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Pictures taken during March 2018

id: 51228
Well, we're back in the field with the scary robot
id: 51229
And the scary battery
id: 51230
Scott's not scared
id: 51231
Scott's just a little chilly
id: 51232
Justin's gonna finish this clove cigarette and then has to go study for his Calculus final at Clark
id: 51233
Jack and the drone consider each other
id: 51234
Team Droneswarm
id: 51235
Calibration dance
id: 51236
Stuck the landing! Sort of
id: 51237
After this I insisted on better safety procedures
id: 51238
The RC car that will hopefully be controlled via the drone relay
id: 51239
The drone is stealing a car!!
id: 51240
Just Scott out in the middle of a field with a laptop. Normal day
id: 51241
The target!
id: 51242
The Solar Parker Probe!
id: 51243
It was at Goddard for testing. They put it in this cleanroom for a day or two of inspection and I managed to catch it
id: 51244
Gotta do the cooking by the book
id: 51245
Is that an antenna?
id: 51246
How do I get to take pictures in the cleanroom?
id: 51247
It's a small little spacecraft. But it's going to to go out and touch the Sun!
id: 51248
Hey man, this is a cleanroom! Get outta here!
id: 51249
Davieau just eats entire chickens for lunch. It's weird
id: 51250
Joe and Justin
id: 51251
It got a little windy
id: 51252
I bought a saw. Time to get rid of this branch!
id: 51253
Conrad meets Neil and Buzz. I think the cats liked him
id: 51254
"Joe's Greasy Lunch"
id: 51255
David's got cake!
id: 51256
Davieau looks super stoked
id: 51257
I got my Falcon Heavy patch!
id: 51258
Cat lounging
id: 51259
Hi Buzz
id: 51260
Hi Joe
id: 51261
Snacks in the cubes
id: 51262
Pie for Pi Day
id: 51263
David thinks about the day ahead
id: 51264
My bike barely fits in my car
id: 51265
Neil's got stance
id: 51266
I've been doing a little more biking!
id: 51267
It's those chairs I don't really sit in
id: 51268
That is one hell of a TV
id: 51269
id: 51270
id: 51271
Holy crap it's snow
id: 51272
Buzz and Neil inspect the outside world
id: 51273
That tower near work
id: 51274
David really needs to wash his drinking glass
id: 51275
Dan is not impressed by the free TV I got from work. If it's any consolation it has the company logo burned into the screen
id: 51276
This bike pump is SO MUCH better than the old one! It has a pressure gauge built in and you can pump up a tire in like three pumps instead of 30
id: 51277
Bike, pump
id: 51278
Railing looking all abstract
id: 51279
Wild cat at Goddard!
id: 51280
Goddard Cat looks intense
id: 51281
He came crawling out of the sewer so he's probably stinky
id: 51282
Justin at work
id: 51283
Davieau likes the fluffy chair
id: 51284
The fence on my back slope is not doing great
id: 51285
A wasp or something in my house! Ahhh!!
id: 51286
I took a picture of this crack in my ceiling so I can tell if it's getting bigger
id: 51287
Here's a context shot so I can find the crack again
id: 51288
I don't remember why these were the patches of the day, but there you go! Apollo 8 and the International Machine Consortium
id: 51289
Spring is coming!
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