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Pictures taken during February 2018

id: 50899
Joe's turn in the Rift
id: 50900
Tom and Dan supervise Joe to make sure he doesn't punch a hole in the ceiling with his tall self
id: 50901
What's up there?
id: 50902
Justin and Ryan are here too!
id: 50903
Katie and Dan consult about codenames
id: 50904
Joe brought a bunch of Philly stuff, including pretzels from Wawa
id: 50905
Dan explains his strategy
id: 50906
Tom is incredulous
id: 50907
Dream Team
id: 50908
Ryan works the word angles
id: 50909
Joe considers his options
id: 50910
Switching the teams!
id: 50911
This is how you can tell that Joe is on David's team
id: 50912
Joe finally understands the "David / Codenames" stories
id: 50913
Justin and Katie are the spy masters now!
id: 50914
David has found a topic he understands
id: 50915
Justin has resigned himself to being on David's team
id: 50916
David should put this on his resume
id: 50917
Let's watch some sports!
id: 50918
Cross-couch shot
id: 50919
Tom is feeling the sports energy!
id: 50920
Dan just wants to play HQ
id: 50921
Dan loves pictures
id: 50922
He wouldn't pose with Snow White so I just put the camera next to Snow White and took the photo
id: 50923
"Why won't you sit with me, Dan?"
id: 50924
We could not figure out this buggy-ass map system
id: 50925
The waitress wanted to pose when she saw my giant camera
id: 50926
What is up with this crazy Ronald McDonald?
id: 50927
James knows what's up with Ronald
id: 50928
Or does he?
id: 50929
Traffic on the way to KSC freaked me out
id: 50930
Hello VAB
id: 50931
This definitely isn't commentary on the SLS. Nope
id: 50932
There she is.. Falcon Heavy
id: 50933
Our viewing site was at the Turn Basin, right outside the VAB. Thanks to Jeff with the awesome access!
id: 50934
The SLS launch platform. It's only leaning a little.
id: 50935
Me with blurry Falcon Heavy!
id: 50936
Blurry me with Falcon Heavy!
id: 50937
Joe managed to get past the security.. rope. Joe goes where he wants
id: 50938
And there he goes! Joe just walks across the moat thing and onto the Saturn Crawlerway. No one stopped him because they were too baffled
id: 50939
I bought a much needed water here
id: 50940
Falcon Heavy!
id: 50941
That's a fine looking launch vehicle
id: 50942
Jeff and his grandfather!
id: 50943
James loves rockets
id: 50944
I should've parked right in front of the rope. Oh well. We had some company!
id: 50945
A panorama aronud our viewing site
id: 50946
This guy has a longer telephoto than me
id: 50947
The heat haze is a little frustrating but we're SO close. Just under 3 miles
id: 50948
Dan's first rocket launch! Well, hopefully the first one that actually launches
id: 50949
id: 50950
id: 50951
Stay cool in the sun!
id: 50952
Jeff is Mr. KSC these days. Very cool
id: 50953
The Launch Control Center
id: 50954
Another identical picture of Falcon Heavy on the launch pad
id: 50955
The side of the VAB
id: 50956
Upper level winds keep pushing the launch.. let's play cards!
id: 50957
Dan taught me how to play Gin Rummy
id: 50958
We played on the grass
id: 50959
This was my view when laying in the field
id: 50960
Is it time to launch yet?
id: 50961
Dan doesn't want to have a second scrub
id: 50962
Helicopter! Note the vortex coming off the blade tip
id: 50963
I've heard this book is good!
id: 50964
Boeing in the old OPF
id: 50965
People with some good views on the LCC steps
id: 50966
Trying new shots
id: 50967
Falcon Heavyyyy
id: 50968
How do I get on the LCC roof?
id: 50969
We have venting!
id: 50970
Are you topping off the oxygen after the venting?
id: 50971
Black and white makes things cool
id: 50972
Are you sick of Falcon Heavy photos yet?
id: 50973
How about a wide shot?
id: 50974
How about a picture of Dan taking a picture?
id: 50975
Tactical Guy is ready for a launch
id: 50976
A lot of venting on the right!
id: 50977
It's launching!!
id: 50978
It's actually going!
id: 50979
Almost cleared the tower
id: 50980
The plume is so bright
id: 50981
Falcon Heavy has cleared the tower!
id: 50982
Go baby go
id: 50983
Let's try some more creative filters!
id: 50984
You can clearly see how the center core is throttled down a bit
id: 50985
Passing through the clouds
id: 50986
Up and up and up
id: 50987
The crowd went nuts
id: 50988
It's starting to tilt over
id: 50989
There's the cnotrail
id: 50990
Take that, upper level winds
id: 50991
It's really pitching now
id: 50992
You can see the plume expanding as the pressure drops
id: 50993
The contrail left a neat shadow
id: 50994
Side core separation!
id: 50995
This highly processed photo was the most visible I could make the boost back burn. You can see three plumes at once here!
id: 50996
Meanwhile, the steam from the sound suppression system is drifting away
id: 50997
Entry burn! I managed to capture it through the clouds. The side cores are slowing down to survive reentry
id: 50998
Landing burn!! You can see a green light near the engine plume of the upper core. That's a result of the engine startup sequence
id: 50999
That lower one is the same core I saw launch on the Thaicom-8 mission two years ago
id: 51000
It's so insane actually seeing this happen right in front of me, less than ten miles away
id: 51001
And they stuck the landing!
id: 51002
Dan is excited for space!
id: 51003
Wow. SLS at its finest
id: 51004
Employee discount!
id: 51005
Hey this place finally opened. We'll swing by later
id: 51006
John Blaha again!
id: 51007
Orion's heat shield is so enormous
id: 51008
James follows the slowly rotating Orion
id: 51009
Dan loves Orion
id: 51010
I think this commercial spaceflight mural needs to be upgraded. XCOR is still here!
id: 51011
"James don't touch the ball!"
id: 51012
James touches the ball
id: 51013
He loves touching the gross wet ball
id: 51014
Shuttle stack!
id: 51015
It's always surprising how huge these are
id: 51016
Dan for scale
id: 51017
Hey it's Blue Origin right next door!
id: 51018
Dan finally meets a shuttle orbiter
id: 51019
Dan, meet Atlantis. Atlantis, meet Dan.
id: 51020
Hello, beautiful. Long time, no see.
id: 51021
Dan just wanted to look at Atlantis all day. I can relate
id: 51022
Atlantis closeup
id: 51023
I love the hatch
id: 51024
RCS in the nose
id: 51025
Docking port
id: 51026
Rear of the cargo bay
id: 51027
OMS pod
id: 51028
Umbilical connections
id: 51029
Looking down the length of the payload bay
id: 51030
Atlantis' left side
id: 51031
NASA meatball!
id: 51032
id: 51033
Dan checks out Atlantis' butt. Don't tell Katie.
id: 51034
Seeing the shuttle in person for the first time is really something else. Especially after knowing about it for years
id: 51035
I really can't get enough of this vehicle
id: 51036
Peering into the cockpit
id: 51037
Flight deck controls
id: 51038
It's a great looking cockpit
id: 51039
Star tracker cover
id: 51040
Wide angle on Atlantis
id: 51041
Engines and tail
id: 51042
Such an expansive thermal protection system
id: 51043
Dan loves the reentry slide
id: 51044
James' turn
id: 51045
The corner of Atlantis' wing
id: 51046
Checking out the STS-135 nose wheels
id: 51047
Looking back at the leading edge of the wing
id: 51048
What the hell is this?? Is Kennedy making fun of Goddard??
id: 51049
Time to pay our respects to Challenger and Columbia
id: 51050
Challenger debris
id: 51051
Columbia's windshield
id: 51052
It's a great presentation. Quiet. Tasteful. I like to just stand and look for a while
id: 51053
Closeup on the Columbia windshield
id: 51054
Torn metal
id: 51055
The grass..
id: 51056
Closeup on the Challenger debris
id: 51057
Structure under the outer layer
id: 51058
Hey the strongback is still leaned back from yesterday
id: 51059
39-A's looking pretty good after Falcon Heavy!
id: 51060
Closeup of the strongback
id: 51061
You can see just how far back it leans at liftoff
id: 51062
Saturn V!
id: 51063
Dan touched the moon rock
id: 51064
Time to see the new Apollo 1 exhibit.
id: 51065
Wow, Ed White's gas gun from his EVA
id: 51066
The exhibit here was tasteful but infuriating. Everything was behind these transparent TV screens that had unskippable videos. Unlike Challenger and Columbia you can't just stand and look and think
id: 51067
The outer cover on Apollo 1
id: 51068
All three doors on Apollo 1. This was the best shot I could get thanks to the constantly changing video
id: 51069
Closeup on the hatch
id: 51070
The inner hatch
id: 51071
It was a complicated mechanism
id: 51072
Neat projection on a smoke all
id: 51073
Dan and James on the Apollo catwalk
id: 51074
id: 51075
Apollo 14 CM Kitty Hawk, we meet again!
id: 51076
Nice looking Block II door
id: 51077
Armrest from Acquarius
id: 51078
Apollo filght manuals
id: 51079
Jim Lovell's flightsuit
id: 51080
Apollo 17 mission rules
id: 51081
Alan Shepard's Apollo spacesuit
id: 51082
Closeup on Shepard's suit
id: 51083
J-2 engines
id: 51084
I love all the weird little details all around it
id: 51085
Dan finally meets a Saturn V
id: 51086
Say "Liftoff!"
id: 51087
It's a great looking vehicle
id: 51088
Laying on the ground, looking up at the base of the S-IC
id: 51089
I always try to find new shots that I haven't already taken
id: 51090
Oops. Bringing kids around is tough
id: 51091
Laying on the ground, looking up at the base of the S-II
id: 51092
Oh no!!
id: 51093
It's John Blaha!
id: 51094
This time I got his autograph
id: 51095
What the hell??
id: 51096
Hey look it's that stupid fake rover
id: 51097
Expensive hat!
id: 51098
Dan can't reach the Mercury controls
id: 51099
Well that was fun
id: 51100
Cool X-15 visual
id: 51101
James doesn't want to be the commander. Dan's stoked for his EVA
id: 51102
Of course, right after this photo I joined them
id: 51103
Do you dare run through the fountain floor?
id: 51104
James takes his life in his hands
id: 51105
Dan isn't scared
id: 51106
Neat Alan Sheapard statue
id: 51107
Wow, this flag has seen some stuff. I wonder when they'll fly it next
id: 51108
It's cool seeing the asymmetrical wear on the Gemini heat shield
id: 51109
Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan's spacecraft
id: 51110
Closeup on Tom Stafford's controls
id: 51111
Primitive but reliable
id: 51112
I like the switch guards
id: 51113
I honestly can't tell if this is the ejection seat or where the seat goes
id: 51114
The front of Gemini IX-A
id: 51115
Closeup on the nose
id: 51116
Hey cool, Wally Schirra's jacket! And.. harmonica?
id: 51117
Gus Grissom's Mercury spacesuit
id: 51118
Virgil Ivan Grissom
id: 51119
The Mercury suits certainly have a distinctive look
id: 51120
Recreation of the Mercury control room. I'm not sure if these are the actual consoles or not
id: 51121
It's incredible what they did in the early 60s
id: 51122
The early goal was to fly three orbits
id: 51123
I wish I could've gotten a better version of this shot. I really love these helmets
id: 51124
Buzz Aldrin's report card!
id: 51125
Gene Cernan's report card!
id: 51126
What's up with this window on the Redstone rocket?
id: 51127
Sigma 7! Wally Schirra's home away from home for six orbits
id: 51128
Taking a look inside Sigma 7
id: 51129
Such a tiny little spacecraft
id: 51130
I like this funny AR projection of Gene Cernan bouncing around
id: 51131
The Astronaut hall of fame!
id: 51132
Dan loves NASA
id: 51133
Dan had fun
id: 51134
Hey we know Terra!
id: 51135
Bye James! Thanks!
id: 51136
Airport rules
id: 51137
Hey I know that building
id: 51138
This is where CBS covered the old launches
id: 51139
Me with the new countdown clock!
id: 51140
So many LEDs
id: 51141
Dan's done counting the LEDs, we can leave
id: 51142
Joe loves NASA
id: 51143
Media buildings
id: 51144
Whoops, almost left my bag in the field!
id: 51145
We don't need you, anymore, KSC tour bus!
id: 51146
Another peek at 39-A
id: 51147
It's a nice looking launchpad
id: 51148
Hey it's SLC-41, now with a crew access arm!
id: 51149
This is where the Atlas V launches
id: 51150
Holy crap, the Beach House!
id: 51151
This is where the astronauts would relax before missions
id: 51152
The SLC-41 crew access arm
id: 51153
Closeup on the crew access arm
id: 51154
SLC-40, the SpaceX pad
id: 51155
I always forget what this building is
id: 51156
id: 51157
ULA building
id: 51158
I love the look of buildings down here
id: 51159
The old Launch Complex 34
id: 51160
This is where Apollo 1 was going to launch
id: 51161
This is where the accident happened
id: 51162
id: 51163
Plume deflectors
id: 51164
The LC-34 launch mount
id: 51165
It's really sobering being here
id: 51166
Sacred ground
id: 51167
They didn't want people getting too close because the structure is falling apart and dropping bits
id: 51168
Lots of rust
id: 51169
id: 51170
Another shot of the flame deflectors
id: 51171
Looking back at the LC-37 structure
id: 51172
Cruising around in style
id: 51173
Oh man, is this what I think it is?
id: 51174
Mercury 7 memorial
id: 51175
Joe rented a fancy car
id: 51176
This is where the Mercury orbital flights launched
id: 51177
This is.. incredible
id: 51178
Somehow I suspect they added these years after the fact
id: 51179
Meanwhile, next door at the former LC-13... it's the Falcon Heavy side cores!
id: 51180
They're so enormous
id: 51181
Workers prepare one of the cores
id: 51182
Looking good, considering!
id: 51183
I got one decent shot as we drove by
id: 51184
Ha, wow. This isn't a joke
id: 51185
This is that ramp outside the O&C building that astronauts walk down, waving to the press, on the way to the astrovan!
id: 51186
Joe helped me get a nicer shot by taking this sign off
id: 51187
Touching the mission patches
id: 51188
Of course, I had to walk down the ramp. I did not wave, though
id: 51189
Hi Bob!
id: 51190
Buzz Buzzington
id: 51191
I like James' anti-wind guards for his plants
id: 51192
Where are we going?
id: 51193
Dan loves pingpong
id: 51194
Lining up that slice!
id: 51195
David thinks about his backlog
id: 51196
Toys on my desk
id: 51197
My throat hurts so bad!
id: 51198
I crawled onto the bed and died for a few days
id: 51199
Hi Neil
id: 51200
This is where I keep this origami ball
id: 51201
Joe's patchse
id: 51202
Tom hard at work
id: 51203
50% off flowers on the day after Valentine's Day
id: 51204
A row of buildings near my house
id: 51205
Sad balloon
id: 51206
Space debris or washing machine? You be the judge
id: 51207
Walking down the bike trail
id: 51208
The contractor fixed my siding. Good job!
id: 51209
Also reattached this drain
id: 51210
Oh no!! Snow!!
id: 51211
id: 51212
David only drinks Mio, not water
id: 51213
What's out there?
id: 51214
Dynamics book!
id: 51215
Dan inspects my new book
id: 51216
Apollo 17 patch! I can't believe I'm already to the end of the lunar landing missions
id: 51217
Hi Scott!
id: 51218
id: 51219
Eppy is a noodle cat
id: 51220
Dan has several confusing games
id: 51221
Ellicott City is a cool place! I like the verticality. Unfortunately, it makes this region prone to really horrific flooding
id: 51222
Grain elevators! Haven't seen those in a while
id: 51223
The menu at Macha Time
id: 51224
Joe's grinding coffee at work now
id: 51225
Hi David
id: 51226
Various refuse!
id: 51227
Nice clouds
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