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Pictures taken during June 2018

id: 51498
The international terminal at BWI
id: 51499
I've got my passport and I'm ready to go
id: 51500
id: 51501
Got my seat
id: 51502
It's London!
id: 51503
It's a pub!
id: 51504
Topaz is ready for a beer after a day of travel
id: 51505
Grabbing a drink at the pub with Uncle Stephen, Aunt Dani, and Topaz!
id: 51506
Uncle Stephen looks super excited
id: 51507
The staircase at Stephen and Dani's flat was pretty cool
id: 51508
Uncle Stephen playing a little guitar to wind down
id: 51509
I was impressed!
id: 51510
I should probably play more piano
id: 51511
Stephen and his guitar
id: 51512
Topaz enjoyed the music and chilled out
id: 51513
Aunt Dani waters the flowers
id: 51514
Playing some Celeste!
id: 51515
Nice quiet street
id: 51516
Is this even a street? An alley?
id: 51517
What do you call these, row houses?
id: 51518
Nice looking roads
id: 51519
Fancy building
id: 51520
Selfie in a selfie!
id: 51521
The cars are on the wrong side of the road!
id: 51522
Topaz is in charge of navigation cause his signal is better
id: 51523
Looks like London, I guess
id: 51524
We'll come back ehre for lunch
id: 51525
So many chimneys
id: 51526
id: 51527
Hey they have a replica of Goddard's rocket!
id: 51528
The business end of a Black Arrow rocket from the British space program
id: 51529
A V2 engine
id: 51530
I think this is an RL-10 engine
id: 51531
This is a pretty half-hearted recreation of the lunar space suit.
id: 51532
Gemini model!
id: 51533
The zero-g adapter for a coke can
id: 51534
Looking up at the LM door
id: 51535
Hey I know that plaque
id: 51536
Captain payload!
id: 51537
Nice LM. Seems a little small though
id: 51538
Neat, an ion engine
id: 51539
This mask was somehow used in an x-ray telescope
id: 51540
Meanwhile, at Tony's house..
id: 51541
Ugh, the worst picnic
id: 51542
id: 51543
Topaz's collection
id: 51544
Don't drill a hole in your head
id: 51545
Topaz with one of Babbage's difference engines!
id: 51546
Output comes from here?
id: 51547
Neat printer
id: 51548
id: 51549
This calculator must have blown people away at the time. It makes me excited to see what my devices look like in 30-40 years
id: 51550
I forget what this does. Some sort of calculator, I think
id: 51551
This is a neat room
id: 51552
Someone should've consulted with the PR department first
id: 51553
Cool clock
id: 51554
Imagine maintaining this..
id: 51555
Better than the alternative
id: 51556
Topaz was way into the computer displays
id: 51557
Stolen from Jeff's house?
id: 51558
Tons of little cards!
id: 51559
Mining bitcoin?
id: 51560
So many wires
id: 51561
I feel like this UI could be improved
id: 51562
id: 51563
Old timey math books
id: 51564
Big manifold on the ceiling
id: 51565
It's crazy how back in the day a lot of stuff had to be dedicated hardware
id: 51566
I love that this is in a museum
id: 51567
Holy crap it's a cybiko!!! I never could get these to work very well
id: 51568
An Apple Newton. I've never seen one in person
id: 51569
I think Omar uses this computer for Overwatch
id: 51570
This is Tim Berners-Lee's computer! He used it to create the World Wide Web! It's the first ever web server
id: 51571
More details about the WWW and Berners-Lee's computer
id: 51572
Such a humble little box
id: 51573
Every nerd who's set up a web server is familiar with this sticker
id: 51574
This keyboard created the web!
id: 51575
Topaz had to get a photo with it
id: 51576
One of the first ever computer mice
id: 51577
Product of the year!
id: 51578
The Altair! This is what Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started on before Apple
id: 51579
Vic's new AMV server
id: 51580
Autoproducts prototype
id: 51581
Giant error message, with Topaz for scale
id: 51582
Early GPS receiver
id: 51583
I didn't realize atomic clocks could be so small!
id: 51584
Some sort of earth observation spacecraft
id: 51585
Radial engine
id: 51586
Engine, APU, engine
id: 51587
747 slice!
id: 51588
It's tall
id: 51589
It's Charlie Brown! The Apollo 10 Command Module
id: 51590
Flown to the moon and back by Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan, and John Young
id: 51591
The recovery hardware
id: 51592
More shots of Charlie Brown
id: 51593
RCS thrusters
id: 51594
I think the parachutes come out of these tubes
id: 51595
Crunchy heat shield
id: 51596
Lots of holes were drilled for analysis
id: 51597
This heat shield has seen some things
id: 51598
Busting out the wide angle
id: 51599
I want to touch it!
id: 51600
One can never have enough photos of Apollo hardware
id: 51601
It's too bad they lose the shiny exterior during entry
id: 51602
Of course, I got my photo with it
id: 51603
Topaz helped take some other group photos
id: 51604
Peeking inside at the controls
id: 51605
I'm not sure who sat in the middle but this is his headrest
id: 51606
Bundles of wires
id: 51607
Hey cool, a Cray-1!
id: 51608
So many cables
id: 51609
So many rivets!
id: 51610
Hey remember Apollo 10?
id: 51611
This V2 wouldn't fit in the room
id: 51612
A model of BepiColombo, the ESA's upcoming Mercury mission
id: 51613
Watson and Crick's actual DNA model!! It's a shame the plaque didn't mention Rosalind Franklin..
id: 51614
Babbage's Differential Engine Number 1!
id: 51615
Closeup on Babbage's engine
id: 51616
Model of the Huygens probe that landed on Titan
id: 51617
Topaz got some silicon! Time to get to work on a CPU
id: 51618
Funky mirror
id: 51619
id: 51620
Hey I know that name
id: 51621
Elaborate windows
id: 51622
id: 51623
That's a good looking beer
id: 51624
id: 51625
Nice pub! The chairs could be better
id: 51626
Proper fish and chips in London
id: 51627
We are here
id: 51628
id: 51629
I've got to see that
id: 51630
Neat flower
id: 51631
Strange dog statue
id: 51632
This squirrel came right up to me!
id: 51633
Wandering around Kensington Gardens
id: 51634
A statue of Queen Victoria in front of the building where she was born
id: 51635
Everyone loves ducks!
id: 51636
Ducks! And baby ducks! Or geese or something, whatever
id: 51637
The physical energy statue. Neat
id: 51638
Dogs kept finding Topaz
id: 51639
He's got a ball
id: 51640
id: 51641
Well aren't you shiny
id: 51642
id: 51643
Elaborate statues
id: 51644
I've heard of Albert Hall!
id: 51645
Nice statues
id: 51646
Hey it's Albert
id: 51647
Shops and stuff
id: 51648
Back on that alley
id: 51649
Another pub
id: 51650
Want beer?
id: 51651
The outside of that pub
id: 51652
The pub pug??
id: 51653
Good place
id: 51654
Twilight in London
id: 51655
Traffic is backwards!
id: 51656
Think they'd give me a test drive?
id: 51657
I think this is the first pub we stayed at, the other day
id: 51658
British fire truck
id: 51659
Can you imagine working in this tiny little booth?
id: 51660
Heading down to the underground
id: 51661
Riding the Underground
id: 51662
Hey it's the Shard
id: 51663
I was grateful for these signs reminding people who aren't used to drive-on-the-left countries
id: 51664
Hey we made it!
id: 51665
It's the Tower of London!
id: 51666
And some sort of crazy glass egg!
id: 51667
Weird chairs
id: 51668
Those are some deep windows
id: 51669
Got my ticket
id: 51670
Slush Puppie!!
id: 51671
Don't worry, the stone lions are very slow
id: 51672
I think this is a moat
id: 51673
Well that's a tower, is the the towel?
id: 51674
This stuff is old
id: 51675
The Shard feels even more modern when in the Tower of London
id: 51676
Waiting for our tour
id: 51677
Topaz is ready for the tour to start
id: 51678
Our Yeoman tourguide was something else
id: 51679
Talking about the history of the tower
id: 51680
Our tour group
id: 51681
Piling in
id: 51682
"And if you look over there.. it's more really old stuff"
id: 51683
That's a lot of people per group
id: 51684
Crown Jewels, neat. Also, "way out" instead of "exit" is strange
id: 51685
Listening to our Beefeater guide
id: 51686
Don't hang out in Bloody Tower
id: 51687
Old rocks
id: 51688
Topaz is learning
id: 51689
Cool archways
id: 51690
Old crumbly walls
id: 51691
The White Tower. This apparently counted as a tower back in the day
id: 51692
Site of the old gate
id: 51693
Big raven
id: 51694
Lots of old buildings
id: 51695
I wasn't listening all that closely, but they may have said the Queen stayed or stays in one of these houses? I don't know. There are guards though
id: 51696
Big clock
id: 51697
Our guide liked to punctuate sentences with sudden unexpected yelling. It kept us on our toes
id: 51698
id: 51699
Modern guards
id: 51700
Fancy gun
id: 51701
This would fit in on a Minecraft server
id: 51702
It's that old crumbly wall again
id: 51703
Weird swoopy fence
id: 51704
The ravens!
id: 51705
Another angle on the White Tower
id: 51706
Old alley
id: 51707
Booooo, no photos allowed. I assume it's because they don't want people lingering but I can shoot and move!
id: 51708
Old land new
id: 51709
Looking out into the modern world
id: 51710
id: 51711
id: 51712
I probably should have written down who wore all this armor but whatever
id: 51713
Chunky dude
id: 51714
Lots of armor
id: 51715
Fancy gloves
id: 51716
I think it was the pole that killed him
id: 51717
This horse is FREAKING OUT
id: 51718
Can you imagine the pinches you'd get wearing this?
id: 51719
Saber from Fate would be a fan
id: 51720
Old timey books
id: 51721
The king's private church
id: 51722
I think this is that book from Gummi Bears
id: 51723
Oh no, sea ponies!
id: 51724
Topaz and the original blockchain
id: 51725
Old timey guns
id: 51726
This isn't even that old! It's just a fancy gun!
id: 51727
Narrow hallways
id: 51728
Scale model of the compound
id: 51729
Ye Olde Kinect
id: 51730
More old/new. That's a weird building
id: 51731
I think this was to represent people who were executed here?
id: 51732
id: 51733
I wonder how much longer this wall can last
id: 51734
Wandering around between the walls
id: 51735
I think these windows are set up to be able to shoot out of without getting shot
id: 51736
Inside the walls
id: 51737
A recreation of some king's bedroom
id: 51738
Narrow staircases
id: 51739
Big door
id: 51740
Fancy king
id: 51741
More fancy ceilings
id: 51742
I've heard dubious things about the structural integrity of this bridge
id: 51743
Wide angle shots are handy for getting a lot of the compound all at once
id: 51744
Don't use this on an iPad
id: 51745
Chess has been popular for a while
id: 51746
id: 51747
id: 51748
Well, tour's complete and we're back outisde!
id: 51749
Topaz and I had fun at the Tower of London!
id: 51750
She's stealing Big Ben!!!
id: 51751
London Bridge!
id: 51752
Black taxis
id: 51753
Another one of the pubs we checked out. This one had a lot of businessmen in it
id: 51754
James probably wants to live here
id: 51755
Lots of words
id: 51756
We made it! Don't falll down
id: 51757
Seems fine
id: 51758
Just another day in London
id: 51759
London's good for "old and new" shots
id: 51760
id: 51761
Old church
id: 51762
The spaces here are so strange! The buildings are so crowded!
id: 51763
Origin of the phrase "the Clink"
id: 51764
Cool lighting and street art
id: 51765
The latest in our pub crawl
id: 51766
Topaz got some expensive scotch
id: 51767
id: 51768
It's the Underground!
id: 51769
That gap I keep hearing about
id: 51770
Mel's sister is doing alright
id: 51771
What'd you call me?
id: 51772
The pub near Stephen and Dani's place. We stopped in here a few times
id: 51773
Inside the Drayton Arms
id: 51774
Nice clean subway
id: 51775
Churchill looks like a real grump
id: 51776
British Parliament
id: 51777
Tall towers
id: 51778
Westminster Abbey
id: 51779
Hey Topaz, where are we?
id: 51780
Hey Cromwell, I know that guy
id: 51781
Is that an MP5? I have an airsoft version of one of those!
id: 51782
Intricate building
id: 51783
More of Westminster Abbey
id: 51784
Anti-Brexit protests
id: 51785
Richard Coeur de Lion. But I thought it was Monty Python's King Arthur at first
id: 51786
I wonder if anyone's ever tried to climb this
id: 51787
No nothing!
id: 51788
Nice shot of Parliament and Big Ben from the bridge
id: 51789
The London Eye
id: 51790
Big Ben looking good, even with the scaffolding
id: 51791
I love Mr. Pancake!
id: 51792
Tourist crap
id: 51793
Shrek's Adventure?
id: 51794
The London Eye is big
id: 51795
What happened to the old one?
id: 51796
This is an intense sculpture
id: 51797
Looking out over the Thames
id: 51798
How old is this camera?
id: 51799
Horse Guards??
id: 51800
This is a better ping pong table than we have at work
id: 51801
We were hoping that Cards Galore was a nerd shop but it's not
id: 51802
Mind your head and mind the gap
id: 51803
American Candy!
id: 51804
Cool graffiti
id: 51805
Bootleg NASA
id: 51806
Fun way to spend the afternoon
id: 51807
More cool building art
id: 51808
Camden Market
id: 51809
Seems to me like Times Square with a different accent
id: 51810
Looking down the street
id: 51811
The Cyberdog lobby
id: 51812
Heading downstairs
id: 51813
The music is exactly what you think it is
id: 51814
The Stables Market
id: 51815
Outside Cyberdog
id: 51816
This is a cool idea. Sort of inside, sort of outside
id: 51817
More tourist crap. But at least it's Japanese tourist crap
id: 51818
id: 51819
Holy crap, they meant it
id: 51820
Looking around the market
id: 51821
id: 51822
Nerd watches. Hunger games, Harry Potter..
id: 51823
These fancy donuts were not good
id: 51824
One of those classic double decker buses
id: 51825
Crypto ads on the underground
id: 51826
Going back up to the surface
id: 51827
Eww, gross
id: 51828
LEGO undergroudn?
id: 51829
Wow, full scale train car
id: 51830
Apparently you can only buy these here
id: 51831
The building is secretly made of LEGOs?
id: 51832
This doofus was taking photos with his iPad
id: 51833
This reminds me of Times Square
id: 51834
Wait, what?
id: 51835
No comment
id: 51836
Quiet little neighborhood
id: 51837
The Mayflower! This pub existed when the Mayflower left for the new world
id: 51838
See? You could see the Mayflower from its windows
id: 51839
It feels old in here
id: 51840
The Mayflower's bar
id: 51841
Old style ales
id: 51842
I'm really happy with how this shot came out. Right next to the back porch of The Mayflower
id: 51843
One more shot in The Mayflower on our way out
id: 51844
More historical information about The Mayflower
id: 51845
Outside The Mayflower
id: 51846
Topaz wouldn't get on this for a photo
id: 51847
Wait, what??
id: 51848
Thanks for the warning
id: 51849
Sounds like a party
id: 51850
Woogedy lines
id: 51851
I have never seen a sulphur hexafluoride warning sign before
id: 51852
Our last destination for today: The Prospect of Whitby
id: 51853
This was the oldest pub we could find in London. It was in business before the first permanent European settlements in North America
id: 51854
Inside The Prospect of Whitby
id: 51855
Ominous view out our window. People were actually hanged here back in the day
id: 51856
id: 51857
The view from our table
id: 51858
Topaz is really into this place
id: 51859
The Cyberdog bag seems out of place
id: 51860
The walls need some work
id: 51861
Our amazing dinner. Classic fish and chips and Guinness
id: 51862
Topaz talking to Kate
id: 51863
One more shot of the bar on the way out
id: 51864
The Prospect of Whitby!
id: 51865
Someone forgot to log in to the train
id: 51866
The entrance/exit to the subways
id: 51867
That's one hell of a gap to mind!
id: 51868
Cabling on the Underground wall
id: 51869
Unwinding with a little FTL
id: 51870
That sounds expensive
id: 51871
Neat statue
id: 51872
You're going to have to be a little less obvious
id: 51873
These candy names are ridiculous
id: 51874
As are these
id: 51875
Some European candy
id: 51876
I love toffee! Percy Pig was alright
id: 51877
That's one way to generate business
id: 51878
They're gonna get the clamps!!
id: 51879
Percy Pig
id: 51880
What.. does that even mean?
id: 51881
I swung through the Science Museum again. Nice LM
id: 51882
The V2 is hilarious
id: 51883
Charlie Brown again! Apollo 10 was a cool mission
id: 51884
I found a moon rock!
id: 51885
And here it is
id: 51886
How is this difference than British dry cleaning?
id: 51887
Neat pumps
id: 51888
Aero was pretty good
id: 51889
Cool sake thing at Stephen and Dani's flat
id: 51890
I left this crane at the Drayton Arms
id: 51891
But we're nowhere near Chernobyl!
id: 51892
Inside the expensive sushi place
id: 51893
Topaz checks out the menu
id: 51894
I liked the seating pits. But I made sure to get one with a back
id: 51895
Topaz taking sneaky photos of the sushi chefs
id: 51896
I'm ready for sushi
id: 51897
Classy sake
id: 51898
Topaz likes sake
id: 51899
id: 51900
Sake is good
id: 51901
Now that is a sushi spread
id: 51902
Delicious. Pricey, but delicious
id: 51903
We ate too many of these camembert bread things
id: 51904
That's a big eagle
id: 51905
Seats for scale
id: 51906
The current ambassador
id: 51907
And one of the first!
id: 51908
The building is brand new
id: 51909
Giant artwork
id: 51910
I like the texture
id: 51911
I already forget who this guy is. I think the current ambassador
id: 51912
Uncle Stephen showing us around
id: 51913
George Washington!
id: 51914
Lots of ambassadors
id: 51915
Old paintings
id: 51916
This place feels so empty. It's like they haven't figured out what to do with it yet
id: 51917
Closeup on the art wall
id: 51918
Topaz's badge
id: 51919
Onwards to the Health Unit!
id: 51920
Uncle Stephen's office!
id: 51921
The view from the office. Inside the sails!
id: 51922
The sails are a cool view
id: 51923
A dubious artifact.. Pretty cool to get a message actually signed by the president, not an auto-pen. Too bad it's this president.
id: 51924
The view of London from the embassy
id: 51925
Exclusive bar
id: 51926
Cool tower
id: 51927
id: 51928
Different parts of the embassy are themed after different parts of America. This is the desert area.
id: 51929
Holy crap, flown patches!
id: 51930
A bunch of flown patches!
id: 51931
A flag flown on STS-51-I, and signed by Joe Engle!
id: 51932
Charlie Bolden was on this flight and he went on to become the NASA Administrator
id: 51933
Cool decorations
id: 51934
Whoa. This place is serious
id: 51935
Awkward blank spot where former Secretary of State Tillerson used to be
id: 51936
The embassy sure is a striking building
id: 51937
Checking out the exterior
id: 51938
The sails outside the embassy
id: 51939
Cool looking map
id: 51940
The sailless side
id: 51941
Waterfall. It's literally a moat
id: 51942
Sneaky security features hidden in the bushes
id: 51943
Lots of new construction in this area, in response to the embassy
id: 51944
Looking between the building and the sails
id: 51945
This pub stunk
id: 51946
Comfy looking chairs
id: 51947
The bar
id: 51948
Fancy lemon holder
id: 51949
Formula 1!
id: 51950
Welcome to London
id: 51951
Uncle Stephen has become a scotch nerd
id: 51952
He walked us through the different varieties
id: 51953
Neat bird
id: 51954
Old scotch
id: 51955
Uncle Stephen's having a good time
id: 51956
Topaz is also a scotch nerd
id: 51957
I think this was called the "legs", the streaks down the side
id: 51958
Uncle Stephen takes a sip
id: 51959
Good looking drink
id: 51960
Cooking up dinner
id: 51961
id: 51962
I biffed up the pour a little
id: 51963
PEDOLPHIA. There was originally some question about like.. "what's the worst thing" and Aunt Dani made a pretty great typo
id: 51964
A typo that came back again and again for the rest of the night. Good one, Dani
id: 51965
Topaz found some sushi in the airport
id: 51966
If you insist
id: 51967
This is one hell of a duty free shop
id: 51968
How we got to Reykjavik
id: 51969
Topaz seems unsure about this bus
id: 51970
Neat looking airport
id: 51971
This place looks like Mars! I love the truck and its dust trail
id: 51972
Nice little house
id: 51973
id: 51974
The only style I know
id: 51975
I only want HappyCars
id: 51976
The view from our hotel room. Very cool
id: 51977
We asked for a room with two beds and they gave us a way bigger room for free
id: 51978
Now you can work and hide in the curtains at the same time
id: 51979
Icelandic Engrish!
id: 51980
Bright colors are a must around here
id: 51981
What'd you call me?
id: 51982
Walking in to Reykjavik
id: 51983
Hmm.. not the Monaco I know
id: 51984
id: 51985
This is where most of the action in Reykjavik, and really in Iceland, is
id: 51986
Topaz needed a hat and was having fun
id: 51987
Getting near the water
id: 51988
This is one sturdy food shack. I hear these hot dogs are great
id: 51989
More shops
id: 51990
This is it!
id: 51991
Whoa. Calm down, uncle
id: 51992
No Taakos in the Chicken Zone
id: 51993
I appreciate the "please pay here" sign
id: 51994
This Viking beer was fantastic. I can't find it anywhere!
id: 51995
Lots of people out and about
id: 51996
We didn't check out this video game museum but it looked cool
id: 51997
Nice art!
id: 51998
I took a picture of that church everyone takes a picture of
id: 51999
Angry seals
id: 52000
This milk dude is so weird
id: 52001
As we all hope to be
id: 52002
That hockey powder the Giant Bomb guys hate!
id: 52003
Our hotel
id: 52004
So many tourists
id: 52005
This is the tour to see all the tourists
id: 52006
This flat area is where the two tectonic plates meet. It's slowly expanding
id: 52007
Looks nice
id: 52008
I forget what that little house is. Something about the prime minister having meetings there
id: 52009
A lot of people think these big cliffs are the divide. They're not
id: 52010
Lakes and stuff!
id: 52011
Panorama at the divide
id: 52012
Is this the divide?
id: 52013
I really dug the clouds and lighting in Iceland. While the occasional sunlight was nice, I found the extremely low clouds and lack of trees to be really interesting
id: 52014
id: 52015
It was a little drizzly, hence all the umbrellas
id: 52016
Clouds and rocks
id: 52017
Rocks and moss
id: 52018
It's tough to get shots without tourists in them. But I guess I'm part of the problem
id: 52019
So is Topaz
id: 52020
Rocks and grass!
id: 52021
And tourists!
id: 52022
Check out this goose!
id: 52023
Let's all check out this goose
id: 52024
It's such an interesting landscape
id: 52025
Getting closer to that house
id: 52026
The mountains are in the clouds now
id: 52027
More of the flat landscape
id: 52028
Grass and rocks
id: 52029
Grass and moss
id: 52030
And water!
id: 52031
So picturesque
id: 52032
id: 52033
Don't throw money in here
id: 52034
Can we throw money at this?
id: 52035
id: 52036
Perhaps lichen?
id: 52037
The water looked cold
id: 52038
id: 52039
id: 52040
So much grass
id: 52041
The cliffs are cool
id: 52042
Little bridge
id: 52043
Hey guess what. It's rocks
id: 52044
Little waterfalls!
id: 52045
id: 52046
id: 52047
Maybe I should just stop captioning these
id: 52048
Got it
id: 52049
I want to see someone try to import of all Iceland into a video game
id: 52050
Tour bus POV
id: 52051
No drones!
id: 52052
Risky place
id: 52053
There was weird-smelling hot steam everywhere
id: 52054
Sulfury steam!
id: 52055
Hot water!
id: 52056
This place is so strange even when you know how it works. It must have blown ye olde people's minds
id: 52057
id: 52058
id: 52059
Steamy pond!
id: 52060
Don't fall in
id: 52061
Little geyser
id: 52062
The original geyser! The word is based on the name for this particular natural formation
id: 52063
Steamy water falls away
id: 52064
Topaz touches the water in this very flattering photo that definitely won't cause him to delete this photo off of our server
id: 52065
id: 52066
Hot rocks
id: 52067
Sand and steam
id: 52068
Steam and sand
id: 52069
id: 52070
Red dirt. Looks like on Mars
id: 52071
You can see one of the attempts at making wind-breaking tree lines in the background
id: 52072
Mars in a few hundred years?
id: 52073
Steam pond
id: 52074
The blue water in the center was neat
id: 52075
So blue!
id: 52076
This is what it looked like when the wind changed direction. That shadow on the right is Topaz
id: 52077
Steamy landscape
id: 52078
Silt and stuff
id: 52079
That's an intense tour bus
id: 52080
What do you want for lunch?
id: 52081
I hate sykur
id: 52082
Did Bryce write this?
id: 52083
A horse!
id: 52084
Hello horse
id: 52085
Topaz likes horses
id: 52086
Looking down the road
id: 52087
"Horse candy?" "It's literally just hay"
id: 52088
Salt block?
id: 52089
I don't know what it is about this bleak landscape that I find so appealing
id: 52090
Wandering into the distance
id: 52091
I want this to be my house
id: 52092
When I first saw this I thought that the water fell off away from me too. But no, that's the wall
id: 52093
It's gorgeous
id: 52094
Cliffs and water
id: 52095
I think it's cooler than Niagara Falls
id: 52096
The path gets a little wet
id: 52097
Gullfoss panorama
id: 52098
Don't get too close to the edge
id: 52099
Hang in there, rocks
id: 52100
Tourist pen
id: 52101
id: 52102
Another angle on Gullfoss
id: 52103
People for scale
id: 52104
I didn't go down there. We didn't have a ton of time
id: 52105
Waves of mist buffeting the shore
id: 52106
Looking back at Gullfoss. The tourist pen is on the right
id: 52107
id: 52108
id: 52109
id: 52110
So misty
id: 52111
Nice looking waterfalll
id: 52112
Bye, Gullfoss
id: 52113
Heinous crime, even in Iceland!
id: 52114
The landscape has plumes of steam from hot springs
id: 52115
These electricity towers look pretty cool
id: 52116
We had to stop the van and wait for someone who got left behind, but we stopped in a pretty picturesque location
id: 52117
id: 52118
Topaz loves Iceland
id: 52119
I'm in Iceland!
id: 52120
More steaming hot springs and geothermal vents
id: 52121
Such a cool looking landscape
id: 52122
A lot of food is grown in greenhouses
id: 52123
Icelandic houses have some pretty intense insulation
id: 52124
Steaming landscape. Watch out for holes that might open in the ground!
id: 52125
I do not like the look on this pig's face one bit
id: 52126
Tour bus POV
id: 52127
How come Iceland gets to have a Quiznos??
id: 52128
Clouds and hills
id: 52129
I found a convenient place to put my tinny espresso cup
id: 52130
In a land of volcanoes and glaciers you encounter some pretty intense vehicles
id: 52131
id: 52132
Such low clouds
id: 52133
There's still some ice in the wrinkles of the hills that the sun doesn't reach
id: 52134
Gorgeous landscapes
id: 52135
Little waterfalls!
id: 52136
Lots of grass and moss, not many trees
id: 52137
Tall wispy waterfalll
id: 52138
You can see the mountain just sort of sliding away
id: 52139
I like the rock-guard trees. The tour guides say no house has ever been wiped out by a rolling rock but I guess no one wants to be the first
id: 52140
Hill? Mountain? You be the judge. Or ask a geologist I guess
id: 52141
id: 52142
We didn't have a ton of time, so rather than go up for an elevated view I went close to the waterfall
id: 52143
No drones! But Shiba Inus are ok
id: 52144
id: 52145
I'd be nervous about rolling rocks
id: 52146
That's a big waterfall
id: 52147
I think it looks nicer than Niagara Falls. Even with the tourists
id: 52148
You can just walk up to it!
id: 52149
Getting creative
id: 52150
Water vs ground
id: 52151
A tripod would've been handy
id: 52152
Topaz walking back from his waterfall close encounter
id: 52153
I hid under a little natural shelf
id: 52154
The water was churned up into little waves
id: 52155
It was loud and windy
id: 52156
These rocks are hanging in here
id: 52157
Peeking out from cover
id: 52158
How close can we get?
id: 52159
OK, this might be too close
id: 52160
Goodbye, Skogafoss!
id: 52161
A glacier!! We'll see more of this later. Or maybe it's another glacier, I can't remember
id: 52162
Everyone in the Dacia, we're heading to Pochinki!
id: 52163
Photographer Topaz
id: 52164
Photographer and photo!
id: 52165
One of our tourmates getting in close for a shot
id: 52166
Cool cliffs
id: 52167
I wonder if it gets old when you live here
id: 52168
These islands almost look like something out of a game
id: 52169
Bust out the wide angle
id: 52170
id: 52171
I love how the clouds lead to really different lighting conditions. The foreground is in sunlight and the hills are in shade
id: 52172
It's easier to see the lighting here
id: 52173
The beach!
id: 52174
id: 52175
Let's grab lunch real quick
id: 52176
Paragliders coming for a landing
id: 52177
Obligatory selfie stick
id: 52178
More incredible landscapes
id: 52179
Seems fine
id: 52180
Safety Topaz
id: 52181
I think I get the message
id: 52182
Hey guys, did you know there are scary waves here?
id: 52183
Topaz enjoying his lunch on the go
id: 52184
Whoa, that's a cave
id: 52185
Topaz really nursing that sandwich
id: 52186
Such a strange looking cliff
id: 52187
So very climbable
id: 52188
id: 52189
Walking down onto the beach
id: 52190
Topaz considers his approach
id: 52191
And away he goes
id: 52192
id: 52193
T-pose falling
id: 52194
OK my turn
id: 52195
I'm an expert alpinist
id: 52196
Just thinkin' about Iceland things
id: 52197
Hi Topaz
id: 52198
It's a nice little seat
id: 52199
Kate specifically told me not to turn my back on the scary waves, so of course I turned my back on the scary waves.. briefly
id: 52200
Looking back up at the hexagons
id: 52201
Non-scary waves
id: 52202
Part of the landscape still hanging in there
id: 52203
Going to greet the scary waves
id: 52204
I touched it!
id: 52205
Well that was fun. And I survived!
id: 52206
Nap time?
id: 52207
Closeup of the "sand". It was more like gravel
id: 52208
id: 52209
Intriguing landscape features in the distance. I didn't want to miss some of the photo shots around here but Topaz made a run for it
id: 52210
Looking further up the hill
id: 52211
I wonder if these hexagons ever fall off?
id: 52212
Into the cave
id: 52213
id: 52214
If you just go in a straight line you hit no land until Antarctica!
id: 52215
It's really an incredible sight
id: 52216
Looking down the beach that Topaz went running down
id: 52217
The soil/grass layer on top of the rocks is neat
id: 52218
It's a glacier!
id: 52219
The glacier used to be here but has been retreating. It's been retreating for a long time but it's gotten faster lately. When was the last time these rocks were exposed?
id: 52220
Lots of rocks and gouges in the landscape
id: 52221
Wandering out into the glacier path
id: 52222
A little rain nearby
id: 52223
Dirty ice
id: 52224
People are useful for scale around here
id: 52225
Big ice chunks floating
id: 52226
This moss and lichen is hanging in here
id: 52227
The glacier can be dangerous when pieces break off
id: 52228
Our tour guide asked us to not go past this sign but plenty of other people were down there. We scooted down for a quick look around but were ready to run
id: 52229
For scale, there is a small group of people on top of the glacier near the top-middle, just to the right
id: 52230
It's been a good trip! Topaz is a good traveling partner!
id: 52231
Trips are fun
id: 52232
I really can't get enough of this landscape
id: 52233
Science box?
id: 52234
Science.. drill?
id: 52235
Down at the water level, but just for a moment
id: 52236
Topaz didn't go all the way down to the water
id: 52237
Heading back up to safer ground
id: 52238
Ice and grass and dirt
id: 52239
Old rocks
id: 52240
And boulders! This is how boulders end up in random fields. Glaciers leave them behind
id: 52241
Ice and water shaping the landscape
id: 52242
Watch your step
id: 52243
What made that big crack?
id: 52244
Watch out for rolling boulders
id: 52245
These guys had bikes with super thick tires!
id: 52246
Goodbye, glacier!
id: 52247
More barren hills
id: 52248
Blue sky does exist here! And check out this truck heading across this thin bit of land!
id: 52249
One more waterfall
id: 52250
Pretty big!
id: 52251
Just sheets of water blasting the ground
id: 52252
Rock and water
id: 52253
Topaz and the waterfall
id: 52254
Of course, I got one too
id: 52255
Looking up at the waterfall
id: 52256
Topaz briefly ran down to ground zero
id: 52257
It didn't look pleasant
id: 52258
The slippery path to the waterfall
id: 52259
Behind the waterfall!
id: 52260
Lots of people stopping for photos
id: 52261
The last little path
id: 52262
Someone else clamoring back up
id: 52263
This is what the surface looks like when looking away from the waterfall
id: 52264
Just a quick shot because water was soaking the camera so quickly. In fact, later I had some trouble with some buttons malfunctioning but eventually fixed it
id: 52265
Waves of mist blasting off the water surface
id: 52266
Me and the back of the waterfall
id: 52267
So violent!
id: 52268
This rock is getting worn down
id: 52269
It was windy and noisy and wet
id: 52270
Back around the other side
id: 52271
Hey, no drones!
id: 52272
Well that was fun
id: 52273
Let's try some weird Icelandic drinks and snacks from our tour guide!
id: 52274
This was fine
id: 52320
yatpay took this to demonstrate the risks of integer overflows in camera UIs.
id: 52321
The area around our hotel. It was this bright and this cloudy regardless of the time of day.
id: 52322
id: 52323
View from our tour van.
id: 52324
This is what the landscape looks like forever in every direction. It's like a barely-terraformed Mars.
id: 52325
Continental divide. Very touristy.
id: 52326
Incredible view, though.
id: 52327
This boardwalk is great because the rocks are sharp and slippery.
id: 52328
Geyser water; it comes out at 100C, so even here downstream it's extremely hot.
id: 52329
I love these foggy alien landscapes.
id: 52330
Surprisingly, the path and the boiling water are not very far apart.
id: 52331
yatpay waiting to catch the geyser erupt.
id: 52332
This pool was constantly steaming and fogging up the camera. Getting this shot required a lot of patience, just the right wind direction, and luck.
id: 52333
Such a cool color!
id: 52334
Meanwhile, over in the boiling pools of doom...
id: 52335
This is why yatpay has no fingerprints any more.
id: 52336
We were slightly ahead of schedule so we got to visit the tiny horses!
id: 52337
Nobody doesn't love the tiny horses.
id: 52338
Like I said, this is the landscape everywhere, forever in every direction. This path leads to Gullfoss, a huge waterfall!
id: 52339
Gullfoss! I went all the way down to the lower area; it was worth the hike.
id: 52340
The river disappears into a super pretty ravine; this is one of the places you can't easily capture in pictures.
id: 52341
yatpay demonstrates proper technique.
id: 52342
This volcano is also a lake! A lakeano! I went all the way down to the viewing area at the surface.
id: 52343
Nearby cinder cones that aren't lakes.
id: 52344
The view from the lake; you can also walk all the way around the ridge.
id: 52345
The walk around the ridge; yatpay is taking it all in.
id: 52346
Hooray! Iceland!
id: 52347
A little stripmall we stopped at.
id: 52348
This is Skogafoss, one of the largest Fosses in Iceland. Nobody has built a larger Foss since. Nobody knows what a Foss is.
id: 52349
At this distance you still get wet pretty quickly; the camera doesn't show just how much moisture is in the air.
id: 52350
id: 52351
The waterfall distracts people from the rest of the incredible scenery.
id: 52352
I waited to get this shot of the paraglider landing.
id: 52353
This is Reynisfjara, a famous black sand beach with huge hexagonal basalt columns just like Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland has.
id: 52354
Big glacier! It's much bigger in person.
id: 52355
I tried to get shots of yatpay since there aren't many mirrors in most of his pictures.
id: 52356
Tour Guide: Don't go too far! Don't go down to the water! yatpay: Okay, I'm going to go past the barrier and touch the water. (JP note: it was a small sign, not a barrier!)
id: 52357
I bet it was worth it, though.
id: 52358
I'm pretty sure this is one frame in a rapid-fire sequence of yatpay walking past me.
id: 52359
This is Seljalandsfoss. I stood under it and got so wet that my phone wouldn't turn on.
id: 52360
yatpay took this photo to prove how cool he is.
id: 52361
It's okay to zone out after a long day, even if it's during a "vacation"!
id: 52362
This little convenience store was several meals. It was actually very good food!
id: 52363
yatpay took this photo to show a new battle scar. (Drying out water that got under the dial and made it malfunction)
id: 52364
yatpay took this to demonstrate proper technique for drying off a very wet camera.
id: 52365
That is a really distinctive lake
id: 52366
Poor Topaz. The wind blew right as I took this picture and sort of inflated his jacket. The hood is his fault though
id: 52367
I, however, am clearly a cool guy
id: 52368
Looking down into the crater
id: 52369
I wonder how many tourists roll into this every year
id: 52370
Neat red soil
id: 52371
Peeking over the edge
id: 52372
Rocks and mud
id: 52373
I had fun playing with the focal plane here
id: 52374
The lake! It's pretty small. Sort of a giant pool. You can tell by the spots on the picture that it was lightly raining
id: 52375
Looking away from the crater
id: 52376
People for scale on the right
id: 52377
Hang in there, plants
id: 52378
Peeking over another edge
id: 52379
Trees! A rare sight in Iceland. They're trying!
id: 52380
Not many trees outside of the spots that they're specifically trying to grow them
id: 52381
continuing to make my way around the edge
id: 52382
There was a path down to the water but I didn't want to take away from picture time up on the rim
id: 52383
Rocks and moss
id: 52384
Those wide angle shots earlier were taken from where those two people on the left are standing
id: 52385
id: 52386
id: 52387
Rocks and grass!
id: 52388
180 degrees around the crater from the wide angle shots
id: 52389
Topaz makes his way back up from the water. If you check his photo batch there's a shot from water level
id: 52390
Elevators are fun
id: 52391
id: 52392
Topaz was into this gross yogurt-like stuff
id: 52393
Stocking up for the night. It took me a while to put my finger on what was strange about this store.. no music playing! It was just dead silent
id: 52394
Even in Iceland there are scams
id: 52395
Topaz played FTL while I played The Adventure Zone at him (note the phone on the corner of the desk)
id: 52396
This shot is right outside our hotel. Nothing unusual, right? Check out the timestamp. It was taken at 12:04am!!
id: 52397
It's so bright out, this is crazy!
id: 52398
I think the sun technically set but for all intents and purposes there is no night at this time of year
id: 52399
We thought this "9 Manns" thing in the elevator was funny every time
id: 52400
Topaz wanted to check out this server but I didn't want to be kicked out of the hotel
id: 52401
At first I thought these cranes were a Skycoaster
id: 52402
Bye Topaz! Have a good flight!
id: 52403
Goodbye Iceland!
id: 52404
Neat country
id: 52405
And I finally have passport stamps!
id: 52406
Passing the time on the plane with one last taste of Iceland. Those sandwiches were actually pretty great
id: 52407
It took me a bit to realize that these are giant chunks of ice
id: 52408
id: 52409
Swirly ice
id: 52410
Looking towards the North Pole
id: 52411
Very hospitable land
id: 52412
This looks like where I'd go to build something in Minecraft
id: 52413
Epi's hiding spot is not very secretive
id: 52414
Dan and Chris
id: 52415
Also Chris, but a different Chris
id: 52416
Tony in the snack zone
id: 52417
Ryan contemplates being a door guard
id: 52418
Dan's not quite sure what to make of the challenges from this dumb game
id: 52419
Katie's into it
id: 52420
So is Chris
id: 52421
Dan says beer is fun
id: 52422
Ha, I like Tony's shirt
id: 52423
Mike tries to interpret the rules on a high stakes 40-point challenge
id: 52424
Katie's turn
id: 52425
Can Katie balance a soda can on her head?
id: 52426
The challenge was to walk across the room with a can on your head
id: 52427
The moment Chris failed
id: 52428
Ryan's rock steady
id: 52429
Russ succeeded in style
id: 52430
Dan succeeded with an unorthodox, and precarious, solutions
id: 52431
Ryan got a marker tattoo for this challenge
id: 52432
I don't even know what's going on at this point. We had to make an obstacle course out of furniture or something
id: 52433
"Is this really happening?"
id: 52434
Again, Russ with the style
id: 52435
id: 52436
Oh wait, I guess it's yoga
id: 52437
Ryan can't handle this game anymore and has chosen to be blind
id: 52438
Are we about to break Dan's arms?
id: 52439
Yes, we are about to break Dan's arms. Natalia is just going to watch
id: 52440
Katie will fix his bones.
id: 52441
Time to blow out the candles!
id: 52442
And make a crumb mess!
id: 52443
Some Icelandic candy I brought back to the office
id: 52444
The "Polly" was sort of Russian Roulette cause one of the three flavors tasted sort of like how superglue smells. Dan's willing to roll the dice
id: 52445
"Why do you have my camera?"
id: 52446
Hey it's that guy I am. Remember when I got fat again?
id: 52447
Nerf guns are fun
id: 52448
Please don't shoot my camera, Dan
id: 52449
Viking Gold was ok, but I really liked the Viking Lager! Too bad they didn't have any in the duty free shop
id: 52450
Shouldn't the MMS team get four cakes arranged in a tetrahedron?
id: 52451
My 3d-printed calibration bunny
id: 52452
Uhoh, Joe's also got his camera today
id: 52453
Ax's purple-themed workstation
id: 52454
Stay classy, Joe
id: 52455
This is what Ian thinks of Joe's f/1.4 lens
id: 52456
My daily driver lens
id: 52457
Dan looking good in f/1.4!
id: 52458
Photos are fun
id: 52459
Yes indeed
id: 52460
I finally got an authentic Aura patch! Thanks to Tom for agreeing to a trade that honestly wasn't really in his favor. I super appreciate it
id: 52461
Katie tries out my brand new iPad with the pencil
id: 52462
Dan just wants his sushi
id: 52463
And here's my sushi
id: 52464
Buzz always looks so suspicious
id: 52465
Dan collects the nerf dart tax
id: 52466
My grass is too tall
id: 52467
This hamburger is dead
id: 52468
James loves food
id: 52469
"That's your house"
id: 52470
David's ready for soccer
id: 52471
Buzz inspects the bag
id: 52472
Creepin' on David
id: 52473
I really need to replace this NASA sticker
id: 52474
Action Neil!
id: 52475
GOES-R duck?
id: 52476
Release-lunch! We did it!
id: 52477
I don't even remember what release this was for but the gang's all here
id: 52478
Then Tom talked me into going to a bar in college park with him, David, and Justin
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