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Pictures taken during December 2018

id: 53334
The National Cathedral is a pretty neat building
id: 53335
There's a space-themed stained-glass window!
id: 53336
That dark thing in the center is an actual moon rock
id: 53337
Carl hooked me up with the tickets, but hid from the camera
id: 53338
The view from our original seats. We later found better ones
id: 53339
Apollo 8 artifacts on display
id: 53340
The Apollo 8 flight plan!
id: 53341
Whoa, Moonrise signed by the entire Apollo 8 crew. That's incredible
id: 53342
You can barely see my yellow bag near the left, that's where we originally sat
id: 53343
My ticket! Black and white since it was just too blue
id: 53344
Impressive building
id: 53345
Hey it's that event we're at!
id: 53346
National Cathedral, all in blue
id: 53347
Tall ceilings
id: 53348
What'd you call me?
id: 53349
Neat architecture
id: 53350
id: 53351
Columns and arches everywhere you look
id: 53352
id: 53353
We found a side area that didn't have the best angle but was much closer to the speakers.
id: 53354
The choir
id: 53355
Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator
id: 53356
It's Jim Lovell!! I haven't been this close since I met him as an 8 year old (or some time around then)
id: 53357
Jim Lovell eventually had to stop the audience from applauding
id: 53358
id: 53359
Jim Lovell is the only person to fly to the moon twice without walking on it
id: 53360
Continuing to talk about the impact of Apollo 8 and of reading Genesis from lunar orbit on Christmas Day, 1968
id: 53361
Pilot for Gemini VII, Command Pilot for Gemini XII, Command Module Pilot for Apollo 8, and Commander of Apollo 13
id: 53362
It took some guts to be on the first flight to leave the Earth
id: 53363
Apollo 8, which had no lunar module, had no lifeboat capability like that which later saved the crew of Apollo 13
id: 53364
It was a real honor to see Lovell speak
id: 53365
On his way out, Lovell walked within about a foot of me. If I didn't think it would get my friend in trouble, I would've reached out for a handshake. It was very tempting.
id: 53366
It's the moon!
id: 53367
Hi Dad!
id: 53368
Dad's put a lot of work into practicing his stink-face
id: 53369
Becky loves dinner with Dad
id: 53370
Someone drew this on our menu at Grimsby's..
id: 53371
Becky wonders why I'm taking her photo
id: 53372
We found a cool license plate on the way back to Dad's house
id: 53373
Dad's morning ritual: breakfast sandwiches at McDonalds. This really made me question my own breakfast sandwich habit..
id: 53374
Dad's fastidious water usage notes. I tried to tell him that there exist systems to automate this and that he could graph it but he wasn't interested
id: 53375
Me sitting on Wacko's roof
id: 53376
Me and Becky some time in high school
id: 53377
Wow, what is.. wow
id: 53378
Dad out for a walk
id: 53379
Well, this picture is almost identical to the last one, but I'm too lazy to go back and remove it
id: 53380
Uncle Jimmy!
id: 53381
Looking at some stuff in Uncle Jimmy's garage
id: 53382
Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Nancy, and.. dog whose name I don't know
id: 53383
Uncle Jimmy's mantle is made from wood from the actual USS Constitution
id: 53384
I love their little loft area for TV
id: 53385
Nice view of the Christmas tree from the loft
id: 53386
Uncle Jimmy gave us a tour of his new town on the Cape
id: 53387
id: 53388
Hi Dad
id: 53389
We'll visit that bridge later
id: 53390
Couple of brothers
id: 53391
Uncle Jimmy points out landmarks. Dad is clearly engaged
id: 53392
I hate these stone stacks. Just let nature do its thing
id: 53393
Nice bench
id: 53394
Hey it's that bridge from earlier
id: 53395
Uncle Jimmy likes to point at stuff
id: 53396
Neat radar stuff
id: 53397
Showing Dad... I don't know
id: 53398
Fishing line trashcan. Don't let it go in the water!
id: 53399
Train tracks
id: 53400
Dad's wondering when lunch is
id: 53401
Hi Dad
id: 53402
It was a good walk
id: 53403
Mom loves her Christmas tree
id: 53404
Pictures of pictures!
id: 53405
It's a nice Christmas tree setup. First Christmas in Portland!
id: 53406
Macaroni settles in for some table-lounging
id: 53407
Oh no! Macaroni's lounging has been interrupted!
id: 53408
How rude, Mom
id: 53409
Macaroni settles on chewing wrapping paper
id: 53410
Nick and Becky are ready to open presents
id: 53411
I got Mom some chicken art! She loves that stuff!
id: 53412
What'd Becky get?
id: 53413
Becky love shirt
id: 53414
Some sort of charm?
id: 53415
More weird art blocks, haha
id: 53416
Becky loves the mug I got her
id: 53417
Though I don't think she'll bring it to work
id: 53418
The sun glare tried to censor the mug
id: 53419
Mom made Becky a unicorn!
id: 53420
What to name it??
id: 53421
Mom joins the latest cooking trend sweeping the nation
id: 53422
id: 53423
Maraconi loves Christmas cause there's so much apper
id: 53424
Catch the paper!
id: 53425
Becky had an issue with the Amazon order for some of my gifts.. so just gave me pictures, haha
id: 53426
Mom got a massage thing from Becky
id: 53427
Is it comfy?
id: 53428
Shoulder massage!
id: 53429
I hid a box for Becky in the hallway.. what could it be?
id: 53430
It's the beach chairs she wanted!
id: 53431
Yaaay, beach chair!
id: 53432
Whoa, don't lounge too hard, Becky
id: 53433
Becky is so excited for beach chairs
id: 53434
We can't go right now
id: 53435
You can wear it like a backpack and carry all you need for the day!
id: 53436
I got Mom an illustration of Portland
id: 53437
Mom's building is somewhere in here
id: 53438
I didn't get to play with my yellow controllers that day, but they basically haven't left my Switch since they arrived! Love them!
id: 53439
Mom's got a new hat
id: 53440
And a backpack!
id: 53441
Nice backpack
id: 53442
Becky's got more stuff
id: 53443
id: 53444
It's.. some weird folding shoe that Becky was very excited about
id: 53445
Becky loves folding shoes
id: 53446
Holy crap! Mom got me an Apollo command module replica!
id: 53447
This completes the set, along with Mercury and Gemini from previous years
id: 53448
It's gorgeous. And gets lots of comments at work. Thanks, Mom!
id: 53449
It's specifically Columbia, the CM from Apollo 11
id: 53450
Becky has a side gig modeling vests
id: 53451
Mom got me a photo printer so I immediately printed one of the photos from earlier that day
id: 53452
id: 53453
Now that is a Christmas ham.
id: 53454
This represents all the ships for WWII they built here
id: 53455
Mom's excited to look at history stuff
id: 53456
Names of people who worked on the ships
id: 53457
Information about all the effort that went into supporting the war
id: 53458
Funny little lighthouse
id: 53459
But who is it for?
id: 53460
Mom coming up to check out the lighthouse
id: 53461
id: 53462
id: 53463
Hey that's that same boat again!
id: 53464
Pretty calm water
id: 53465
These are some really intense binoculars
id: 53466
What can you see, Mom?
id: 53467
Santa's done giving out gifts
id: 53468
So many mugs at this pubg!
id: 53469
Cozy little pubg
id: 53470
Let's try out the InstantPot!
id: 53471
Mom looks so bewildered. Thanks for the fun visit!
id: 53472
I didn't really get a good picture but while carrying the crockpot of meatballs, Dan managed to trip, break the lid, and cut his finger open. He saved the meatballs though
id: 53473
Gathering in the kitchen
id: 53474
Dan concentrates on meatballs
id: 53475
Natalia prepares Irish Car Bombs for people
id: 53476
Russ and Dan are ready
id: 53477
Natalia is ready
id: 53478
Aaaaand drop!
id: 53479
This crew is clearly experienced at this
id: 53480
Good meatballs!
id: 53481
Katie guards the fridge
id: 53482
Dan is now the meatball server
id: 53483
Natalia seems excited
id: 53484
Chris is just drinking normal Guinness
id: 53485
Russ and Shawn
id: 53486
Mike, Chris, and Michelle
id: 53487
Someone's dog is here!
id: 53488
Another round of Irish Car Bombs!
id: 53489
I feel like I'd break a tooth if I tried this
id: 53490
Me and Katie have to drive
id: 53491
Oh god, the dog has a diaper on
id: 53492
I'm not sure what Dan has there...
id: 53493
The diaper dog is now a unicorn!!
id: 53494
Danielle is ready to party
id: 53495
Chris and Michelle don't need hats to party
id: 53496
Neither does Natalia
id: 53497
id: 53498
Hello dog, your unicorn horn fell off
id: 53499
Dog want treats!
id: 53500
There's another Chris here!
id: 53501
David got all dressed up for the a.i. holiday party
id: 53502
If only David paid so much attention to other aspects of his life
id: 53503
Fun and games in the echo room
id: 53504
Joe likes things
id: 53505
My car is covered in frost
id: 53506
Watching the Cowboy Bebop movie at the Japanese Embassy! One of the cool things about living near DC
id: 53507
Dan evaluates the new Smash Brothers. He was pleasantly surprised
id: 53508
Board games with Katie and Dan at Tony's house!
id: 53509
I just like to make the house as big as possible
id: 53510
David and Tony
id: 53511
This cat was so fluffy!
id: 53512
This is what happens when you order stuff from Japan
id: 53513
Original Haibane Renmei animation references!
id: 53514
It's super cool. I should probably upload this to the OHBB so other Haibane fans can enjoy it
id: 53515
This is the house I grew up in! Not the greatest photos since I just shot it handheld in James' car
id: 53516
James and Rob love Chili's
id: 53517
Beany made this face when she saw the camera and now she has to live with this photo existing
id: 53518
Beany don't care
id: 53519
I was such a concerned lion on Halloween
id: 53520
Mom meets Santa!
id: 53521
Macaroni giving off raptor vibes
id: 53522
Hanging out before Christmas
id: 53523
Becky don't care
id: 53524
Wingardium Levimosa! Swish and flick
id: 53525
Nick's ready for pizza
id: 53526
Last photo of the year! Parked in my driveway right before midnight.
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