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Pictures taken during May 2017

id: 49088
JWST is gone!!
id: 49089
Well, it was fun while it lasted
id: 49090
I found it behind the SSDIF, but it shipped out not long after
id: 49091
Coincidentally, the King of Sweden was coming to visit a few days later, so they had some stuff up about Sweden's involvement with NASA
id: 49092
Not every day you see a Swedish flag sitting around Building 29
id: 49093
Me with Jack Schmitt! This guy walked on the Moon!
id: 49094
Explaining what we'd be talking about today
id: 49095
Dr. Schmitt sat right next to me! This photo is super out of focus but I love how goofy it is
id: 49096
Dr. Schmitt was still sharp as a tack at 81 years old. He's still doing research on the data he personally recovered from the Moon!
id: 49097
He also knows how to tell a good story
id: 49098
You can't hide your visitor badge from me
id: 49099
Dr. Jack Schmitt, everyone!
id: 49100
Officiant Jeff knew how to spin a good yarn.
id: 49101
Also, Vic's brother bought way too much White Castle
id: 49102
Let's practice!
id: 49103
This is Vic's "I will love you forever" face
id: 49104
This is Amanda's "I already have to do this at Otakon and now at my own wedding?" face
id: 49105
Topaz and Amanda move the magical arch into position
id: 49106
"And another thing about weddings.."
id: 49107
Amanda's mom is here! What's in the bag??
id: 49108
The arch's magic has not yet been activated. Jeff will do that.
id: 49109
Weddings are fun
id: 49110
Vic taps the tarp with his magic wand
id: 49111
Joy is here and she brought 40 pizzas! Or chairs. Probably chairs.
id: 49112
These tables were way heavier than they looked
id: 49113
Stop giving me that look!
id: 49114
Jeff drove up from South Carolina to join these two goobers in holy matrimony
id: 49115
"Good podium. Stay."
id: 49116
That's one big pizza, Joy
id: 49117
It looks like Topaz's gut is hanging out, but it's just a weird shadow
id: 49118
"The sun is going to be there!"
id: 49119
The arch is getting progressively more magical
id: 49120
I approve of this cutain
id: 49121
Amanda thinks about space
id: 49122
Flowers are pretty rare in space
id: 49123
Vic curses the sun a good one
id: 49124
It's a little Death Star!
id: 49125
Taping the tarp. Or tarping the tape?
id: 49126
Topaz is the hand of god
id: 49127
Assemble the lanterns!
id: 49128
Vic's brother Michael has been flying too many drones. He's become an R2-style robot!
id: 49129
We herded the lanterns so they wouldn't escape
id: 49130
How do remote control lanterns work?
id: 49131
These are Topaz's everyday flowers
id: 49132
This are going pretty well
id: 49133
Fancy lights!
id: 49134
Topaz is crushed under the weight of a billion pounds of popcorn
id: 49135
Dean doesn't know much about weddings. Other then the one he got at his house and his Mom put a couple games on it..
id: 49136
This couch needs to move so we can put cake there
id: 49137
Sam is faster than my camera
id: 49138
The cats will be alarmed to learn that their skyscraper can move
id: 49139
Dean is suspicious of cameras
id: 49140
But loves walls
id: 49141
Michael has already joined the Brotherhood of the AMV Server but I've never gotten a photo of it before!
id: 49142
Aww, it's beautiful!
id: 49143
Running ethernet cable through the window. Like y'do
id: 49144
Equalizer settings! Otakon 2015, Otakon 2016, Wedding..
id: 49145
It's so intensely weird to see the server outside
id: 49146
We legitimately ran sound calibration like it was Otakon. We blasted the neighborhood with pink noise
id: 49147
If you couldn't tell this was Vic and Amanda's wedding from just this photo then you don't know them
id: 49148
Topaz will be on server duty tomorrow, so he gets a refresher on running the music
id: 49149
I reject this pun
id: 49150
There's a moth!!
id: 49151
Moth captured and released into the wild.
id: 49152
Topaz inspects the laserdisc collection
id: 49153
"What IS this??"
id: 49154
Vic's halo
id: 49155
"This laserdisc is gigantic!", says Topaz
id: 49156
Dean is easy to distract
id: 49157
He put all his skill points into looks, not brains
id: 49158
Sam put his into paranoia
id: 49159
This is how Topaz makes punch
id: 49160
That's a lot of booze
id: 49161
That's a lot of blooze
id: 49162
"I put the rice krispie treats out, Vic"
id: 49163
Time to hang the lanterns
id: 49164
Hey I know those people
id: 49165
Vic will never guess which dial I licked
id: 49166
Like an idiot, I asked Vic if he had this custom made. Guess I should have read it first
id: 49167
Best photo of the batch, right here. Clean, Vic, clean!
id: 49168
The cake survived the car ride
id: 49169
But would not survive the guests.
id: 49170
Vic's parents are here for the wedding, of course. I wonder how many laserdiscs THEY have.
id: 49171
Which side will you choose? Or will you combine them into the purple Mace Windu?
id: 49172
Fancy custom Star Wars ring!
id: 49173
The family Boruta! Also Mountain Dew.
id: 49174
Amanda's Mom added the production staff. What normal people would call bridesmaids and groomsmen
id: 49175
Michael is a-lurkin'
id: 49176
Vic's Dad is wondering why he has two cups
id: 49177
I told you we were production staff. Also, Alex was totally a bridesmaid
id: 49178
I made a thing
id: 49179
Omar is suspicious of the staffers
id: 49180
Bryce looks like he's about to pull a shotgun out of this box
id: 49181
You can't escape the gaze of Omar
id: 49182
It's Alex! Aka Chauncey! Aka Fig!
id: 49183
This is Alan's snazzy face
id: 49184
Omar helps Alan with his tie
id: 49185
Omar smells the Krispy Kreme candle
id: 49186
Some additional guests
id: 49187
Just hanging around before the race
id: 49188
"McKeed told me the rat was THIS big"
id: 49189
Meanwhile, the couch has made new friends
id: 49190
McKeed and Madison are here!
id: 49191
Joanna too! The gang's all together
id: 49192
Topaz stood in for some practice shots
id: 49193
Someone let this guy in
id: 49194
Steph's here!
id: 49195
Mike and Meri! It's impossible to take a photo of Mike without him turning towards the camera and making this face so I may as well embrace it
id: 49196
Wes and Sue are here too! And that guy again..
id: 49197
Alex looks surprised
id: 49198
How about this tent, eh?
id: 49199
I have no idea who this is but Amanda told me it's Vic's aunt and his cousin whose name is Katherine with a K.
id: 49200
More guests I don't know! (More Vic-cousins)
id: 49201
Michael's wife is having fun.
id: 49202
Bodyguard McKeed dares you to take his daughter's stuffed animal away and see what happens
id: 49203
Alex makes a good picture great
id: 49204
Here it is without a panicked Alex
id: 49205
Time for Vic to suit up! I think Amanda has been in the hyperbolic time chamber getting ready for months
id: 49206
Everyone go outside!
id: 49207
Jeff is legit. Getting married by a Sith lord!
id: 49208
Amanda's all ready to go!
id: 49209
I love the smirk. I wonder if Amanda was hearing the imperial marching theme in her head..
id: 49210
Vic is looking snazzy!
id: 49211
And also goofy
id: 49212
Amanda gets some last minute prep before the big walk!
id: 49213
I think she's ready!
id: 49214
Fancy dress
id: 49215
Vic forgot to cut these things off!
id: 49216
Vic waits at the end of the aisle
id: 49217
Is Alan.. taking a selfie?
id: 49218
Hello, guests!
id: 49219
Dunn dunn dunn, dun dun-dunnn, dun dun-dunnnnn
id: 49220
That's a lot of dress to navigate, Amanda
id: 49221
Will Amanda remember to walk slowly so I can get more shots than this one? Of course not, where's the challenge in that?
id: 49222
"Here, hold this"
id: 49223
Let's get this party started! And by party I mean marriage. And by started, I mean sealed with Jedi blood or something.
id: 49224
Something about those speakers being in these shots really makes me laugh
id: 49225
I honestly have no idea what Jeff said because I was too busy panicking and taking photos from every angle
id: 49226
The rings await on the podium!
id: 49227
Topaz has the server under control
id: 49228
Take her hand!
id: 49229
You know, there's only so many captions you can make about something like this
id: 49230
id: 49231
A new era indeed
id: 49232
Does the server count as a guest?
id: 49233
Putting on the rings!
id: 49234
Now kiss
id: 49235
They did it!
id: 49236
Just walk down the aisle and then it's time to celebrate
id: 49237
"You know, it's not really a light saber.."
id: 49238
Everyone wants a picture!
id: 49239
The Borutas and their lovely house
id: 49240
Imperial Gothic?
id: 49241
Some aliens tried to beam Amanda onto the mothership, but Vic's mom had it covered
id: 49242
The lovely couple
id: 49243
Now kissss. Again.
id: 49244
Amanda selected "stilts" from the dropdown
id: 49245
Fancy Princess Leia hair
id: 49246
These are Topaz's special day flowers
id: 49247
Amanda meets with some friends. Both of whom have some spiffy space-themed items!
id: 49248
Is it drinkin' time? I think it's drinkin' time.
id: 49249
Oh it's drinkin' time alright.
id: 49250
Cheers, McKeed!
id: 49251
Mike just DOES this to me! How does he do it??
id: 49252
Meri displays the Mace Windu
id: 49253
This Mom to Mom talk makes C-3PO hold his leg and dance
id: 49254
Business business business, numbers.
id: 49255
More Amanda-guests! Fancy turquoise hair
id: 49256
Brett is having fun. Having fun looking like a doofus!
id: 49257
McKeed inspects the ring
id: 49258
Omar is a Mace Windu connoisseur
id: 49259
I feel like Brett could look like he belongs in any party photo
id: 49260
Alex is treated to an Alan story
id: 49261
Is this Omar's good side?
id: 49262
This was as close as I got to an amazing photo of Madison reaching for the big shiny power button on the server
id: 49263
More photos!
id: 49264
Little Amanda!
id: 49265
Bounty Hunter Amanda
id: 49266
"Did you get the shot?"
id: 49267
I demonstrate my beer holder
id: 49268
This is proper wedding food technique
id: 49269
Bryce looks like he's really into a good story here. Brett looks like he's into a good chicken.
id: 49270
Vic and Amanda get their own table
id: 49271
Captain Suspicious on the right there..
id: 49272
I see you. You see me.
id: 49273
Hi Omar
id: 49274
How Vic and Amanda ate those ribs without staining their white suit and dress I will never understand
id: 49275
Don't launch the cork through the tarp!
id: 49276
Michael double fisting some champagne
id: 49277
Topaz is helping
id: 49278
Amanda is a fan of Michael's speech
id: 49279
I should have photoshopped a little lens flare sparkle onto Topaz's teeth to go with this pose
id: 49280
Oh no! Now Vic is bounty hunter! How can this be?
id: 49281
Bryce thinks funny things are funny
id: 49282
Alex is suspicious
id: 49283
Swing the baby!
id: 49284
Mike and Meri also enjoy fun things
id: 49285
Bryce and his Mom!
id: 49286
This is Brett's new LinkedIn photo. He's the CEO of LinkedIn
id: 49287
Joanna and Madison
id: 49288
"We cutting this thing or what?"
id: 49289
The cake was in a corner so this was the best angle I could get
id: 49290
id: 49291
The top of the cake was the best
id: 49292
So many photos!
id: 49293
Those monsters got peanut butter or something on the bottom
id: 49294
The main party is over. Time to chill out.
id: 49295
Hi everyone!
id: 49296
Vic's Uncle and some guy in a white tux
id: 49297
Guests started filtering out
id: 49298
Vic looks stunning with his flowers
id: 49299
Sue checks out Vic's OJ simpson football
id: 49300
I have no idea what was being said to me here but this is a face that I make
id: 49301
Brett took these and I just included them to show that sometimes I also have fun at things!
id: 49302
Guess who took this photo
id: 49303
Relaxing in the other room
id: 49304
Time to actually sign the paperwork
id: 49305
Topaz says he didn't resist but we all know that I completely kicked his ass.
id: 49306
I'm a witness!
id: 49307
So is Alex! Good thing they had the two guys who don't go by their give names listed as witnesses..
id: 49308
Well that was a blast. Congrats, Vic and Amanda!
id: 49309
Time to pack up the chairs
id: 49310
Too bad Vic didn't buy them. We could use them at Otakon
id: 49311
Topaz knows how to coil cables properly
id: 49312
Steph drew.. Brett?
id: 49313
Hi everyone!
id: 49314
Omar is sleepy
id: 49315
What's over there?
id: 49316
Oh man. So much leftover food
id: 49317
Boba Catt
id: 49318
Vic's ready for May Christmas
id: 49319
It's a mixer!
id: 49320
It's a bunch of Star Wars mugs!
id: 49321
id: 49322
Amanda writes down all the stuff
id: 49323
Vic like
id: 49324
Sam's not sure about all this paper
id: 49325
Vic really like
id: 49326
Breakfast time
id: 49327
With the power vested in him, Jeff pronounces it time for pancakes
id: 49328
Steph's so far away!
id: 49329
Fig is learning the hazards of sitting right across from me
id: 49330
Topaz knows the hazards well
id: 49331
Amanda need coffee
id: 49332
These two goobers got along way too well
id: 49333
Action Vic?
id: 49334
Fig inspects the scrapple..
id: 49335
No don't do it!
id: 49336
Chris Carberry from ExploreMars introduces the conference
id: 49337
I tweeted to get on the live-updating TV. Eventually they had to start hand picking tweets since some trolls figured out the hashtag
id: 49338
Artemis is a cool name
id: 49339
Hey that's my boss!
id: 49340
Bill Gerstenmaier! He's in charge of all of human spaceflight
id: 49341
Hi, Gerst
id: 49342
Our host for the panel
id: 49343
I obviously sat in the front row
id: 49344
Talking about international space efforts
id: 49345
My seat is the one with the hoodie on it. Shortly after I took this photo Buzz Aldrin sat down in the seat to my left. Earlier he sat where the guy in the black jacket is sitting
id: 49346
Turns out you need a lot of companies to get to Mars
id: 49347
It's time for Dr. Aldrin himself!
id: 49348
Buzz shows off his famous shirt
id: 49349
That's a pretty cool nametag
id: 49350
Buzz Aldrin gets into his speech
id: 49351
He's a pretty short guy. All the early astronauts were but he's also in his 80s now so he's shrinking a bit
id: 49352
He knows how to hold the attention of a room
id: 49353
Hi Buzz. Would you like to come meet my cat named Buzz?
id: 49354
Dr. Aldrin was here to talk about his Mars Cycler concept. A somewhat elaborate plan for human Marsm issions
id: 49355
Look out! Buzz Aldrin is coming to get you!
id: 49356
Buzz Aldrin's speech was a little nuts, but it was hard to not be in awe just listening to him
id: 49357
I wasn't able to get a photo with him, but I sat next to him for hours and shook his hand. I'll take it!
id: 49358
Staging on Phobos, eh?
id: 49359
Nice paracord
id: 49360
Buzz has a lot of wrist and finger decorations
id: 49361
He kept pointing at us
id: 49362
Oh Buzz. What have you done?
id: 49363
Oh no. Oh Buzz.
id: 49364
Just to cap it off, let's see that shirt again
id: 49365
A bunch of companies talked about their Mars plans. I won't burn any bridges, but some were essentially "What's a Mars?" SpaceX was pretty cool though
id: 49366
Buzz got up to ask a question after he was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME
id: 49367
Starting off with a rainy day in Maryland
id: 49368
The purple house has a pink car now!!
id: 49369
Aunt Teresa loves my photos
id: 49370
Inspecting some historical litter
id: 49371
"What is President van Buren doing here?
id: 49372
id: 49373
Becky loves my closeup photos
id: 49374
Happy Becky!
id: 49375
"OK, you can put the camera away now"
id: 49376
id: 49377
Mom gets a nice little cupcake!
id: 49378
Secretly she's on a no-carb diet. Such temptation!
id: 49379
"Can I blow it out?"
id: 49380
Little cupcake!
id: 49381
Time to read cards
id: 49382
Mom loves a good card
id: 49383
Especially a funny one
id: 49384
Becky and Mom can't even handle this card
id: 49385
Aunt Teresa's face sums it up
id: 49386
Ah, that's what's so funny. Becky mixed it up!
id: 49387
She also mixed up where Mom and Aunt Teresa were taking a trip to!
id: 49388
Oh well, it's the thought that counts
id: 49389
She also got some cheesy cups and a neat bit of smart jewelry!
id: 49390
Selfie time!
id: 49391
id: 49392
Hey I know that Boston
id: 49393
10,000 miles!
id: 49394
It's a small van but you'd be surprised how much you can fit in it
id: 49395
Making progress
id: 49396
Gotta get Bryce's precious poster that he definitely loves so much.
id: 49397
Aaaand packed.
id: 49398
Bryce loves driving
id: 49399
Wes says bye!
id: 49400
Annalise came to get dinner with us!
id: 49401
That is one fruity drink
id: 49402
I beat Fire Emblem: Conquest while we waited for food
id: 49403
I got a bunch of little beers
id: 49404
Recreating Bryce's famous technique of touching peoples' faces while you take their photo
id: 49405
Annalise is weird
id: 49406
I've passed this place countless times and always kept in the back of my mind that someday it would be my turn to visit it. I took no photos of the wake or funeral. These are from the reception.
id: 49407
Uncle Michael, the eldest, gave a speech. My mom captures the day's feelings pretty well
id: 49408
I was happy to see that there were still some smiles. After all, it's rare for this much of the family to get together at once.
id: 49409
Aunt Teresa
id: 49410
Greg and Johnny
id: 49411
Uncle Brian and Uncle Stephen
id: 49412
Aunt Kathy
id: 49413
Aunt Anne, Gragra's sister.
id: 49414
Caitlin's daughter Juliet did a great job injecting some joy into the day and reminding us that life continues
id: 49415
Good job trying to intimidate my camera
id: 49416
Uncle Stephen, now a grandfather, having fun with Juliet
id: 49417
Caitlin demonstrates my cat wrangling techniques with Juliet
id: 49418
Where's Mommy??
id: 49419
Hi there
id: 49420
Smile for the camera
id: 49421
Just a couple of cool cool people
id: 49422
Hi Branagans! Sorry for the low photo quality, it was pretty dark in here
id: 49423
Becky can always spot a camera
id: 49424
Such a stinkface!
id: 49425
Juliet and Becky
id: 49426
Kate came by to pay her respects
id: 49427
Aunt Kathy will kill me for posting this but I liked Becky photobombing the background
id: 49428
I felt bad for not making a point of saying hi to Aunt Anne. She passed away a few months later.
id: 49429
Uncle Brian spotted me
id: 49430
Uncle Brian and his cousin David. I'm not sure what that makes me and David. I'm bad at family trees
id: 49431
Taking Juliet for a walk
id: 49432
Uncle Michael and Aunt Teresa
id: 49433
Aunt Diane
id: 49434
Uncle Peter
id: 49435
Telling stories on the couch
id: 49436
id: 49437
This kid is going to have a very different relationship to technology growing up than I did
id: 49438
Siblings telling stories
id: 49439
Gathering near the bar
id: 49440
Told you we could still have a few smiles
id: 49441
id: 49442
Uncle Peter somehow ended up with these heavy flowers
id: 49443
Well.. now what
id: 49444
This is how I left the group. A strange quantum state of grief, joy, and some ethanol for good measure.
id: 49445
Sorry I can't stick around, I've got a plane to catch!
id: 49446
Remembering others who sat on this bench..
id: 49448
It's tough to convey this in a photo but the lighting was REALLY strange
id: 49449
This isn't some artifact of the camera. It was all weird and orange
id: 49450
Hi Dan
id: 49451
Hi Dan
id: 49452
Just a typical afternoon at work
id: 49453
David's having fun
id: 49454
id: 49455
Gibsan's done with us
id: 49456
Car washes are scary
id: 49457
Just a corner of Omar's house
id: 49458
id: 49459
id: 49460
id: 49461
Vic's got his slump on
id: 49462
New luggage and old luggage. I still maintain the old luggage was good since who the hell would steal it?
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