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Pictures taken during April 2018

id: 51290
Neil and Dan inspect my shower to try to find the source of the leak
id: 51291
How do we turn the water off?
id: 51292
Dan got hit by the shower before we turned it off
id: 51293
Hmm... mystery square
id: 51294
Tell Dan your secrets, mystery square
id: 51295
The internet doesn't know anything about the mystery square
id: 51296
The debris from my shower recaulking effort
id: 51297
Recaulking is messy but not too hard
id: 51298
One handle had a slow drip. To prevent it from dripping onto the caulking I set up this drip bridge. It was ridiculous but it worked!
id: 51299
I'm clearly a professional
id: 51300
I may have overdone it out of frustration with this leak
id: 51301
The real plumber came to take a look at the leaking faucets
id: 51302
Another day, another plumber. Let's change out the faucets!
id: 51303
The change needs to happen from behind the shower. So time to make a big hole
id: 51304
The hole is getting bigger
id: 51305
Looking inside the hole
id: 51306
Gross. Clearly the leak had been going on for a while
id: 51307
Lots of drywall debris
id: 51308
Hey there used to be a vent in here!
id: 51309
Nice clean access panel now
id: 51310
Plenty of tools
id: 51311
Now there are local cutoff valves
id: 51312
The new fixture. Surprisingly expensive!!
id: 51313
So weird just seeing holes in the wall. I guess I forgot to take a photo of the final result. Oh well. It looks nice!
id: 51314
Davieau's "JP is taking a photo" face
id: 51315
Joe is learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube!
id: 51316
Sean checks out the resume of one of our applicants
id: 51317
Bye Dan
id: 51318
My Little Pony Day??
id: 51319
Annalise loves Corona
id: 51320
Annalise likes the Switch more than F1
id: 51321
Neil is preventing Bryce from using the footstool
id: 51322
Only a few chocolates remaining
id: 51323
The view out the window in Building 32
id: 51324
Geese are dumb
id: 51325
Twisty puzzles
id: 51326
Cherry blossoms!
id: 51327
And I didn't even need to go into DC
id: 51328
Joe likes caffeine
id: 51329
Hello there!
id: 51330
Neil has made a new friend
id: 51331
Katie almost lost her hand in Neil's squishy belly
id: 51332
What's going on outside?
id: 51333
The view of our area of the office. Reminds me of my "first day" photo
id: 51334
Joe's making progress wiht the cube
id: 51335
David's Pop Tart fund
id: 51336
Another crack to keep an eye on
id: 51337
Why is it so smokey, Katie??
id: 51338
Because Dan burned the taco shells so bad
id: 51339
Dan is shame
id: 51340
Is it better?
id: 51341
There's a bird on my mirror!
id: 51342
Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon. He talked about the Apollo 1 fire. I asked him if it was worth flying the Block I CSM at all.
id: 51343
David working on his interplanetary project
id: 51344
As part of Safety Week I went to a talk about bike commuting. I learned a few things but not much
id: 51345
Just a little pinch! Giving a blood sample
id: 51346
Tom and David
id: 51347
Don't you two have work to do?
id: 51348
My longest bike ride yet! Most of the way to work and then back
id: 51349
17.7 miles!
id: 51350
Cat lounging
id: 51351
I missed 20,000. Oops
id: 51352
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