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Pictures taken during June 2017

id: 49463
Who else wants to go on a tour?
id: 49464
Lots of Goddard folks on this GSFC tour
id: 49465
Listening to the history of the Hubble Space Telescope
id: 49466
Little Hubble!
id: 49467
Hey I have a signed copy of that photo!
id: 49468
The actual Hubble MOC!
id: 49469
Some old Hubble gear
id: 49470
No one's in the MOC since they are completely automated except for unusual circumstances. I'm working to get Aqua, Aura, and Terra there!
id: 49471
Nice Hubble model!
id: 49472
Various old HST equipment
id: 49473
HST sensor
id: 49474
A tiny piece of the original solar panels
id: 49475
Specialized electronics
id: 49476
MOCs always look so cool
id: 49477
Tiffany lines up a shot
id: 49478
I love seeing flown equipment
id: 49479
Wow. Where do I buy one of these? And can we get them for our birds?
id: 49480
A scale model of the shuttle payload bay and Hubble
id: 49481
More flown equipment
id: 49482
I really wish they sold this technical diagram poster
id: 49483
See? HST Operations!
id: 49484
The tour continues
id: 49485
Hey it's that place we're at
id: 49486
Big CNC machine
id: 49487
Lots of awesome machining equipment in here
id: 49488
Various examples of the impressive work they do here
id: 49489
I'd like to play with this thing
id: 49490
I don't know what this is but it's neat
id: 49491
Shreds of metal
id: 49492
This looks intense
id: 49493
Machining tools
id: 49494
Grinding away
id: 49495
Haas! Formula 1 and CNC machines
id: 49496
I was advised not to touch the shavings
id: 49497
Gotta kill downtime somehow
id: 49498
This is a neat room
id: 49499
They make lenses here!
id: 49500
So are you! Also, can I have some coffee?
id: 49501
Wandering around in the Building 29 basement
id: 49502
Uhh... this pipe makes me nervous
id: 49503
This looks like the circuit breakers in Jurassic Park. Pump the flat gray handle..
id: 49504
I think this might be excessed
id: 49505
After working with software so much it's interesting to see how much specialized equipment is required to do something physical
id: 49506
This is a really cool status panel
id: 49507
Controlling the Space Environment Simulator
id: 49508
I have to wonder if a monitor would be more configurable but less reliable than this
id: 49509
Gotta keep that chamber rough
id: 49510
There are all sorts of workspaces at Goddard
id: 49511
More excessed equipment?
id: 49512
Going back upstairs
id: 49513
These look like pressure domes!
id: 49514
This is the outside of the Hubble simulator. We couldn't get in
id: 49515
See? Hubble simulator
id: 49516
Pressures are scary
id: 49517
This doesn't really come across in a photo but a lot of mist was spilling out here. Not sure if that's normal
id: 49518
Back in the giant centrifuge. Always makes me a little uneasy
id: 49519
There's less equipment in here than last time!
id: 49520
id: 49521
So many missions
id: 49522
Big ol' nitrogen tank
id: 49523
This is a hydraulic driver of a massive speaker used for acoustic testing.
id: 49524
These quotation marks are worrisome
id: 49525
I don't know if this is just for looks or if they're actually practicing moving WFIRST around
id: 49526
Nice doorbell
id: 49527
House hunting! I almost ended up with this house but they held out
id: 49528
Some art based on the F-1 injector plate
id: 49529
Vic digs through cables as he helps me debug my "BAD_POOL_HEADER" computer problem
id: 49530
Sam observes
id: 49531
We are deep in it
id: 49532
Cat assisstant
id: 49533
"What's that, a mouse?"
id: 49534
We eventually gave up and reformatted
id: 49535
I found some picturesque fields while house hunting
id: 49536
Conrad tries his hand at Kerbal. It didn't go well
id: 49537
Chris tools around the track in Assetto Corsa
id: 49538
Conrad tries to keep it on the road
id: 49539
Who knew there are pretty farms so close by?
id: 49540
Ugh. I must be in Florida
id: 49541
Mom's ready for a family weekend
id: 49542
So is everyone else
id: 49543
Johnny is clearly excited
id: 49544
Ft. Lauderdale. Gross.
id: 49545
Neat bridge
id: 49546
Uncle Brian and Matt swung by
id: 49547
Uncle Michael
id: 49548
Red Sox and Patriots, I wonder where people think Brian is from
id: 49549
Hi Mom!
id: 49550
Cheer up, Uncle Brian!
id: 49551
This was some decent beer
id: 49552
Aunt Meredith also likes beer
id: 49553
Johnny's at the end of the table so he's an easy photographic target
id: 49554
Having fun, Mom?
id: 49555
Choosing dinner
id: 49556
Aunt Meredith is excited about something
id: 49557
What's that face for, Johnny
id: 49558
I see you
id: 49559
Who's here?
id: 49560
It's matt!
id: 49561
And Sean
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