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Pictures taken during November 2016

id: 48446
Goddard Library holds a whole new significance for me these days!
id: 48447
Man, they really spruced Wright Hall up
id: 48448
The Wright-side entrance of Goddard
id: 48449
The Goddard memorial sculpture
id: 48450
The path represents the accelerating path to space. Or something
id: 48451
Goddard Library is such a cool structure
id: 48452
The Green
id: 48453
id: 48454
id: 48455
Standing around Red Square
id: 48456
Scary Zelda moon in the Hillel window
id: 48457
What the hell is this new building??
id: 48458
NEW China Lantern??
id: 48459
Hey I know that place
id: 48460
The hallway to the Math and CS department
id: 48461
See, I told you
id: 48462
This is a hallway I know well
id: 48463
The Math/CS break room
id: 48464
I've spent a lot of time in these chairs
id: 48465
Professor Sternberg wasn't around! Makes sense since it was a random Saturday..
id: 48466
This looks familiar
id: 48467
Tony and Shayna turned their house into the Mystery Shack from Gravity Falls
id: 48468
Good ol' Turtle Boy
id: 48469
I'm scared
id: 48470
Come to think of it, where did they get this tiny ladder?
id: 48471
One fewer Hipster
id: 48472
Can you pronounce proboscis right?
id: 48473
Bearded snake!
id: 48474
Do you want the one with booze or caffeine?
id: 48475
Haunted doll alert!
id: 48476
Is Thor magical?
id: 48477
Good thing he's trapped
id: 48478
Strange, indeed
id: 48479
Beware, owls
id: 48480
Tony and Liz!
id: 48481
This one is my favorite
id: 48482
I don't really get it
id: 48483
Cool shot of Shayna being cool
id: 48484
Meg is on team kigurumi?
id: 48485
Creepums joins the creepy prop display
id: 48486
I probably should have included a quarter or something for scale. This was a tiny moose!
id: 48487
Itty bitty fairies!
id: 48488
Liz looks shocked
id: 48489
Parties are fun
id: 48490
Well.. until you get some batteries
id: 48491
Liz seems ready for.. something
id: 48492
Tony and Shayna as Gravity Falls characters that I'm not going to bother looking up
id: 48493
These gross eyeballs spent a lot of time on the ceiling
id: 48494
Meg gets a lift to retrieve the eyeball
id: 48495
id: 48496
I went as a cool racer.
id: 48497
Liz knows how to have a good time
id: 48498
We played a game that forced the players to do all sorts of goofy stuff
id: 48499
Tony just does this most nights
id: 48500
Drawing with my left hand
id: 48501
More spinning on the floor!
id: 48502
Oh god!! Creepums is even worse!
id: 48503
Retrieving an eyeball
id: 48504
id: 48505
Steph as Dratini!
id: 48506
Brett wants to be the very best
id: 48507
Throwing superballs at my helmet
id: 48508
I forgot to take this picture on the way in
id: 48509
id: 48510
Steph reviews her choices in the Cyanide & Happiness card game
id: 48511
Action zoom on Brett
id: 48512
id: 48513
Early morning airport parking lot
id: 48514
Always nice to be in the sky
id: 48515
Mom and Uncle Michael!
id: 48516
Waiting around on Main Street
id: 48517
Hi Dad!
id: 48518
Ooo, go-karts
id: 48519
id: 48520
Brett is challenging me!
id: 48521
Gragra is impressed by my NASA badge
id: 48522
Having a nice visit in the sun room
id: 48523
Mom and Gragra!
id: 48524
Some Trump jerks in downtown Melrose
id: 48525
Dad with my cousins!
id: 48526
This is me when I was just a few days old. Thanks for the NRA hat, dad..
id: 48527
Dad tells me something about fish..
id: 48528
Hey that's New York City!
id: 48529
I can see Chelsea Piers! And Sunnyside!
id: 48530
Derrick was really impressed by the Vive
id: 48531
Shoot 'em!
id: 48532
He also brought over the NASCAR game so we could try it out. It was way harder than I expected!
id: 48533
Derrick explains the finer points of NASCAR
id: 48534
Hi Buzz. Hi Neil.
id: 48535
The back of JWST
id: 48536
Vic, Amanda, and Amanda's friend Pyzro check out the James Webb Space Telescope
id: 48537
JWST with one wing stowed
id: 48538
Amanda isn't sure how to feel about space telescopes
id: 48539
That's better
id: 48540
Go karts!
id: 48541
Vic isn't so much into space telescopes. But go karts?? Hell yeah
id: 48542
So many go karts
id: 48543
id: 48544
Ben opted to keep the shower cap from the go kart helmet
id: 48545
What's Ryan so excited about?
id: 48546
This little jukebox!
id: 48547
Can you hear it??
id: 48548
Ryan was really into the jukebox
id: 48549
Goran's ready to see some space!
id: 48550
JWST is in its "clean tent", aka "big box"
id: 48551
Such natural poses
id: 48552
They're getting ready to move the telescope to the vibration table where they can test how it'll handle a ride on a rocket
id: 48553
"Well look at that"
id: 48554
The vibration table
id: 48555
Goran had never tried astronaut ice cream. Ryan insisted he try some!
id: 48556
Are you ready?
id: 48557
Ryan is feeling the power of the ice cream
id: 48558
Chomp chomp chomp, crumbs crumbs crumbs
id: 48559
Just like the pros
id: 48560
Ryan just realized how small the Gemini capsule is. "They spent two weeks in this??"
id: 48561
Especially tough with this guy
id: 48562
I also went to Eric's birthday party with Josh!
id: 48563
That t-shirt game is always fun
id: 48564
Walking on the VR board is weirdly intimidating
id: 48565
Stopping at a rest stop. DC to Boston is too long of a drive
id: 48566
Gragra wants crackers
id: 48567
Aunt Teresa and Becky in the kitchen
id: 48568
This weird little cat looks like Vladimir Putin
id: 48569
Hi Becky
id: 48570
Everyone hanging out for Thanksgiving!
id: 48571
Everyone got a beverage?
id: 48572
Look at that turkey!
id: 48573
Gragra is going to Hogwarts
id: 48574
Grab some turkey
id: 48575
Pass the.. whatever
id: 48576
Gragra considers her options
id: 48577
Hi Mom!
id: 48578
Everyone say grace
id: 48579
Becky shows Mom some Snapchat filters
id: 48580
Go Snapchat, go!
id: 48581
id: 48582
Now Nick is getting roped into it
id: 48583
id: 48584
Macaroni.. wants to leave
id: 48585
id: 48586
Lunch with Becky and Dad!
id: 48587
Dad finally spent his gift card
id: 48588
Dad and Becky!
id: 48589
id: 48590
Poor little Cinnamon passed away about a month later. She was a nice kitty!
id: 48591
My copy of Lost Moon signed by Apollo 13 commander Apollo 13!
id: 48592
Time to drive back to DC. Bye Mom!
id: 48593
id: 48594
Welcome to New Jersey
id: 48595
I was tempted to sit in it
id: 48596
Wolfing down food at the rest stop
id: 48597
I took this picture of my ballot sample so I could remember the judge list
id: 48598
id: 48599
Well if you insist
id: 48600
Quite a line for voting!
id: 48601
I did it!
id: 48602
id: 48603
Well....... the election didn't work out like I hoped. So I drank my champagne to hope and the future instead of the results.
id: 48604
JWST in its tent!
id: 48605
I'm pretty sure I have a photo just like this but what are you going to do
id: 48606
I tried the Hololens!
id: 48607
Scott is working in the future already
id: 48608
So many maneuvers
id: 48609
5000 miles!
id: 48610
Dan tries out the Hololens
id: 48611
It definitely makes you look crazy
id: 48612
Loafing around
id: 48613
Adding more stuff to my bulletin board!
id: 48614
Hi Buzz
id: 48615
Weird rippled clouds
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