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Pictures taken during May 2019

id: 53953
James loves photos
id: 53954
I'm all about James' little dinosaur planters
id: 53955
Nor will there be Aqua or Aura treats
id: 53956
Gorilla considers the tour truck thing
id: 53957
id: 53958
id: 53959
James' favorite: hippos
id: 53960
The rare tour truck thing, seen in the wild
id: 53961
I forget what this is
id: 53962
Hyenas! Which one is Cheech?
id: 53963
Those are some intense horns. They're actually radiators
id: 53964
This giraffe is coming right for us!
id: 53965
Giraffes are ridiculous animals
id: 53966
Just look at it run!
id: 53967
This duck is loving life
id: 53968
Please drive around the ostriches
id: 53969
From real wildlife to fake: it's time to check out Pandora in the Avatar exhibit!
id: 53970
Ha! They actually themed the real Disney equipment with RDA branding
id: 53971
Floating islands
id: 53972
It was tough to capture these properly in photos. They were cool
id: 53973
Where does the water come from??
id: 53974
Let's go ride that Avatar ride
id: 53975
What is suppression agent??
id: 53976
Hey that's us! In lidar form. Well, probably fake lidar
id: 53977
Grabbing dinner with James, Chelsea, and friends. At this point my stomach was really hurting in what would eventually turn out to be severe appendicitis. Actually that was true all day but by this point I had already hit Urgent Care
id: 53978
No amount of failing organs can stop me from taking goofy pictures of James, though!
id: 53979
James loves emergency rooms
id: 53980
I'm still alive
id: 53981
"OK James, you can give the camera back now"
id: 53982
Over a week later.. I'm up and taking photos again. In between, I had my necrotic appendix removed, experienced an ileus, a small bowel obstruction, CT scans, x-rays, and some heavy duty drugs
id: 53983
Here's where I spent almost all of my time
id: 53984
This thing pumped fluids and drugs into my veins
id: 53985
These fluids!
id: 53986
I was way into the goofy balloon
id: 53987
The day plan. I think the worst I got on the pain scale was around an 8 but I try to reserve the higher numbers. It was bad
id: 53988
It was an expensive hotel, over $100,000. But insurance helped me get that down to something I could actually pay
id: 53989
Mom was with me through all of it and kept me alive and sane. She earned some relaxing time on the balcony
id: 53990
Well.. goodbye Florida. We'll try this KSC trip again in a few months. Hopefully with fewer hospital visits.
id: 53991
Astronaut Ricky Arnold came to Goddard to speak about live on the space station. He sat right in front of me in the audience!
id: 53992
Dark clouds and communications equipment
id: 53993
Hey it's Vint Cerf!
id: 53994
This guy helped develop TCP/IP, the bedrock of the internet
id: 53995
The internet is big
id: 53996
Vint Cerf's thoughts on why TCP/IP and the internet worked
id: 53997
He wore headphones so he could hear better
id: 53998
Pretty cool to see a legend talk about his subject
id: 53999
This photo ended up out of focus because I didn't really expect to have the chance to take it and didn't have the camera ready in live-preview mode. So the person who took it for me accidentally focused on the bush. Oh well, it's me and Vint Cerf!
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