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Pictures taken during March 2017

id: 48953
This game with the hovering board sounded a lot more exciting than it is
id: 48954
I have a cylinder
id: 48955
There are cards
id: 48956
Katie is unhappy with her cards
id: 48957
Ryan is just shocked that there are cards
id: 48958
Dan... Dan's face is stuck
id: 48959
This game is complicated
id: 48960
Consider your strategy carefully..
id: 48961
What cards does Dan have?
id: 48962
Big cat yawn!
id: 48963
This game is also complicated but at least I could follow what was going on
id: 48964
Right, Ryan?
id: 48965
That is a lot of shopping carts
id: 48966
Buzz loves the smell of fresh proto-furniture
id: 48967
I have created a stool
id: 48968
Building the chair..
id: 48969
Neil has already claimed the stool
id: 48970
Tada! Litter boxes for a lovely backdrop
id: 48971
Now that is a cozy reading setup
id: 48972
Be careful with pouring sake
id: 48973
Brian is critical of this sake pouring technique
id: 48974
"I just want sake!"
id: 48975
Ooo, new speed cube
id: 48976
The Valk 3
id: 48977
It's like solving butter
id: 48978
Shawn is all colorful
id: 48979
Topaz is.. deep in thought
id: 48980
Anthony is on to me, as usual
id: 48981
"I did it!! Do you see??"
id: 48982
Something tells me this might be one of Kate's EMT friends
id: 48983
What do you think, Kate?
id: 48984
Anthony has small game parts
id: 48985
Games are fun
id: 48986
We're playing that haunted house game again!
id: 48987
That's a pretty badass patch
id: 48988
Topaz is cold, apparently
id: 48989
"This is where the disease is"
id: 48990
Topaz is having fun
id: 48991
Topaz and I aren't allowed to be on the same team for this game anymore. Codenames is funnn
id: 48992
I participated in the "Space" reddit gift exchange. What could I have gotten?
id: 48993
Space-themed socks!
id: 48994
And some cool art and cat toys. Neat!
id: 48995
Dan is ready to get some work done
id: 48996
Ryan is going to get his face stuck
id: 48997
Josh is in black and white because this room had the worst lighting in history
id: 49014
Steve is eating the culinary equivalent of the Aggro Crag
id: 49015
Megan and Matt aren't sure what to make of it
id: 49016
Neither is Tom
id: 49017
Don't touch the stone part!
id: 49018
This should be Phil's new LinkedIn photo
id: 49019
Megan thinks fun things are fun
id: 49020
Steve's got a new hat
id: 49021
Phil is in hammock mode even without a hammock
id: 49022
I think Matt chose this photo just to give photo compression algorithms a workout
id: 49023
Hi Megan!
id: 49024
Tom and Tamara are hiding in the corner
id: 49025
I need a haircut
id: 49026
Surprise! I found you!
id: 49027
Phil is a beautiful unicorn
id: 49028
"What'll ya have?"
id: 49029
Matt seems really skeptical of.. something
id: 49030
Nerf basketball! I love Phil's face in the background
id: 49031
Bartender Steve
id: 49032
Phil will miss this shot
id: 49033
Always use a coaster
id: 49034
Nice lighting
id: 49053
Laying down on the job!
id: 49054
Final preparations are being made for JWST to leave Goddard forever
id: 49055
Of course, I got yet another photo of myself with the telescope
id: 49056
Hey look what I found!
id: 49057
Is this what they moved DSCOVR in?
id: 49058
Goddard deer!
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