
Don't touch the gross wet ball!
id: 47182
Saturn IB!
id: 47183
Josh loves space
id: 47184
So does Josh's friend John
id: 47185
So many rockets!
id: 47186
F-1 engine. Not for use on F1 cars.
id: 47187
The moon is boring
id: 47188
James' lunch from the buffet
id: 47189
Thaicom 8 people at the lunch!
id: 47190
Astronaut Wendy Lawrence! She flew on the space shuttle four times
id: 47191
She also flew on the Return to Flight mission, STS-114
id: 47192
Of course, I got a picture with her
id: 47193
Everyone get in here!
id: 47194
I love what they've done with the columns in the waiting area!
id: 47195
I think James noticed the camera
id: 47196
id: 47197
We're special guests
id: 47198
Shuttle ET/SRBs!
id: 47199
My favorite gate
id: 47200
On Kennedy Space Center property!
id: 47201
I've never seen those doors open on the VAB before!
id: 47202
What's inside?
id: 47203
Big ol' NASA emblem
id: 47204
id: 47205
Here we are!
id: 47206
Explaining how the VAB works
id: 47207
I want to touch this patch
id: 47208
Great launch vehicle models
id: 47209
Are we authorized?
id: 47210
Josh is authorized
id: 47211
The mission patch wall
id: 47212
Discovery model
id: 47213
James takes a look at the mission patches
id: 47214
Cool flags
id: 47215
Great space mural
id: 47216
id: 47217
One of the treads from the crawler
id: 47218
Let's go!
id: 47219
Firing Room 3. Mostly used for testing, training, and movie shoots
id: 47220
Explaining how the firing room works
id: 47221
The impossible to photograph door
id: 47222
We're in firing room 4!
id: 47223
I love the view from the LCC
id: 47224
id: 47225
Looking down the crawler road to 39A. You can see SpaceX's horizontal integration facility on the horizon
id: 47226
Let's take a bus to SpaceX!
id: 47227
Taking a sideways look over at LC-41, where Boeing will be launching people in the not too distant future.
id: 47228
Looking into the firing room
id: 47229
Go Atlantis!
id: 47230
Looking over at that tower that I think they're going to use for SLS
id: 47231
The view from the back of the room
id: 47232
Josh loves space
id: 47233
That's better
id: 47234
See James knows how to pose for a picture
id: 47235
So many phones
id: 47236
Let's just head over to the VAB
id: 47237
Up close you can see the texture of the VAB walls
id: 47238
It's that tower again!
id: 47239
Boeing has taken over one of the OPFs
id: 47240
Crawler with a Mobile Launch Platform on it
id: 47241
The Falcon is vertical!!
id: 47242
We're hopefully going to see that rocket launch later
id: 47243
The SpaceX HIF
id: 47244
Looks like they've been doing more work on the pad
id: 47245
I don't remember this building being here last year
id: 47246
The weird truck they use for moving cores around
id: 47247
Extra wide strongback for the Falcon Heavy
id: 47248
They finally finished painting the logo
id: 47249
Lots of activity at 39-A
id: 47250
I can't wait to see that strongback go vertical with a Falcon Heavy to support
id: 47251
A sideways view through the fence
id: 47252
A view of 39-A from the rear
id: 47253
Rocket-melted plates
id: 47254
These plates have seen some action
id: 47255
And then everyone freaked out and paid attention to a tortoise instead of space stuff!
id: 47256
The LCC again
id: 47257
A stranded mobile launch platform
id: 47258
VAB and OPFs
id: 47259
Always great to see the business end of the Saturn V
id: 47260
The rear of the second stage
id: 47261
Apollo 14 command module: Kitty Hawk
id: 47262
Alan Shepard's Apollo spacesuit
id: 47263
Super awesome
id: 47264
And a lunar module!
id: 47265
The Falcon 9 vertical on the pad at SLC-40!
id: 47266
Looking over at 39-A
id: 47267
I didn't get a picture later but closer to launch time this place was packed
id: 47268
id: 47269
The view from our seats
id: 47270
This guy was educating and entertaining the crowd
id: 47271
Rocket launches!
id: 47272
This helpful sign shows people where to look
id: 47273
Birds love rocket launches
id: 47274
Well, the launch was scrubbed. Let's head home and grab a few more pictures on the way out
id: 47275
Outside the space shuttle building
id: 47276
Little dreamchaser!
id: 47277
Walking towards the rocket garden
id: 47278
The rocket garden is pretty at sunset
id: 47279
Atlas and Redstone, workhorses of Project Mercury!
id: 47280
James attempts a face swap with this astronaut..
id: 47281
And.. I guess you call this a success
id: 47282
How about this kid?
id: 47283
Sorry John and Josh, no launch for you!
id: 47284
NASA is pretty cool
id: 47285
James with the countdown clock
id: 47286
I never got to see it for a shuttle countdown, but this is still pretty cool!
id: 47287
Bye, KSC!
id: 47288
The fireworks are more impressive up close. Or at least closer
id: 47289
That's Cinderella's castle at the bottom right
id: 47290
id: 47291
Inside the Polynesian
id: 47292
I grabbed all the patches for Project Gemini while at KSC
id: 47293
Mariah needs some diner food RIGHT NOW
id: 47294
Air whales!
id: 47295
Manta is a pretty photogenic roller coaster
id: 47296
Here they come again!
id: 47297
Everyone is braced for dynamic action
id: 47298
id: 47299
Don't you make that face at me
id: 47300
Weird aquarium ceiling
id: 47301
id: 47302
id: 47303
James has been here a few times before
id: 47304
Kraken and Kraken
id: 47305
This seems suspicious..
id: 47306
"The Search for Signal"
id: 47307
Penguins! They made that crappy ride worthwhile
id: 47308
What's up, penguin?
id: 47309
Just chillin
id: 47310
Swimming over to say hello
id: 47311
This dude was too fat to easily get out of the water
id: 47312
id: 47313
This guy is just a mess
id: 47314
Penguins are pretty gross
id: 47315
James loves birds
id: 47316
id: 47317
Underwater penguin!
id: 47318
They can fly.. just underwater
id: 47319
id: 47320
My brain was so confused.. it looked cold but was so hot
id: 47321
id: 47322
id: 47323
Waiting for people to throw him fish
id: 47324
"Please, fish?"
id: 47325
"No, for real. Please fish?"
id: 47326
Birds are scary
id: 47327
Got a fish!
id: 47328
Hey I know this place
id: 47329
It's counting down to the second Thaicom 8 launch attempt!
id: 47330
James upgraded his day pass. "You want [the picture] like that?" "He wants it like that.."
id: 47331
The only way to get to the Saturn V center is to take the bus tour, which felt eternally long when I was itching to get to the viewing site
id: 47332
id: 47333
Aaaand we're back.
id: 47334
Taking pictures of pictures
id: 47335
id: 47336
Falcon 9 venting oxygen!
id: 47337
The rear of the grandstands
id: 47338
All 9 Merlin engines have ignited, let's get going!
id: 47339
Liftoff, we have a liftoff!
id: 47340
Thaicom 8 lumbers off the pad
id: 47341
Clear of the strongback
id: 47342
And the Falcon 9 has cleared the tower!
id: 47343
That is a beautiful sight
id: 47344
It rises so slowly at first
id: 47345
Gaining altitude
id: 47346
The bright orange flame characteristic of RP-1 burning rockets
id: 47347
So cool to see the landing legs on there
id: 47348
Meanwhile, the launch pad seems so desolate
id: 47349
The Falcon has started leaving a contrail!
id: 47350
Building up a contrail, tracing out its trajectory
id: 47351
And the contrail stops
id: 47352
I made this one black and white to better show the octaweb pattern of the engines
id: 47353
So far away
id: 47354
And there's engine burnout
id: 47355
The contrail is already getting all torn up by high level winds
id: 47356
Normal clouds and rocket clouds
id: 47357
Let's go home
id: 47358
We did it!
id: 47359
Oh yeah, there's a moon tree here!
id: 47360
That is one hell of a ropes course
id: 47361
Giant chicken
id: 47362
This mall is really strange
id: 47363
Let's get riding
id: 47364
These are serious vehicles
id: 47365
My steed
id: 47366
James and the cow sort of have the same expression
id: 47367
James has clearly done this before
id: 47368
Advanced animal riding skills
id: 47369
This is exactly as much fun as it looks
id: 47370
I need to do this every time I visit
id: 47371
Animal stander
id: 47372
This photo is way more dramatic than it should be
id: 47373
Someone added a chicken to James' chicken!
id: 47374
This doesn't seem right..
id: 47375
That's a lot of beer
id: 47376
id: 47377
OK, James wasn't kidding.. this is a ridiculously huge pancake.
id: 47378
This way I can keep an eye on the engine
id: 47379
id: 47380
I am so ready to use this emergency exit
id: 47381
Tall clouds!
id: 47382
id: 47383
Look at that boat go
id: 47384
The sun made for some interesting lighting
id: 47385
Another bridge
id: 47386
New Yorkers should just learn how to swim
id: 47387
So many bridges
id: 47388
Little cars!
id: 47389
Back on the ground
id: 47390
Holy crap, Times Square!
id: 47391
Let's figure out where we're going
id: 47392
Ahhh, the beating heart of NYC. Right? RIGHT??
id: 47393
id: 47394
Ugh, so many people
id: 47395
Giant ads!
id: 47396
Suz needs something to hold her hair. How about a SpaceX hat?
id: 47397
I bet this place is legit
id: 47398
id: 47399
The lions guard the books
id: 47400
id: 47401
Suz needs a hair thing!
id: 47402
Hey look, it's the Empire State Building!
id: 47403
Let's go to the top
id: 47404
Suz's face accurately captures the feeling of living in NYC and doing touristy things
id: 47405
Neat wall
id: 47406
Expensive elevator
id: 47407
Let's go!!
id: 47408
Facts, facts, words
id: 47409
Ticket scanner
id: 47410
Are your ears popping yet?
id: 47411
What is with this hole??
id: 47412
Don't lose your glasses!
id: 47413
We took the stairs for the last six floors rather than waiting in line for the elevator
id: 47414
Hey we're at the observation deck!
id: 47415
Looking downtown
id: 47416
We made it!
id: 47417
id: 47418
Lots of tall buildings
id: 47419
This building is made entirely out of butter
id: 47420
It's fun having a telephoto lens up here
id: 47421
The Hudson
id: 47422
Roof party?
id: 47423
Making new tall buildings
id: 47424
Suz is having fun, even if being a tourist is dorky
id: 47425
Convenient chin-holders
id: 47426
There's that church that caught fire
id: 47427
The Statue of Liberty! We'll be there later
id: 47428
Chelsea Piers!
id: 47429
And Starett-Lehigh
id: 47430
Typical NYC scene
id: 47431
Suz looks over her city
id: 47432
What's down there?
id: 47433
And in this direction.. buildings
id: 47434
Suz likes buildings
id: 47435
Looking uptown
id: 47436
I'm not big on art-deco but the Chrysler Building is pretty cool
id: 47437
432 Park Avenue
id: 47438
It's tall, it's square, it's expensive
id: 47439
The UN!
id: 47440
We're above the Top of the Rock. Nice look at Central Park
id: 47441
That... doesn't look right
id: 47442
"The Hackers Building"
id: 47443
You can actually see my little strip of Queens Boulevard. The station right before the curve at the top is 46th St!
id: 47444
Suz kept pointing to far away things as if that was helping
id: 47445
And on the East... buildings!
id: 47446
You can actually see that drop tower thing at Coney Island!
id: 47447
See? I told you I was taking these pictures
id: 47448
Back down the stairs
id: 47449
Suz doesn't approve of graffiti?
id: 47450
I approve this message
id: 47451
This guy on the right does NOT like Suz
id: 47452
Welcome to the Staten Island Ferry
id: 47453
The Ferry is a great way to see the Statue of Liberty while being cheap
id: 47454
I don't know how they found me but they found me! Run, Marty!
id: 47455
Looking back at Manhattan
id: 47456
Snazzy house
id: 47457
Less snazzy house
id: 47458
This is a popular area
id: 47459
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 47460
The Statue of Liberty!
id: 47461
The statue itself (ignoring the pedestal) is almost (but not quite) as tall as a Falcon 9 first stage!
id: 47462
Suz kept looking at the screen instead of the lens
id: 47463
Are we there yet?
id: 47464
Cool cool Coast Guard
id: 47465
Suz is so chill
id: 47466
Downtown Manhattan
id: 47467
Let's all take pictures!
id: 47468
1 WTC is a really cool building
id: 47469
And with that I've checked most of the boxes on my NYC experience. Time to go!
id: 47470
With space tight I record the podcast where I can
id: 47471
This barrier looks legit
id: 47472
Why is all the weight at the end of this thing?
id: 47473
"Hey Max!"
id: 47474
id: 47475
Suz gave a Lunch and Learn talk!
id: 47476
This is how your website
id: 47477
Suz said one of her goals was to have a "Thanks!" slide. Good job
id: 47478
Hey they're finally tearing down that scaffolding
id: 47479
Macaroni does his Firefox impression
id: 47480
Mom hates her laptop
id: 47481
Tunnels in the night
id: 47482
My latest watch
id: 47483
This looks safe..
id: 47484
Some sort of air sampling machine
id: 47485
Want to be an armed guard? Free ID!
id: 47486
Let's stick some gum on it
id: 47487
Photos of tall buildings? In NYC??
id: 47488
Max loves his new "Max is working on it" indicators
id: 47489
The train broke or something and I had to walk two miles home. At least it was during Golden Hour!
id: 47490
Grungy but looks nice
id: 47491
No Smoking No Smoking
id: 47492
Back at Ground Central
id: 47493
Stinky steam
id: 47494
That's a big boat
id: 47495
Is Metal Gear Ray in there?
id: 47496
Hi neil
id: 47497
Going on a long trip? Tarp the bed!
id: 47498
Who's that little guy sitting on the sign?
id: 47499
The daily Max picture?
id: 47500
What the hell sort of vehicle is that?
id: 47501
Josh did a Lunch and Learn about D&D!
id: 47502
"Yer a wizard, 2Utes"
id: 47503
Fe and Max helped by playing out a scene
id: 47504
Caroline taught us about her harder-than-it-might-seem job
id: 47505
This is definitely the best picture of Max
id: 47506
The second episode of the podcast is out! I finally get to change mission patches
id: 47507
The "toxic peanut butter" window holder
id: 47508
id: 47509
That building is really making progress
id: 47510
This guy was playing Crusader Kings 2 on the train! I asked before taking the picture
id: 47511
Hi Neil
id: 47512
The Max flower
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