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Pictures taken during June 2016

id: 47513
Really, 90% of my boxes could be accurately labeled "Wires" and/or "Books"
id: 47514
Big books
id: 47515
The Pile
id: 47516
It doesn't look like much but when moving day rolls around I'll regret not having done more
id: 47517
The view from the other corner
id: 47518
My computer setup
id: 47519
My weird little bathroom
id: 47520
Is there a bug on the ceiling? Also note my "just for a few days" Buffalo Bills blanket window shade that was there for the whole 2.5 years
id: 47521
The Bitchen! Part bedroom, part kitchen
id: 47522
More photos in the daytime
id: 47523
I had to take nicer photos for Craigslist
id: 47524
Buzz strikes a pose
id: 47525
My strange toilet
id: 47526
Suz brought a very rude bag
id: 47527
Oh yes, Suz is ready for horses
id: 47528
Walking to the stable
id: 47529
Helen says hi to Popeye
id: 47530
Popeye says hi to me! And is disappointed that the camera is not oats
id: 47531
Allergic to apples! What a fate for a horse!
id: 47532
I don't know this horse's name
id: 47533
Off we go
id: 47534
It's horsin' time
id: 47535
I don't know Suz's horse's name either
id: 47536
Horse, what is your name?
id: 47537
Helen with her steed
id: 47538
Ready to go!
id: 47539
Suz needs more steps
id: 47540
And away she goes
id: 47541
Trot trot trot
id: 47542
Janet helps guide Suz and Helen
id: 47543
My advice would be "don't fall off"
id: 47544
Suz follows my advice
id: 47545
Trot trot trot trot
id: 47546
I suspect this is about a billion times harder than it looks
id: 47547
They're comin' right for us!
id: 47548
Trot trot trot trot trot
id: 47549
Janet keeps an eye on Suz
id: 47550
Horses everywhere
id: 47551
Adjusting a harness?
id: 47552
Hi Suz
id: 47553
It's like a slow dirty racetrack
id: 47554
Horses all over the place
id: 47555
Faster trotting
id: 47556
Helen takes the corner
id: 47557
Trotting intensifies
id: 47558
id: 47559
Nyyyoooww. No wait, that's cars. Nyyeeeiighhh
id: 47560
id: 47561
This is either Suz's "I'm having fun" face or "I'm having a stroke" face
id: 47562
Suz has her eye on you, cell phone tower
id: 47563
Jump Alley
id: 47564
Stay on the horse!
id: 47565
Helen's next in Jump Alley
id: 47566
id: 47567
Jumps are fun
id: 47568
Haha, Suz's horse is having a little moment
id: 47569
Aww, group photo!
id: 47570
Time to.. de-horse. Or something
id: 47571
Horse shower!
id: 47572
This horse wishes it was a cow
id: 47573
This hilarious Beany drawing is in Suz's car
id: 47574
Neil is comfy
id: 47575
Neil is so big, you guys
id: 47576
What a perfect movie poster for this week
id: 47577
Ahh, lovely NYC streets
id: 47578
Slightly nicer streets
id: 47579
Max had to take a phone call from work because some system was broken
id: 47580
Making progress
id: 47581
These street photos aren't really meant to be all that remarkable. I just wanted to grab some typical NYC streets
id: 47582
id: 47583
Another typical NYC street
id: 47584
id: 47585
Hey I saw this building from above it just a couple weeks before!
id: 47586
The UN
id: 47587
Lots of foreign diplomats wandering around
id: 47588
I've never seen a Trump building before!
id: 47589
On the Queensboro Bridge
id: 47590
Looking out over the river
id: 47591
We made it!
id: 47592
The Post Enrollment Tech team! (Minus Erin who was out)
id: 47593
Ahh, crazy agile board. I'll sort of miss you
id: 47594
Hi Nate
id: 47595
Hi Max
id: 47596
Meetings are fun
id: 47597
Working? Not working? Puzzling?
id: 47598
Purnell and Tim
id: 47599
Now everyone gets face-post-its!
id: 47600
My last Beer Friday!
id: 47601
id: 47602
Artie likes beer
id: 47603
Everyone needed sunglasses out here
id: 47604
Max. Loves. Photos.
id: 47605
Sitting around at the end of Beer Friday
id: 47606
Mike has a pretty innovative seat design
id: 47607
I stuck around for one more day past my two week notice so I could give a final Lunch and Learn!
id: 47608
The hallway in Pier 62
id: 47609
So many awful movie posters
id: 47610
Goodbye, SVU. I won't miss your extras.
id: 47611
People exited this door all the time. The signs are a lie!
id: 47612
AJ is already packing up my computer!
id: 47613
Hey that's me!
id: 47614
We were too lazy to walk to Barcade
id: 47615
Video games!
id: 47616
We claimed a table early
id: 47617
Suz likes beer
id: 47618
Racing is going to happen
id: 47619
More people are showing up!
id: 47620
People were like "Hey, didn't you do a Lunch and Learn?"
id: 47621
Group photo!
id: 47622
Tillery demonstrates this really intense Tron game
id: 47623
Max pushes the limits with the "no drinks in the game" rule
id: 47624
Max is a crazy taxi driver
id: 47625
More people are here!
id: 47626
Fe is an amazing Galaga player
id: 47627
Caroline and I were both handing out tokens to everyone
id: 47628
It turns out this crazy time travel game is pretttty racist
id: 47629
Who knew??
id: 47630
Isaac didn't believe us. Now he does.
id: 47631
id: 47632
Nate and David look at whatever Fe's got on her phone
id: 47633
Peter seems a little unsure
id: 47634
id: 47635
PET team corner
id: 47636
Shoot things!
id: 47637
Nobody was good at Donkey Kong because that game is impossible
id: 47638
More pacman!
id: 47639
id: 47640
id: 47641
Mike and I had a great competition going in Ms. Pacman but then I bumped the machine with my knee and the whole thing reset!
id: 47642
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 47643
Pacman is fun
id: 47644
All sorts of 2U alums are showing up!
id: 47645
Well.. that's that! See you guys the next time I visit!
id: 47646
My bus route took me to within a few hundred feet of 2U. It was weird
id: 47647
Hey it's the Intrepid!
id: 47648
id: 47649
In a bizarre coincidence there was a mockup of the Aurora 7 Mercury capsule here! Apparently THIS ship is the one that recovered it!
id: 47650
I just happened to be here on the day that my Aurora 7 episode came out!
id: 47651
The little posigrade rockets and bigger retrograde rockets
id: 47652
I'm a space shuttle adult
id: 47653
OV-101, we meet at last!
id: 47654
It's Space Shuttle Enterprise!
id: 47655
The first space shuttle. Originally intended to be retrofitted for spaceflight but has only experienced atmospheric flight
id: 47656
Fred Haise flew this vehicle!
id: 47657
Hi there
id: 47658
The hatch
id: 47659
The nose of Enterprise
id: 47660
A panorama of Enterprise
id: 47661
Some actual instruments from Enterprise!
id: 47662
Big chunky instruments
id: 47663
It really does look like the bridge between Apollo and the modern space area
id: 47664
The nose gear
id: 47665
Ahh, I get it. And yes, the shuttle Enterprise was named after the Star Trek Enterprise. Fans wrote to Congress asking for it
id: 47666
Another view of the landing gear
id: 47667
One more shot of the instruments
id: 47668
I had no idea that's where the Columbia test wing came from!
id: 47669
A piece of reinforced carbon-carbon
id: 47670
A mockup of an early shuttle concept
id: 47671
That's a huge windtunnel model
id: 47672
Hey cool, a Soyuz!
id: 47673
Close quarters in that Soyuz
id: 47674
The aerodynamic tail of Enterprise
id: 47675
Weird Russian interface on the Soyuz
id: 47676
I think this is where the parachute lives
id: 47677
Hey cool, a Concorde!
id: 47678
This looks like a comfy seat
id: 47679
A Gemini mockup!
id: 47680
id: 47681
So many of the planes have foldable wings
id: 47682
id: 47683
I have no idea what this plane is
id: 47684
I'm pretty sure the SR-71 never launched off an aircraft carrier
id: 47685
Looking back at the bridge.. or tower.. or something
id: 47686
Hey I know how to fly these!
id: 47687
Lots of people wandering around on the deck
id: 47688
Apparently you can go into the Concorde but I was too late for the tour. Another time.
id: 47689
As chance had it, I passed right through Times Square on my last day in NYC
id: 47690
See you in hell, Times Square!
id: 47691
Wow. Seeing a chrome-finished Lamborghini Aventador (I think) certainly reminds me what crazy nonsense I'm leaving behind
id: 47692
There was a guy sitting in there but he didn't seem to mind me taking pictures. Probably used to it
id: 47693
I found Bryce! I had a few leftover Barcade tokens from the night before so we used them up
id: 47694
One last breakfast at Foxy's Diner
id: 47695
Waiting for the bus to Brooklyn to pick up the U-Haul
id: 47696
What's Bryce looking at?
id: 47697
Holy crap, this is what he's reading
id: 47698
Time to put all my possessions in this van..
id: 47699
Seems legit
id: 47700
It's actually brand new. It only had a couple hundred miles on it
id: 47701
The cats are really confused about what's happening
id: 47702
So is Bryce, apparently
id: 47703
Rest stop!
id: 47704
Omar's house! Of course, the first thing I did was hook up my PC and try out the Vive
id: 47705
An out of focus shot of the basement as it looked before I got to work on it
id: 47706
You can tell it's my first day at a new job because I'm wearing a polo shirt
id: 47707
The view from my cube! They put some flashy stuff up on the big TVs for the new people
id: 47708
Building 3! Lots of missions are run out of here
id: 47709
id: 47710
id: 47711
id: 47712
A full size MODIS model
id: 47713
I don't know what AIRS does but it's another sensor
id: 47714
So many missions!
id: 47715
The saddest room in the world.. the car dealership finance room
id: 47716
Me with my new ride!
id: 47717
This is what it looks like when driving
id: 47718
There are even other seats!
id: 47719
Looking back from the windshield
id: 47720
Back seat
id: 47721
Weird trunkish space
id: 47722
Oh ho, trunk organization
id: 47723
Secret under-trunk!
id: 47724
A lot of people don't like the look but I'm into it
id: 47725
The color is "Titanium Gray" which is different than normal gray
id: 47726
Small but spacious!
id: 47727
Time to get some classy stickers
id: 47728
I like to wave at people with the rear windshield wiper
id: 47729
Aaaand of course.
id: 47730
Lunch and Learn!
id: 47731
Most people are terrified of being here
id: 47732
Max tries to pick a lock
id: 47733
Once you know the trick it's pretty easy
id: 47734
A wild Goran!
id: 47735
Standing in the West Side Highway
id: 47736
Waiting for the light
id: 47737
Beer Friday!
id: 47738
It was raining super hard
id: 47739
The view from right outside of work
id: 47740
I sat on these benches a bunch in my final weeks in NYC. It's where I did my phone interviews
id: 47741
Relax, Tim!
id: 47742
My replacement Rift arrived!
id: 47743
This time it works perfectly. Thanks, Oculus!
id: 47744
Walking home in the nice weather
id: 47745
This giant ad is always Apple-related
id: 47746
Nice sunlight
id: 47747
Golden Hour!
id: 47748
I will miss the walks
id: 47749
Nice view of Starrett-Lehigh
id: 47750
Sunset on the Hudson
id: 47751
id: 47752
The helipad is always fun
id: 47753
Trees and buildings
id: 47754
Reflective windows
id: 47755
This dog was so ridiculous I just had to get a picture of it
id: 47756
Traffic and buildings: the NYC experience
id: 47757
This doesn't seem right..
id: 47758
I'll miss you, cow head
id: 47759
Who wants to go to Chicago?
id: 47760
Almost to the train station
id: 47761
Looking up into the construction
id: 47762
More trees and buildings!
id: 47763
This building wasn't even built when I moved here!
id: 47764
id: 47765
Mike stopped by and tried out the Vive! He had a blast with it
id: 47766
VR Mike
id: 47767
Mike's friend had fun racing
id: 47768
My cube is starting to come together
id: 47769
Now I have a shelf for all the crap that was on my desk at 2U
id: 47770
Sitting around a cafe after returning my rental car, waiting for Omar to pick me up
id: 47771
We moved the Vive sensor to expand "the volume"
id: 47772
Scott and I got some chinese food across the road from Goddard
id: 47773
This is Scott, my new teammate!
id: 47774
Hmm, why did I buy a lithium ion battery?
id: 47775
THIS is why. Look how ridiculous this is!
id: 47776
This battery is so scary! I replaced it without incident
id: 47777
The future
id: 47778
The giant cleanroom at Goddard. The JWST is hiding behind that structure
id: 47779
Bunny suits!
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