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Pictures taken during August 2018

id: 52582
Hi Topaz
id: 52583
I somehow couldn't find a pot to cook rice in, so Topaz cooked it in my teapot
id: 52584
I guess it worked
id: 52585
Once again, I capture the many faces of Topaz as he talks about programming
id: 52586
Topaz says "Ehh, could be regex, could be badger, is impossible to tell"
id: 52587
Topaz manipulates an invisible Rubik's Cube
id: 52588
Topaz has one more addition to his sandwich order
id: 52589
Topaz would like his sandwich to be this big
id: 52590
Topaz wonders why I had to use the word "Topaz" in all of these captions. It's to make my bootleg search feature work
id: 52591
A rogue pillow attacked Topaz and knocked his phone out of his hand
id: 52592
Maybe we can fix it
id: 52593
Anthony doesn't seem to sure
id: 52594
This seems like a good idea
id: 52595
There, fixed forever
id: 52596
Trimming off the extra tape
id: 52597
Don't make it worse..
id: 52598
Cutting out the little speaker was very satisfying
id: 52599
Robyn's here too! This is a couch that loves to be photographed
id: 52600
Hey it's that hot new anime everyone's always takling about
id: 52601
I tried making my photo lighter so it'd show up better. Didn't really work
id: 52602
Stuff, you say?
id: 52603
Welcome to the VAT
id: 52604
This chair is all about posture
id: 52605
Is it just me or is this aspect ratio off
id: 52606
Topaz is king of the hallway
id: 52607
Elevators are fun
id: 52608
Is this the loading dock?
id: 52609
Whoa. The Dragon Ball booth is nuts
id: 52610
Dragon dragon, rock the dragon, cha la head cha la
id: 52611
"Release us.... nowwww"
id: 52612
Trying to find where the heck Vic's van is
id: 52613
Big bucket of merch incoming
id: 52614
Hey it's that place where we are
id: 52615
Wandering around the loading dock. Keep an eye out for forklifts!
id: 52616
Sweet livery
id: 52617
Well, we're back at the original loading dock
id: 52618
We found him!
id: 52619
This year's van art
id: 52620
Merle lent Vic the Extreme Teen Bible for the weekend
id: 52621
The Mckeed-shaped hole in the van
id: 52622
We're loading on the roof now, eh?
id: 52623
That device allows Mckeed to buy and sell bitcoin with his mind
id: 52624
Important box!
id: 52625
This year I wasn't quick enough on getting on the server, so I took photos instead
id: 52626
Don't scrape off the buttons!
id: 52627
Manga? (Bottom row)
id: 52628
Hi Will
id: 52629
Lots of radios
id: 52630
I am completely covered in radios
id: 52631
Anthony measures stuff out
id: 52632
Fixing the speaker
id: 52633
Robyn checks the projector alignment
id: 52634
Alright this joke might be getting old
id: 52635
Omar practices his "talking to teens" chair technique
id: 52636
I like this year's signs. Straightforward and requires no explanation
id: 52637
Wiring up the server
id: 52638
Vic swings by to inspect
id: 52639
Vic and Amanda on the move
id: 52640
Whoa, our new professional AV tech buddy has some fancy lights
id: 52641
Sound Gal Jen!
id: 52642
Assembling the monitor
id: 52643
Amanda is having fun
id: 52644
Power equipment?
id: 52645
This is where we'll show the contest. Not the greatest room. But thanks to the not-so-great time slot it shouldn't fill all the way.
id: 52646
Ice is a food?
id: 52647
Clean Box Amateur wasn't good enough
id: 52648
We were getting ground hum or static or something
id: 52649
The ballots!
id: 52650
Vic knows how to coil cable
id: 52651
Gengar's got your bathroom pass again
id: 52652
Calibration time
id: 52653
This year's obligatory "Vic in an Elevator" photo
id: 52654
id: 52655
Are there ghosts, Vic?
id: 52656
The AMV Theater sign if up!
id: 52657
Practicing for panelists
id: 52658
Shiny projector
id: 52659
Testing the projector and winding down with some Ultimate Chicken Horse
id: 52660
We take preparation pretty seriously in the AMV Department
id: 52661
id: 52662
Whoa, Android 18 car
id: 52663
And other anime cars
id: 52664
id: 52665
This Fallout van is pretty cool too
id: 52666
All the stores covered up before business hours
id: 52667
The Otakon museum
id: 52668
So many wall scrolls
id: 52669
The dragon protects the store
id: 52670
B4 from NieR
id: 52671
Handing out ballots
id: 52672
It's the new intro!
id: 52673
I scooted up to the balcony for a few photos
id: 52674
Mel is surprised by pencils
id: 52675
The new video player. Weird! It's not MCI Player!
id: 52676
Amanda is so spooky
id: 52677
Spooky Gengar Amanda
id: 52678
Will has some ballots
id: 52679
Kravitz and Taako!
id: 52680
id: 52681
Will and I swear that this arrow used to point the other way.. then it somehow changed. We're scared.
id: 52682
Who needs some oxygen?
id: 52683
I don't do drugs
id: 52684
Even Pikachu is cosplaying!
id: 52685
Topaz. Want. Noodle.
id: 52686
Anthony's fine
id: 52687
The view from the inflatable furniture in the staff lounge
id: 52688
Is dis de lobby?
id: 52689
Better turnout for the space talk this year than last
id: 52690
Talking about space in the hallway afterwards
id: 52691
This pizza place just.. doesn't want money. How do they not extend their hours during Otakon??
id: 52692
Rock Lee!
id: 52693
I felt bad that this guy caught me taking his photo twice, but it's just so funny seeing him go through the weapons check
id: 52694
"Yeah, he's taking my picture again, send help"
id: 52695
Strange fights in the halls
id: 52696
The Dealer's Room!
id: 52697
Aww. Sad banner. I think I bought a sticker or something as thanks for letting me take this picture
id: 52698
Wait a minute..
id: 52699
Good times at Iron Editor
id: 52700
The Iron Editor theme this year was Back to School, hence Mel's teacher costume
id: 52701
Making sure the booth is all set
id: 52702
In case you forgot you were at an anime con
id: 52703
I wonder what channel this hotel lobby TV is typically on
id: 52704
Time for my stint working the board
id: 52705
These little indicators on the right were a good idea
id: 52706
I'm going to blame Brakus for that one
id: 52707
This is what the screen sees
id: 52708
The official AMV winners ballot
id: 52709
The most Alan photo I've ever taken
id: 52710
Mel agrees
id: 52711
id: 52712
Photo shoots started organizing outside the VAT. It was loud but brought in a lot of people
id: 52713
Bjork?? Here??
id: 52714
Otakon sign!
id: 52715
Bryce waves to his subjects
id: 52716
We're back at VGNY! But now in DC!
id: 52717
One of these might be my Dreamcast. I sold it to these guys a few years ago.
id: 52718
Well now I want to
id: 52719
That's a big sword
id: 52720
The always busy escalators
id: 52721
I love seeing anime cons leaking into the real world
id: 52722
This looks like a fun job. No it doesn't.
id: 52723
These lit-up stairs are really popular for photos
id: 52724
The hotel lobby
id: 52725
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 52726
What cosplay is this?
id: 52727
This guy was asking questions after the space panel, so I said "Hey you're the guy from the space panel!" and he goes "No wait, YOU'RE the guy from the space panel!"
id: 52728
I can see you
id: 52729
The hallway behind the AMV Theater
id: 52730
Topaz needs to chill out. Mel needs to dance
id: 52731
Light stairs!
id: 52732
It's a very colorful lobby. I wonder what it's like when there's snow up there
id: 52733
The Rakka badge from 2003
id: 52734
Seeing the soda being made makes it sort of gross. Well, more gross
id: 52735
T-rex Mario!
id: 52736
This... seems like.. I think I should probably not be staff near this
id: 52737
OK, I definitely have to go
id: 52738
Princes Zelda!
id: 52739
Creepy creepy egg cosplay!
id: 52740
Neat Protoman helmet
id: 52741
This guy is king of the panelists
id: 52742
Pikachu dance!
id: 52743
Chilling in the booth
id: 52744
Somehow we got F1-style marbles over the course of the weekend. Little bits of carpet being kicked up
id: 52745
I don't know what this costume is but it sure looks neat
id: 52746
As is tradition, we finish off the year with Come Sail Away
id: 52747
Hi Omar
id: 52748
Mel's new hedgehog is packed and ready to go
id: 52749
I caught this fantastic Nausicaa cosplayer when dropping off my radio
id: 52758
Vic is very particular about proper cable-coiling technique
id: 52759
Amanda pulls the cables out of the booth
id: 52760
So many cables
id: 52761
Mel found.. a gross
id: 52762
Don't drop the speaker!
id: 52763
Closeup of the giant screens in the lobby
id: 52764
Feedback panel!
id: 52765
Big fancy cameras
id: 52766
Hey we know that Andy
id: 52767
Mark your calendars, everyone
id: 52768
Time to take questions
id: 52769
Oh god, please take one
id: 52770
Empty VAT
id: 52771
Carrying the last of the stuff back to the hotel room
id: 52772
Time to wait for the staff photo and the dead dog
id: 52773
Vic capsizes as the effort of the last few weeks all hits him at once
id: 52774
Good job, Vic
id: 52775
Nice picture of Amanda. Not so nice picture of Brakus
id: 52776
The rare Anthony photo
id: 52777
The old shirt is better
id: 52778
AMV department chilling on the steps
id: 52779
Hey it's Kit! Have we seen him all weekend?
id: 52780
The Otakon madness has finally gotten to Vic
id: 52781
Everyone pose!
id: 52782
Hey Omar! Get down there!
id: 52783
Mckeed sprinted to the front of the Dead Dog line
id: 52784
Everyone else got caught in the traffic jam
id: 52785
Robyn tries to hide from the camera
id: 52786
Robyn really regrets sitting directly across the table from me, where photos are easy. She moved right after this picture
id: 52787
As usual, the fine folks at the dealers room gave us some stuff to play with that no one was going to buy
id: 52788
Uhhh, definitely no one is going to buy this
id: 52789
What they hell?? Why is this a product??
id: 52790
Oh boy
id: 52791
I uh.. hmm.
id: 52792
Hey that's not so bad. A nice little figure!
id: 52793
Anime cons!
id: 52794
Someone's had a little too much
id: 52795
I hope this isn't supposed to be assembled into a person
id: 52796
Topaz's stealth cosplay
id: 52797
Lots of people having fun building stuff
id: 52798
Hey that's pretty neat
id: 52799
OK, I know the dead dog is free but... man. What..
id: 52800
"Otakon and the Goblet of Potatoes"
id: 52801
This is just gross! But the corn bread was good..
id: 52802
Time to debrief and loaf around
id: 52803
Overall a great year!
id: 52804
Who's ready for breakfast??
id: 52805
Vic's just running on autopilot, he left all his mental energy in the VAT
id: 52806
Brakus and Will want breakfast
id: 52807
No, I did not pay $6,400 for breakfast. The hotel cafe had a little uh-oh when entering my bill. Luckily they were able to void it and we had a good laugh
id: 52808
Matt at the SSDIF
id: 52809
Hey, these look familiar
id: 52810
Me with a mockup of the back of Landsat 7
id: 52811
Matt for scale
id: 52812
Matt is flying to space
id: 52813
Cool DeLorean just hanging out
id: 52814
Oh no, the train crashed!
id: 52815
id: 52816
Dork patrol. (Can I join dork patrol?)
id: 52817
What a fancy dude
id: 52818
Whoa, Romulus and Remus. Welcome to the National Gallery of Art!
id: 52819
Matt likes art
id: 52820
Some of the statues are really incredible
id: 52821
This is marble!!
id: 52822
How do people make this stuff?
id: 52823
Matt checking stuff out
id: 52824
This kid is not into this monkey
id: 52825
Even the frames are works of art
id: 52826
Matt knows how to pose
id: 52827
Matt with his buddy Rembrandt
id: 52828
Closeup detail on the paint
id: 52829
Is this Waluigi???
id: 52830
Holy crap, what is wrong with this kid??
id: 52831
A da Vinci painting!
id: 52832
Matt gets in close to really examine it
id: 52833
Neat fountain
id: 52834
Pictures in pictures
id: 52835
id: 52836
Yeah, me too
id: 52837
Matt with another one of his art inspirations: Vincent van Gogh
id: 52838
Slow day in the art studio.. let's paint a mound of butter
id: 52839
Whoa, it's cool actually seeing paintings that I've seen replicated so many times
id: 52840
That's a big camera
id: 52841
The modern art is kept in here
id: 52842
Matt's head is sliding off
id: 52843
I couldn't really convey the cool motion these lights were making
id: 52844
Matt had a lot of stuff in his pockets
id: 52845
Of course, I dragged Matt around the Air and Space museum and took pictures of everything. Friendship 7!
id: 52846
id: 52847
Peering into Gemini IV
id: 52848
Off-center reentry
id: 52849
id: 52850
I like to zoom in so the photo looks like maybe it was taken on the moon
id: 52851
Maybe a decent wallpaper?
id: 52852
Another look at Gemini IV
id: 52853
id: 52854
I love the screws and washers
id: 52855
Always read the warning labels on ejection seats
id: 52856
LM-2's door
id: 52857
id: 52858
Looking into the Soyuz
id: 52859
Closeup on the hose hookups on David Scott's suit
id: 52860
id: 52861
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
id: 52862
Big line to get into Skylab
id: 52863
Hey I went there!
id: 52864
Be careful with the ELS switch when manually dumping propellant
id: 52865
Gene Cernan's suit. The last suit on the moon. (Or is this a training suit?)
id: 52866
I think this is Skylab 4's CM
id: 52867
The ergometer!
id: 52868
Switches in Skylab
id: 52869
Looking up into the Orbital Workshop
id: 52870
Wall toilet
id: 52871
Floating can!
id: 52872
Don't forget your special shoes for hooking into this
id: 52873
Matt loves Skylab
id: 52874
Let's got to the National Portrait Gallery!
id: 52875
Pretty kitty
id: 52876
Henrietta Lacks! She lives on.. sort of
id: 52877
I can get behind this sign
id: 52878
Cool roof in the atrium or whatever
id: 52879
Apollo 8!
id: 52880
Matt wanted to check out a tourist garbage shop
id: 52881
Tourist garbage!
id: 52882
There's no snow in sight, but these trucks are setup so people can't drive into the crowd
id: 52883
Matt and Washington
id: 52884
The White House has more fences than it used to
id: 52885
Matt loves America!
id: 52886
Matt hates trump
id: 52887
Washington and Jefferson
id: 52888
What it actually looks like outside the White House
id: 52889
"Can I take your picture?" "Well.. I can't really stop you"
id: 52890
Secret Service dog!
id: 52891
The Capitol down the road
id: 52892
Matt meets Neil
id: 52893
Matt's first time in VR
id: 52894
VR is pretty cool
id: 52895
This is where the higher up people at Goddard work
id: 52896
Building 3! This is where I work now
id: 52897
Look at the size of this moth!!!
id: 52898
It's ridiculous!!!
id: 52899
Inside the dev lab
id: 52900
Ominous clouds at Goddard
id: 52901
I bought some extra bedding gor guests
id: 52902
Neil likes bedding
id: 52903
Buzz likes box
id: 52904
Conrad loves photos
id: 52905
This pillow is in the main conference room on our project
id: 52906
I came to work and discovered this trap in my office floor
id: 52907
Hi Harrison!
id: 52908
Ultimate speed machine
id: 52909
Looking back at Building 3
id: 52910
This fire hydrant has a hat
id: 52911
I was able to take care of some DMV stuff right at work! They brought an office in a bus!
id: 52912
Giant spider web on my house
id: 52913
Books on my shelf at work
id: 52914
Dead Cells is pretty good
id: 52915
So many spiders live on, near, and in my house
id: 52916
Surprise Scott!
id: 52917
Buzz is sleppy
id: 52918
Neil is thinking about stuff
id: 52919
Laptop pile
id: 52920
Bunny on my lawn!
id: 52921
Wsam with my Lego second stage
id: 52922
The last photo of she who shall not be named
id: 52923
New team member Alex!
id: 52924
Dan loves photos
id: 52925
I got an Instant Pot!
id: 52926
Flying through the skyyy
id: 52927
This picture is almost identical to the last one but I'm too lazy to delete it!
id: 52928
Dad shows off his uh.. creative window repair
id: 52929
Dad is cheerful as always
id: 52930
Juliet wants Caitlin's attention
id: 52931
Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane
id: 52932
Talking with your hands while holding a drink is a tricky skill
id: 52933
Aunt Teresa rescues a jar from Sully
id: 52934
Enter: Becky
id: 52935
Becky's just here to have fun
id: 52936
Camera dual!
id: 52937
Hi Mom
id: 52938
Uncle Michael's got a beer and a story
id: 52939
Looking around
id: 52940
"And the hamburger was THIS big!" (I have no idea what she was actually saying)
id: 52941
Caitlin seems concerned
id: 52942
Or no
id: 52943
How high can Sully fly?
id: 52944
Safe and sound on Brandon's shoulders
id: 52945
Uncle Stephen shows Juliet the marina
id: 52946
Juliet and her grandpa
id: 52947
Aunt Dani doesn't seem to like where this story is going
id: 52948
Father and daughter
id: 52949
The gang out on the patio
id: 52950
Juliet showing off her jewelry
id: 52951
I look forward to the day that Juliet is old enough to regret that this photo exists
id: 52952
Really aggressive jewelry demo, Juliet
id: 52953
One ring to rule them all?
id: 52954
Aunt Teresa's got beer!
id: 52955
Aunt Dani and Mom
id: 52956
Juliet has hair everywhere
id: 52957
Captured by Uncle Stephen again
id: 52958
Caitlin's having fun
id: 52959
Aunt Kathy's here!
id: 52960
Aunt Kathy's ready to hang out
id: 52961
Uncle Stephen and Juliet
id: 52962
Cool sunglasses
id: 52963
So incredulous!
id: 52964
Three sisters
id: 52965
Sully seems unsure about Mom
id: 52966
"Who are you again?"
id: 52967
Perhaps a glasses offer will clear things up
id: 52968
Offer accepted
id: 52969
Sully takes a bracelet in exchange
id: 52970
Hahaha, Mom's so happy and Sully is so suspicious
id: 52971
Caitlin also thinks it's funny
id: 52972
Say cheese!
id: 52973
Brandon makes goofy faces for the kids
id: 52974
Mom and Gouldings
id: 52975
Greg's here!
id: 52976
Greg and Emma!
id: 52977
No more talking
id: 52978
Beard Club and Emma
id: 52979
And the California delegation has arrived!
id: 52980
Aunt Teresa and Uncle Brian
id: 52981
Some young Youngs
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