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Pictures taken during September 2017

id: 50460
First wave of crap
id: 50461
Handy mantle for displaying stuff
id: 50462
First piece of artwork for the new house: an official NASA flag
id: 50463
So much crap. This is how far into building those shelves I got before I realized I didn't have a hammer
id: 50464
Books and DVDs everywhere
id: 50465
Amazon sent me the wrong foam mattress at first but let me keep it. So I just sold it.
id: 50478
Tom made Mike a cheesecake for his going away party!
id: 50479
Way to go, Tom!
id: 50480
Mike is enjoying it, despite this face
id: 50481
Amazon finally sent the correct mattress
id: 50482
This is how flat it is while it's still sealed up
id: 50483
Dan helped me move a bunch of Mike's furniture into the new house
id: 50484
The cats are here!
id: 50485
Neil explores a new window
id: 50486
My prediction was that Buzz would immediately go look in the closet. I was not disappointed.
id: 50487
Neil isn't sure about all of this
id: 50488
The cats are allowed out in the house!
id: 50489
Things are starting to come together
id: 50490
Ugh. Wire pile
id: 50491
Hi Neil
id: 50492
This table is really great! Thanks Mike
id: 50493
Neil approves of the giant couch
id: 50494
Both cats are a fan
id: 50495
I like how they tried to hide this under the doormat..
id: 50496
New phone! I was happy with my Note 4 but it kept rebooting
id: 50497
id: 50498
External batteries! Very important
id: 50499
The LG V20!
id: 50500
Work is fun
id: 50501
Tom had to wait a long time to get some food at the event at work
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