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Pictures taken during February 2019

id: 53607
Hey those look like go karts
id: 53608
id: 53609
Joe and Dan sign up
id: 53610
When do we get to race?
id: 53611
Joe's handle is because he's so tall he walks into the wingtips of the small planes he flies. I guess Dan's is that cause he's gonna crash and Josh cause he's a derp?
id: 53612
I'm sure Joe loves this photo
id: 53613
Derp Racer indeed
id: 53614
The helmet makes it look better
id: 53615
Grabbing a beer and a bite after the race
id: 53616
Learning lessons from last year
id: 53617
So much energy
id: 53618
Vic works on AMV stuff. Amanda works on imagining she's elsewhere
id: 53619
The camera and lights setup for the Otakon documentary
id: 53620
What.. in the world.. is this
id: 53621
So many cameras
id: 53622
Alan's camera buddy
id: 53623
Whoa, remember these things?
id: 53624
Alan takes a look at the setup
id: 53625
Interviewing Jim about the early days of Otakon
id: 53626
Joe's last day!
id: 53627
Dan checks in with Emperor Ian
id: 53628
Alex looks thrilled by his current ticket
id: 53629
Dan and I took it upon ourselves to draw a New Shepard on a cake, in honor of Joe's new team
id: 53630
Our canvas
id: 53631
Dan takes a deep breath and begins
id: 53632
New Shepard in flight! And before you say it, yes, we know what it looks like.. but that's what the rocket looks like!
id: 53633
Joe's cake! Some of the exhaust is strings from those peelable twizzlers
id: 53634
Justin, Tom, and Scott come to inspect
id: 53635
Aww, you hate to see it
id: 53636
Joe was impressed
id: 53637
id: 53638
Pizza good
id: 53639
Joe's photo, sabotaged by Ax
id: 53640
All the forks keep going missing, so we had to use spoons
id: 53641
Who doesn't love cake
id: 53642
These guys do
id: 53643
Joe cuts the cake
id: 53644
Rapid Scheduled Disassembly
id: 53645
I think Joe's excited about going to work at Blue
id: 53646
A good way to spend a Friday
id: 53647
What are you checking, Joe?
id: 53648
Tom has updated his shirt. I miss the UMD one!
id: 53649
Dawn is at 6:57am today, so we've got a little less than an hour to take some pre-dawn shots
id: 53650
Joe sets up next to the reflecting pool
id: 53651
It's really cool being here when no one is around. Well, no one but other photographers
id: 53652
The Washington Monument and the Capitol!
id: 53653
Zooming in on the Capitol. Joe let me borrow his telephoto
id: 53654
Dawn at the Vietnam Memorial
id: 53655
Names and reflections
id: 53656
It's a pretty powerful visual
id: 53657
Joe gets low to get the shot
id: 53658
30 minutes until sunrise, we're starting to get some cool colors
id: 53659
Joe takes his version of the reflection shot
id: 53660
Orange and purple
id: 53661
It's really gorgeous at this time of day
id: 53662
Hey Abe
id: 53663
Joe lines up his next shot
id: 53664
Camera settings before dawn
id: 53665
Click click click
id: 53666
Joe's got a fancy tripod
id: 53667
More reds coming
id: 53668
Photos of photos!
id: 53669
Where.. is.. Joe going. Joe goes where he wants!
id: 53670
The clouds add a lot
id: 53671
Other photographers line up their own shots
id: 53672
These colors are worth getting up for
id: 53673
Contrails lighting up
id: 53674
Hey you! Are you the one making all the contrails!
id: 53675
Light reaches the base of the Washington Monument
id: 53676
The tip is still dark
id: 53677
Reflecting pool reflecting
id: 53678
Joe took a shot like this and it ended up on the Washington Post's website. But he also got it online later that morning, not six months later like me
id: 53679
Just look at these colors!
id: 53680
Clouds at different altitudes getting different colors
id: 53681
Abraham Lincoln getting some sun
id: 53682
The sun has been up for about 8 minutes, so we can start to see it!
id: 53683
Joe and Lincoln
id: 53684
The silly things photographers do to get the right shot
id: 53685
The light slowly makes its way across the Lincoln statue
id: 53686
Morning colors. Oh and did I mention it's freezing? Cause it's freezing.
id: 53687
This might be the moment Joe got that Washington Post shot
id: 53688
Looking out on the dawn
id: 53689
A lot more pinks and light oranges now
id: 53690
Blue sky!
id: 53691
"Neat" *snap*
id: 53692
It's a beautiful morning
id: 53693
Textured clouds
id: 53694
Well that was fun. PS I'm sure Joe loves this photo
id: 53695
This is where Dr. Martin Luther King stood when he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech!
id: 53696
Looking back on the Lincoln Memorial
id: 53697
One more peek at the Capitol. Cooperate and get some work done!
id: 53698
Joe tries to tempt a friendly squirrel
id: 53699
Hello squirrel. I've got nothing for you
id: 53700
Joe and Dan came over for the Super Bowl. Neil made a friend
id: 53701
One of the production people sitting where I'd sit for my Apollo documentary interview
id: 53702
You know those history documentaries you sometimes see on TV? This is what it looks like to be on one
id: 53703
Hi Neil
id: 53704
Joe and DC say goodbye
id: 53705
So many free books at NASA HQ!
id: 53706
Free books!
id: 53707
The NASA History Office
id: 53896
This was the help screen for some weird Evangelion game on the N64. It helped a lot.
id: 53897
Who's ready for wings?
id: 53898
Vic's ready for wings
id: 53899
I turn Bryce's photography technique against him
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