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Pictures taken during June 2019

id: 54000
Most board meetings don't have this many plushies
id: 54001
Dan came to help move the server but also went to the meeting
id: 54002
Carrying stuff for Vic
id: 54003
I wasn't allowed to lift things after my appendix surgery, so Dan lifted the server for the first time
id: 54004
Vic didn't really lift the bottom half properly so Dan kept bumping the stairs
id: 54005
We recruited some extra help from people inside
id: 54006
Seal it back up
id: 54007
The server in its natural habitat: Vic's van
id: 54008
How can you tell James is here? Because one of these molten cake things is happening. I didn't even notice he was using two spoons..
id: 54009
Is the extra spoon for stability, James?
id: 54010
Dan has never experienced a James sightseeing tour. Buckle up
id: 54011
This sort of looks like that Avatar ride at Disney
id: 54012
You can't trick me, statue
id: 54013
Giant Panda? Ha! Giant Joke!
id: 54014
Well, there they are
id: 54015
It was impossible to get a good angle cause there were a billion people and the panda was looking away
id: 54016
Look at the panda eat bamboo like a dummy
id: 54017
id: 54018
I like the wall painted to look like mountains. Are pandas that stupid?
id: 54019
Yes. Yes they are
id: 54020
Munch on, panda. Much on
id: 54021
Panda MOC??
id: 54022
What a delightful creature
id: 54023
Those are some big ears
id: 54024
Big stretch!
id: 54025
Uhh.. hello
id: 54026
C, final answer
id: 54027
Sleepy... thing
id: 54028
Sloths are gross
id: 54029
Water snake?
id: 54030
Big tortoise
id: 54031
Well that was fun
id: 54032
James takes his photo of the day. Or a snapchat. Or something
id: 54033
I appreciate that unlike at Philly, there is a fence between me and the Cheetahs
id: 54034
James loves photo ops
id: 54035
Dan wouldn't shake his fist at the white house
id: 54036
id: 54037
Yeah... yeah, I feel you, Dan.
id: 54038
For some reason Dan was really excited to find a stick to drag along the fence
id: 54039
Washington Monument.. and geese!
id: 54040
James has this national park passport thing where he can collect stamps for going places. We finally found the stamp place
id: 54041
It's a lot hotter than the last time I was here
id: 54042
Stamps collected
id: 54043
The WWII memorial
id: 54044
The Washington Monument is tall
id: 54045
James was all about this place
id: 54046
More molten cake
id: 54047
id: 54048
id: 54049
Will certainly looks conscious
id: 54050
Mckeed wants milkshakes
id: 54051
Dan seems intrigued by the milkshakes
id: 54052
Alan has.. some sort of look going on
id: 54053
Let's be too close to Bryce
id: 54054
The Alan Maneuver
id: 54055
Amanda is sick of all these idiots and just wants some pancakes
id: 54056
Feel free to use this photo of Mckeed as you like
id: 54057
Photos of photos of Vic
id: 54058
Alan, should you just leave that open to the elements? I also love how he got this little camera and installed a giant grip on it
id: 54059
Dan perches on the bluetooth ottoman
id: 54060
id: 54061
I guess we should watch more AMVs?
id: 54062
Bryce seems so alarmed by something on my iPad
id: 54063
And Alan is getting all of it
id: 54064
Dan reacts appropriately. Probably
id: 54065
Well, that's another prescreenings done. Can't wait for Otakon, right Vic?
id: 54066
Will rode his motorcycle from Atlanta like a crazy person
id: 54067
Will demonstrates how to go all fast, vroom vroom
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