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Pictures taken during October 2016

id: 48327
That's a gorgeous instrument
id: 48328
We weren't the only ones here to take photos
id: 48329
I can't have enough photos of myself with JWST!
id: 48330
Also impossible to have too many photos of the mirror
id: 48331
Specialized mounts to hold it up
id: 48332
I wish that warning sign wasn't in the reflection but what can you do
id: 48333
The secondary mirror
id: 48334
Goddard does cool stuff
id: 48335
A slightly different angle
id: 48336
Josh also got his photo with the mirror. He's working on the project now!
id: 48337
id: 48338
Scott loves space
id: 48339
Dave is a physicist. A PHYSICIST
id: 48340
This is actually the next day. We went two days in a row.
id: 48341
Here's a wallpaper for you
id: 48342
NASA: where even the trash cans have mission patches
id: 48343
Part of the space environment simulator. I think this provides heating and/or cooling
id: 48344
This intimidating looking room performs vibration tests for spacecraft to make sure the rockets won't break them
id: 48345
So much cool equipment just lying around at GSFC
id: 48346
ICESat-2 has a big crazy laser so they only have this little filtered window
id: 48347
Here's what it looks like in that room
id: 48348
More people working in a smaller cleanroom
id: 48349
Taking a look at the other side of the SSDIF
id: 48350
This is the vibe table for JWST. They'll move it here in a few weeks for testing
id: 48351
This doesn't come through normal shipping
id: 48352
It's a big box. The guy offered to bring it all the way inside but the box was so big it seemed easier to just open it here and move the pieces inside
id: 48353
Another big box!
id: 48354
My new go-kart helmet
id: 48355
So safe!
id: 48356
Several days later, Omar is here to assemble the cockpit
id: 48357
Carefully laying out the pieces..
id: 48358
So many pieces!!
id: 48359
Really coming together
id: 48360
Looking good!
id: 48361
Well this might be the dorkiest photo ever taken of me. Combining the new helmet and the new cockpit
id: 48362
Nope, nevermind. This is even worse.
id: 48363
Dueling cockpits!
id: 48364
Dean loves F1
id: 48365
Making floating candles
id: 48366
Vic's crazy projector setup. This is how he makes ghosts in the windows
id: 48367
Mailing out prizes and trophies from the Otakon AMV contest
id: 48368
Bryce puts some work into Hyper Light Drifter
id: 48369
Vic buys his White Castle by the crate
id: 48370
Making cobwebs by shooting out hot glue
id: 48371
id: 48372
Time to get the other projector in place
id: 48373
Dean, relax!
id: 48374
id: 48375
Dean made a buddy
id: 48376
Oops, nevermind
id: 48377
This is a very expensive projector. K'Nex get it done
id: 48378
Mmm, pumpkin beer in a big stein
id: 48379
Just a few props on the lawn
id: 48380
They're definitely "that house" on the block
id: 48381
Hey there, Jackolantern
id: 48382
id: 48383
id: 48384
id: 48385
The Ouija Board reticle thing moves around thanks to some powerful magnets and a robot arm Vic rigged up
id: 48386
Frying up some Oreos. Vic is a monster
id: 48387
id: 48388
id: 48389
Very advanced
id: 48390
Lights! One group of kids ran away without any candy because it was too much
id: 48391
Hey the floating candles came out pretty nice!
id: 48392
I put together a big cork board to collect all the random mementos I pick up
id: 48393
F1 and 3 in the morning!
id: 48394
Hi Buzz
id: 48395
Just taking a few photos to record how often I move the furniture around
id: 48396
The current state of my room
id: 48397
Making progress
id: 48398
I got an echocardiogram
id: 48399
Hey is that my heart?
id: 48400
"That's your heart"
id: 48401
You can never have enough photos of JWST
id: 48402
Progress on the vibe table
id: 48403
Another sun dog! Or.. tiny rainbow. (I took this photo at a red light)
id: 48404
I finally set up a proper bed!
id: 48405
Looking good
id: 48406
All the astronaut photos are mounted
id: 48407
Cats are lazy
id: 48408
I set up this shelf all by myself. I am a home improvement expert
id: 48409
Another slow cooker. Hopefully it doesn't meet the same fate as the last one
id: 48410
Lovey at the bottom of the stairs
id: 48411
All sorts of neat data from MMS
id: 48412
Spooky candle?
id: 48413
Just looking around my street
id: 48414
Scott is hard at work
id: 48415
Josh is not
id: 48416
Ping pong battle!
id: 48417
The basement is a complete mess
id: 48418
Time to start prepping it for the LAN party
id: 48419
Take all the drawers out first
id: 48420
All these boxes are empty because Omar is crazy
id: 48421
Trying to find the spot where the ceiling is just barely low enough to tilt the shelves
id: 48422
Alexa gets her own little shelf
id: 48423
Moving furniture is fun
id: 48424
Careful not to get it dirty!
id: 48425
I promise I helped with other stuff. I just took a few photos
id: 48426
Moving moving moving
id: 48427
Neat! A bunch of aerogel left over from Stardust
id: 48428
It's so light!
id: 48429
That's a big chunk of aerogel. It's very fragile
id: 48430
Some random cat
id: 48431
I got an Echo Dot
id: 48432
It doesn't hear me very well.... want to buy it off me?
id: 48433
Analyst Meeting at a.i.
id: 48434
Eric tries to calm his stomach
id: 48435
It doesn't look good..
id: 48436
Down she goes!
id: 48437
Looks tasty
id: 48438
Hi Neil
id: 48439
Neil is such a squishums
id: 48440
That's my blood!
id: 48441
id: 48442
Whoops. Someone started their day off wrong
id: 48443
I fed Lovey for the week
id: 48444
Poor Lovey lives outside
id: 48445
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