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Pictures taken during April 2019

id: 53913
Either I found the right place or this is an unusually popular field
id: 53914
id: 53915
Away goes Antares and Cygnus
id: 53916
A more zoomed out view
id: 53917
Up goes Antares
id: 53918
Burn, baby, burn
id: 53919
We have a contrail!
id: 53920
And the contrail is done
id: 53921
It's really up there now
id: 53922
A quiet and empty launchpad
id: 53923
Upper level winds played with the contrail
id: 53924
Alright, let's go make a traffic jam
id: 53925
This looks like a scene out of Twister
id: 53926
id: 53927
Bryce surveys the truck so far
id: 53928
Bryce's coworker Brandon was a big help
id: 53929
Don't break the table!
id: 53930
We taped the doors closed
id: 53931
Annalise is helping
id: 53932
Brandon is tired
id: 53933
And away we go
id: 53934
Party in the field?
id: 53935
This big house in a giant filed made me think of Twister
id: 53936
id: 53937
Oh no, we finally encountered an Amish buggy! Bryce was nervous about passing it in the truck but it was fine
id: 53938
Watching Vice President Pence talking about the new Moon initiative
id: 53939
id: 53940
Josh aggressively eats peanuts
id: 53941
Why are you so crazy, Josh?
id: 53942
Joe's back!
id: 53943
And with a fancy new shirt
id: 53944
Gradatim Ferociter!
id: 53945
Let's gather for the big GSFC 60th anniversary group photo
id: 53946
We're supposed to form a big "60"
id: 53947
Dan's trying to blend in with the grass
id: 53948
These people are directing the 60
id: 53949
I'm pretty sure you can't fly drones that high this close to DC
id: 53950
Fight the drone!
id: 53951
The rare photo of Conrad.. sort of
id: 53952
Look at this turtle!!
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