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Pictures taken during November 2017

id: 50560
The view from the podium
id: 50561
No one let Vic see how poorly calibrated this projector is
id: 50562
This guy introduced me
id: 50563
Not the worst turnout!
id: 50564
Joe got some shots of me from the audience
id: 50565
Talking about what got me into podcasts
id: 50566
The talk went pretty well
id: 50567
A successful talk!
id: 50568
Joe wakes up at 2:30am every day
id: 50569
Dan was just about to head to bed
id: 50570
David's first time at a Wawa!
id: 50571
We kept accidentally following this JWST license plate guy. He was definitely going to the launch
id: 50572
Police checkpoint? We must be in the right place
id: 50573
Hey it's a rocket!
id: 50574
David is excited. And cold
id: 50575
We're all cold
id: 50576
Camera on target
id: 50577
David considers his vast realm
id: 50578
I like rockets
id: 50579
id: 50580
id: 50581
Dan is cold. So cold
id: 50582
Cool cloud wall
id: 50583
Airplane vs the moon
id: 50584
The sun rises on Antares
id: 50585
Neat, a satellite ground station
id: 50586
The colors change so much during sunrise!
id: 50587
The birds fly away from the stray plane that scrubbed the launch. Bah. Maybe better luck tomorrow
id: 50588
Seems fine
id: 50589
Hey a Little Joe with a Mercury capsule!
id: 50590
At least breakfast will be good, right?
id: 50591
Dan laughs because breakfast sucked
id: 50592
David dressed a little warmer this time
id: 50593
Joe did all the driving, which was awesome, and also left the trip out and back kind of a blur in my mind
id: 50594
We were significantly closer this time. Just 2.15 miles away. Almost too close..
id: 50595
Gorgeous lighting
id: 50596
Watching the sun rise was nice
id: 50597
Rocket at sunrise
id: 50598
The colors kept changing so drastically that I kept shooting
id: 50599
There's the sun!
id: 50600
Beautiful sky. Gross water. There were dead animals and stuff floating in it
id: 50601
Joe perched at the end of the pier. He sacrificed a shot of ignition for a great shot of liftoff with a tree in the foreground
id: 50602
I stood next to that irritated guy on the right with the sunglasses. He was pretty grumpy
id: 50603
Don't fall in, Joe!
id: 50604
Now that's a beautiful sight
id: 50605
id: 50606
Antares crawls off the launchpad
id: 50607
Rocket launches never get old
id: 50608
Look at that exhaust plume!
id: 50609
Liquid engines climb so slowly at first!
id: 50610
Into the clouds
id: 50611
A quick peek back at the pad to see the expanding cloud of steam
id: 50612
Antares cuts a path through the clouds
id: 50613
I think David enjoyed his first rocket launch
id: 50614
Back to the car!
id: 50615
This Antares is smaller
id: 50616
Sounding rockets at the Wallops visitor center
id: 50617
Hey I watched this launch to the moon!
id: 50618
I really want to touch it
id: 50619
Ax does too
id: 50620
The Cygnus spacecraft was named after Gene Cernan
id: 50621
Ax is an astronaut
id: 50622
I pose with Little Joe
id: 50623
This camera was a little closer than we were
id: 50624
Rock: Get curious! Sign: Not that curious
id: 50625
They were just giving these out afterwards. Neat
id: 50626
Old fridge!
id: 50627
New fridge!
id: 50628
Take it out of the cardboard
id: 50629
What's even back there? Dust..
id: 50630
Here it comes
id: 50631
They carried the fridges around with this cool strap that went between their two harnesses. They made it look so easy
id: 50632
Watch out for the bush!
id: 50633
Bryce is all about wire management
id: 50634
Wow, never seen a Rift in the wild like this
id: 50635
Seems.. legit..
id: 50636
Poor Vic spent much of the weekend debugging his receiver problems
id: 50637
Amanda makes a stinkface at her birthday
id: 50638
Little Bear looks so sad
id: 50639
Getting sushi!
id: 50640
Sue likes sushi
id: 50641
Bryce's parents!
id: 50642
Wes got a hilarious little fork
id: 50643
id: 50644
Man, now I want more sushi
id: 50645
Birthday cake for Bryce!
id: 50646
What will he wish for?
id: 50647
If you wish for a Nintendo Switch I bet it works
id: 50648
It worked!
id: 50649
Becky critiques Nick's cutting technique
id: 50650
Mom's got the turkey all ready to go!
id: 50651
Pie is superior to cake
id: 50652
Carving the turkey
id: 50653
Becky wants food
id: 50654
id: 50655
I love cornbread!
id: 50656
I demanded that it be served in the shape of the can
id: 50657
id: 50658
id: 50659
Macaroni is fluffy as ever
id: 50660
Nick looks so confused by Codenames
id: 50661
Mom was into it but felt bad when she misunderstood the rules in the first round. That's half the fun of games like this!
id: 50662
Brett strikes a pose at Petrones
id: 50663
Steph seems unsure about all this
id: 50664
AJ is so pink in this light!
id: 50665
Hello suz
id: 50666
Brett's ready to dig into his calzone
id: 50667
The leaves are a nice color
id: 50668
Especially when contrasted against the sky
id: 50669
Hi Tom
id: 50670
id: 50671
Jeff's got a mean stinkeye
id: 50672
David, you're so cruel
id: 50673
I caved and bought a Switch
id: 50674
Actually I think this is the Switch I returned right away for having a yellow-tinted screen
id: 50675
But the boxing was the for the second one
id: 50676
Of course, I went with the colorful controllers
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