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Pictures taken during November 2018

id: 53234
The Udvar-Hazy Center is shiny
id: 53235
Old planes are weird
id: 53236
I like the funny little circle around the cockpit
id: 53237
Yeah these all look super safe
id: 53238
This is the plane that first dropped atomic weapons on humans. It's weird that it's just.. there
id: 53239
The Enola Gay
id: 53240
Interesting windows on the Enola Gay
id: 53241
I made Mom look at the floor as I walked her to the front of Discovery.. then told her she could look up
id: 53242
Hello, friend
id: 53243
Mom is impressed
id: 53244
Discovery's hatch
id: 53245
Always good to see OV-103 in person
id: 53246
Mom snaps a few of her own shots
id: 53247
The end effector of the RMS
id: 53248
Discovery's aft portion
id: 53249
I see you, TDRS
id: 53250
These tiles have seen some stuff
id: 53251
This is where propellant for the main engines flows from the external tank
id: 53252
Discovery's underbelly
id: 53253
Thermal protection tiles!
id: 53254
Rear RCS
id: 53255
I think Mom was caught off guard by the scale
id: 53256
Fake SSMEs. Thanks, SLS
id: 53257
Me with a spacecraft that uses a similar bus as Restore-L
id: 53258
Discovery and TDRS
id: 53259
A backup version of the Apollo Telescope Mount on Skylab!
id: 53260
The actual Spacelab!
id: 53261
The back of the Apollo Telescope Mount
id: 53262
Anita??? They actually brought back this poor spider that was sent to Skylab
id: 53263
One of the early TDRS satellites
id: 53264
A model of Pathfinder and Sojourner! Imagine this in a giant Martian plain
id: 53265
The orbiter is just such a gorgeous flying vehicle
id: 53266
Looking along the leading edge
id: 53267
I like the little patch of high temperature tiles on the OMS pod
id: 53268
Gordon Cooper's helmet.. during training at least
id: 53269
Jim Irwin's helmet and gloves, worn on the surface of the moon
id: 53270
Jim Irwin's actual spacesuit that he wore on the surface of the moon
id: 53271
Gemini and Mercury boots
id: 53272
Hey it's MMU 3! This is what Bruce McCandless was operating during his famous photo
id: 53273
Mercury-Atlas 10, aka Freedom 7 II. It would've been Alan Shepard's mission to fly if they hadn't decided to end Mercury in favor of getting started on Project Gemini
id: 53274
Forward section of Discovery
id: 53275
Looking back on Discovery's right wing
id: 53276
MMU 3!
id: 53277
I love how the wing merges into the main fuselage
id: 53278
Detail show on the tiles
id: 53279
The Rogallo Wing! Never quite worked like they hoped..
id: 53280
Mom with Discovery!
id: 53281
Mom and Discovery are basically best friends for life now
id: 53282
I never noticed these little crosses on the nose before!
id: 53283
The seam of the forward RCS module is really obvious
id: 53284
Important doors
id: 53285
Behold... scissors!
id: 53286
Check out this CD player that flew in space twice!
id: 53287
Various photo equipment
id: 53288
I like the "off-white with colorful buttons" look
id: 53289
I have no idea what this engine is because I forgot to take a picture of the placard!
id: 53290
The V-2 engine! You can see all the combustion "pots" at the top
id: 53291
The Navaho engine! This project didn't really go anywhere but it sparked basically all of modern rocketry
id: 53292
Ooo, a Mercury attitude control thruster
id: 53293
Wind tunnel model of the Apollo CM with LES
id: 53294
Discovery's left side
id: 53295
Looking up on the big RCS thrusters
id: 53296
Mom insisted I take a shot of the weird old ugly satellites
id: 53297
She said they look like Christmas ornaments, which I can definitely see
id: 53298
That is certainly one big chunk of space hardware
id: 53299
Looking down on Pathfinder and Sojourner. You can see Sojourner's funny little ramps
id: 53300
You can really see the line where surfaces were more exposed to harsh reentry conditions. Leading from the front right to the back left
id: 53301
Umbilical connections
id: 53302
Body flap
id: 53303
Hey! What's this random capsule being worked on? From this angle I'm not sure if it's Mercury or Gemini
id: 53304
Discovery looking good
id: 53305
I could honestly just stare at it all day
id: 53306
See you, space cowgirl
id: 53307
Oh also, there are apparently other airplanes in the museum
id: 53308
The SR-71 engine is pretty amazing
id: 53309
As is the rest of the SR-71
id: 53310
The pressure suit worn by SR-71 pilots
id: 53311
This is the spacesuit apparatus worn by Alan Eustace as he quietly broke the record for highest skydive
id: 53312
It's practically a spaceship
id: 53313
And here's the capsule that Felix Baumgartner rode to altitude before starting his own high altitude skydive
id: 53314
Red Bull certainly got a lot of publicity from this
id: 53315
I remember this view from the live stream!
id: 53316
This should be Dan's business card
id: 53317
Fall colors!
id: 53318
This is what they used to look at my stomach
id: 53319
Leaves outside Building 21
id: 53320
Weird leaves
id: 53321
Waiting for the train to DC
id: 53322
The actual plates containing the first observations of Pluto!
id: 53323
I love fall
id: 53324
Hanging in the FOC
id: 53325
Amanda has a buddy
id: 53326
Little Bear has a project
id: 53327
Don't take her project
id: 53328
Little Bear looks so suspicious with that weird eye
id: 53329
Little Bear cannot handle Annalise
id: 53330
Hanging out at Bryce's parent's house for his birthday
id: 53331
Sue and Vic compare elaborate ways to get more stuff out of a Disney trip
id: 53332
This is what a lot of my mornings look like. Grabbing breakfast at Goddard and doing some math
id: 53333
Starting an all day meeting about the Launch and Transit phase!
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