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Pictures taken during August 2016

id: 47860
This picture isn't great but it's apparently the only one I took today.. so here it is!
id: 47861
Mario Maker is fun
id: 47862
So are GBA emulators!
id: 47863
Topaz accidentally reenacts the classic Rift ad.. with a Vive!
id: 47864
Anthony can't stop me from taking pictures when he's in virtual reality!
id: 47865
Buzz is tough to faze
id: 47866
Ready to rock
id: 47867
Mel explains the thing about sandwiches
id: 47868
Topaz is itching to get this weekend started
id: 47869
Mel is wondering why I'm still taking pictures
id: 47870
Back to the convention center
id: 47871
This cookie is the only source of joy in Vic's life
id: 47872
We found a Mckeed!
id: 47873
Amanda with her Mei gun
id: 47874
Waiting around..
id: 47875
Holy crap, well done Brakus! An inspiration to all of us working to lose weight
id: 47876
Time for the zerg rush
id: 47877
Prepping the server
id: 47878
One cart down..
id: 47879
Vaguely menacing Anthony is about to become fully menacing Anthony
id: 47880
I'm going to miss these back halls next year
id: 47881
Did someone order a bunch of tech gear?
id: 47882
Time to unscrew that one light bulb again
id: 47883
id: 47884
The room is getting set up nicely
id: 47885
Topaz looks at.. something
id: 47886
A lull in the setup
id: 47887
Vic consults the binder
id: 47888
One of these things is not like the other
id: 47889
Our favorite room at Otakon
id: 47890
Setting up GLaDOS down in Video 1
id: 47891
Debugging the giant projector
id: 47892
If Vic ever writes a book, this will be the cover
id: 47893
Testing my channelllssss
id: 47894
Tape Man!
id: 47895
Vic checks the volume levels
id: 47896
Otakon party!
id: 47897
My 3d-printed button guards worked pretty well!
id: 47898
Hi Will
id: 47899
Mel loads up some reference material for the light board thing
id: 47900
Get to work!
id: 47901
Making the final server connections
id: 47902
Our latest innovations.. hall passes!
id: 47903
Amanda's favorite place in the VAT
id: 47904
Topaz hooks up some audio cables
id: 47905
Cut the red wire
id: 47906
Otakon is fun
id: 47907
Wow, nicely done, Mel!
id: 47908
Time for a recharge break
id: 47909
Topaz needs no recharges
id: 47910
Will thinks about stuff
id: 47911
Now that Video 1 is set up, the whole crew is up in the AMV Theater
id: 47912
What next, almighty binder?
id: 47913
Will in the booth
id: 47914
We need to get Topaz sick again to dial down his energy
id: 47915
Mel always sees the camera. If it looks like a candid it's because she let it. This is not one of those times.
id: 47916
Will has a sudden realization..
id: 47917
Will is excited to learn how to use the server
id: 47918
Hi Vic. Wait, whose hand is that?
id: 47919
It's Brakus!
id: 47920
Looking for ghosts
id: 47921
Phone time
id: 47922
The Last Server?
id: 47923
How long has this Jimmy John's been here and why didn't we go every year?
id: 47924
Thanks, Hilton!
id: 47925
Wow! Amanda's Mei costume is incredible!
id: 47926
Mr. Great and Powerful?
id: 47927
Venom Snake
id: 47928
A little Kiki!
id: 47929
Teto is securely on Topaz's shoulder
id: 47930
The easiest way to carry a vest is to just wear it, even if you're already wearing a hockey jersey
id: 47931
id: 47932
Decent turnout for the third year of my space panel
id: 47933
Conrad had quite an audience with extra questions at the end!
id: 47934
A troupe of Undertale cosplayers
id: 47935
I found Alan!
id: 47936
An excellent Mercy costume
id: 47937
Ha, someone in the weird Paz-box from Metal Gear
id: 47938
I think I know the most common response
id: 47939
id: 47940
Behind the scenes in Video 1
id: 47941
Practice shots in Video 1.. for later
id: 47942
Quite a line for the Friday AMV Contest
id: 47943
Filled the house once again!
id: 47944
Vic completely surprised Amanda and proposed to her in front the full 1,800 person AMV Contest audience!
id: 47945
You can see her shock
id: 47946
She said yes!
id: 47947
Brakus couldn't contain himself and ran up to hug her right after the big moment
id: 47948
That many light sabers in a crowd is going to be pretty dangerous
id: 47949
Just because the room is closed doesn't mean we can't be festive
id: 47950
This guy was so upset about his hot dog
id: 47951
I guess they escaped the grid
id: 47952
Hahaha, Otakon Simulator guy is back and he brought Knuckles!
id: 47953
Some costumes are more complicated than others
id: 47954
I have no idea why there were so many extra cups in Prog Ops
id: 47955
Mel.. why is that twinkee green?
id: 47956
I guess if you're going to have a bunch of extra cups you may as well do something with them
id: 47957
Time to count some ballots
id: 47958
Look out behind you!
id: 47959
Mckeed found this knitted thing and just wore it for the rest of the weekend
id: 47960
That's a lot of tails
id: 47961
I found Jefferson!
id: 47962
A very assertive Navi
id: 47963
Nice suit!
id: 47964
I think Bryce said these two are from Odin Sphere
id: 47965
Video game room
id: 47966
Table-flip? Hell yes
id: 47967
You grab it...
id: 47968
And you flip it!!
id: 47969
That's a lot of Borderlands cosplayers
id: 47970
I have no idea what this panel is but it had a good turnout!
id: 47971
The sacred board
id: 47972
Mel in Iron Editor host mode
id: 47973
Amanda as Error-chan
id: 47974
Such concentration!
id: 47975
Amanda has creepy contact lenses
id: 47976
Vic in his element
id: 47977
What was I doing during AMVs After Dark? Watching the JCSAT-16 launch, of course!
id: 47978
The mysterious Pink Shot
id: 47979
The traditional 2am "Vic is tired" photo
id: 47980
id: 47981
The ladies of Cowboy Bebop
id: 47982
Haha, I should have expected this guy would strike this pose when I asked for a photo. I just thought he was a teabag, not that he WOULD teabag!
id: 47983
I like your sticker, dude
id: 47984
Ice Cold Water Man! Will he follow us to DC?
id: 47985
This dude was just jamming
id: 47986
Wow, this would be a great view if I watched baseball
id: 47987
Looking out over the BCC
id: 47988
Macho Man
id: 47989
This HDR shot came out sort of weird, but this is the last time "Come Sail Away" will play in the BCC VAT! (For five years, at least)
id: 47990
Mmm, smoothies
id: 47991
Feedback session
id: 47992
The Otakon leadership
id: 47993
Just chilling in a Domo-kun costume..
id: 47994
This (already broken) laptop took one for the team when some spare parts were needed
id: 47995
Omar is IN the COMPUTER?
id: 47996
No, he's just on Skype
id: 47997
AMV Theater, all done
id: 47998
Otakon AMV Department 2016!
id: 47999
Well that was fun
id: 48000
Pack it up!
id: 48001
Mystery bag..
id: 48002
Lots of big heavy boxes
id: 48003
Lift with your legs!
id: 48004
Onto the friction carpet of doom.. for the last time
id: 48005
Ready to move the server?
id: 48006
Don't smash the mixer!
id: 48007
Van-eye view
id: 48008
Looking around at those big triangles
id: 48009
Mel opened the mystery bag. It's not that surprising
id: 48010
Vic with his magic remote control
id: 48011
Let's go to the Dead Dog!
id: 48012
Amanda's fancy engagement ring
id: 48013
Alan swung by to say hi
id: 48014
I have no idea what's so funny here
id: 48015
id: 48016
Someone dropped a bunch of these pens off at the AMV Dept booth
id: 48017
As always, the "free crap" line is enormous
id: 48018
Mckeed acquires another piece of random clothing
id: 48019
Mel looks so proud of herself
id: 48020
She's got them crazy eyes
id: 48021
Headed back after the Dead Dog
id: 48022
Last step in the BCC!
id: 48023
Back across the skybridge
id: 48024
Hi Omar
id: 48025
Just a bunch of off-duty folks who aren't in the BCC. Nothing illicit here!
id: 48026
Did I mention that the con was over already?
id: 48027
Continuing to celebrate another successful year
id: 48028
Moving the party!
id: 48029
This guy brings the party with him
id: 48030
This photo pretty accurately represents my impressions of the night
id: 48031
Mmm, breakfast
id: 48032
Omar's spare sign found a place
id: 48033
Goodbye, Baltimore!
id: 48034
Even the intersections look nice in upstate New York
id: 48035
Nature is so relaxing, let's all look at our phones
id: 48036
We're on a lake!
id: 48037
Tom is so relaxed
id: 48038
Now we're camping
id: 48039
We had a little dock
id: 48040
Check out how nice this house/cabin is!
id: 48041
Lots of bugs and sunlight
id: 48042
Stars! And probably some camera sensor errors
id: 48043
Gather 'round the campfire, kids
id: 48044
It's time for Megan to dissolve into a bunch of goo and emerge as a beautiful butterfly
id: 48045
Steve is taking it well
id: 48046
Who the hell is Tom waving to?
id: 48047
Maybe he was warning the fish
id: 48048
There was a bright white house directly across the lake
id: 48049
"Whatcha got there, a house?"
id: 48050
Now both Toms are fishing
id: 48051
Is this just a floating RV?
id: 48052
Megan is queen of the lake
id: 48053
Tamara and I spent all weekend sniping the hammock from each other
id: 48054
Fishing town
id: 48055
Frog flag
id: 48056
That bench doesn't look so structurally sound
id: 48057
Amy gets some reading done
id: 48058
Dustin cleans up after us slobs
id: 48059
Go long!
id: 48060
Follow through
id: 48061
Dustin's girlfriend Lauren goes for the catch
id: 48062
Let's play complicated card games
id: 48063
First, sort everything into tiny piles.. and then you win!
id: 48064
Dominion is actually way more fun than it looked here
id: 48065
The duck interlopers are here for their first trespassing event
id: 48066
Tom bravely holds his own against the duck onslaught
id: 48067
Perhaps they can be bought off with scraps of bread?
id: 48068
I would also be concerned
id: 48069
id: 48070
More ducks!!
id: 48071
Steve's a fisherman
id: 48072
Time to play more games
id: 48073
Tom is ready
id: 48074
Megan is also ready
id: 48075
Amy seems less ready. No, she's ready
id: 48076
Steve is ready.. for bed
id: 48077
Taboo is way too much fun. We need to get a newer set of cards though. One too many references to political scandals of the 1990s
id: 48078
Tamara keeps a close eye on Megan.. no cheatsies!
id: 48079
Megan looks so distraught
id: 48080
Don't say the wrong word, Tom!
id: 48081
Steve loved this picture
id: 48082
We are now playing Telestrations
id: 48083
The Toms depart to start their own nation
id: 48084
Bye, Toms
id: 48085
The view from the porch
id: 48086
This game was incredibly complicated. I gave Steve a hard time but it was actually pretty fun. Just really painful to get into
id: 48087
I bet Monopoly is a subset of this game
id: 48088
Tom considers his next move
id: 48089
Steve considers drowning us all in the lake
id: 48090
More taboo!
id: 48091
This mouse had one hell of a night. And the ultimate hangover
id: 48092
Group photo!
id: 48093
Strike a pose
id: 48094
One more with the house!
id: 48095
Camping is now over.
id: 48096
Waiting in line
id: 48097
Made for speed
id: 48098
Big grand stands
id: 48099
The Porsche club was practicing or racing or something
id: 48100
Zoom zoom
id: 48101
It's really cool seeing the cars in person
id: 48102
Up the Esses
id: 48103
You can take it flat out if you're careful. Well, I can in the sim in a GT3 car, at least
id: 48104
Nice looking track
id: 48105
Track map!
id: 48106
My point of view
id: 48107
On the track! At this point we had finished a lap and had parked for photos
id: 48108
Me and Watkins Glen!
id: 48109
The Soul performed admirably
id: 48110
I had to get my picture with my trusty steed
id: 48111
The tour bus finally showed up a couple of minutes later
id: 48112
Looking around on the starting straight
id: 48113
The start/finish line
id: 48114
The Soul wants more
id: 48115
Well that was a blast. I walked up the bleachers one more time for some wide angle shots
id: 48116
I'll have to come back next year!
id: 48117
It took some doing but I found an X-15 patch to wear during the X-15 episodes
id: 48118
"Yellow cab", my ass
id: 48119
I made "eye contact" with this statue almost every day
id: 48120
I finally wandered over to the Goddard Space Flight Center Visitor Center
id: 48121
3D printing button guards for the AMV server
id: 48122
So many parking spaces!
id: 48123
Josh gives the Vive a whirl
id: 48124
Cooking cooking
id: 48125
id: 48126
These are some scary clouds
id: 48127
It ended up not being all that bad weather but it looked insane
id: 48128
Nice blue lighting
id: 48129
Scott wonders if he should drink the old Red Bull from Dan's car
id: 48130
It expired over a year ago and has been in a car for longer than that
id: 48131
The first sip!
id: 48132
Scott's expression says it all
id: 48133
Really nice cloud lighting
id: 48134
Another parking space hog!
id: 48135
I dunno. Red light photo.
id: 48136
I like my notebook
id: 48137
Buzz chilling out
id: 48138
More ominous clouds
id: 48139
Goddard Building 34
id: 48140
Looking down the Building 34 path
id: 48141
Scott needs to make a phone call
id: 48142
I added a new NASA worm logo to the side of my car
id: 48143
Looking good!
id: 48144
That's a big Hubble model. This is the building where they control it!
id: 48145
This plane carved a path through some clouds and then left some contrails
id: 48146
A little light reading
id: 48147
Thanks, UPS
id: 48148
More red light photography. Digging a hole in the street!
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