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Pictures taken during July 2019

id: 54068
It's Terra!
id: 54069
Terra flies through the sky
id: 54070
Next in line, Aqua!
id: 54071
The astronomy "stack and rotate" software I used added these weird concentric circle artifacts. But that's Aqua in there!
id: 54072
One more Aqua shot
id: 54073
Aura is next!
id: 54074
Back of the A-Train, Aura
id: 54076
Hmm.. air sampling dosimeters.. what could this be for?
id: 54077
Ohh, that's right. Here we are at Three Mile Island!
id: 54078
Reactor Unit 2, site of a partial meltdown
id: 54079
I missed this historical sign last time I was here
id: 54080
Unit 2 and its dormant cooling towers
id: 54081
I shot this as I crossed the street
id: 54082
Looking south
id: 54083
Three Mile Island!
id: 54084
Dormant cooling towers
id: 54085
The base of the towers are cool
id: 54086
Closeup of Unit 2
id: 54087
Unit 1's cooling towers are still chugging along
id: 54088
Unit 1 is peeking up behind that other building
id: 54089
This could've been the epicenter of America's own radioactive exclusion zone
id: 54090
What would this road look like?
id: 54091
One last look at Three Mile Island before getting back on the road to Ithaca
id: 54092
Sage words from a vape store
id: 54093
This gnarly front hit me a little while later and it was some really intense rain
id: 54094
I took these shots of the front while at a red light. Later I could barely see anything because of the rain
id: 54095
Well... shit.
id: 54096
This was my view for over two hours when my front-left tire was punctured
id: 54097
This nice cop stopped by to make sure I had help on the way and was OK. I like his three pens
id: 54098
Normally this would be an alarming sight
id: 54099
Hey the tow truck is here!
id: 54100
Poor little Soul
id: 54101
Tow truck mechanisms
id: 54102
My sad tire
id: 54103
We got it up on the truck right before the rain started. The tow truck driver was pretty cool. Turns out he was from my area of Maryland!
id: 54104
Fracking tower
id: 54105
The Kia service place was closed for the night so I had to stay at a motel. You can tell my state of mind since I completely forgot to take pictures of the motel
id: 54106
Walking through Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Looking for breakfast at Rite Aid
id: 54107
Are you mocking me?
id: 54108
The start/finish line crosswalks near the main street in Watkins Glen. (Shot from a red light)
id: 54109
There was a snarl of slow moving traffic moving past this capsized bus. It was slow enough that I took some blind shots with my camera while driving the car. As expected, the shots didn't come out great, with this being the best
id: 54110
Well, it took me about 24 hours due to the flat tire, but I'm finally here
id: 54111
We are now camping. Or cabining. Or something.
id: 54112
The newest Englert: Emily!
id: 54113
Megan and Steve seem to have taken pretty well to the whole parenting thing
id: 54114
Little Emily
id: 54115
Looking out on the lake
id: 54116
This house is so strange. It's like it was built in Minecraft
id: 54117
Let's play a game!
id: 54118
id: 54119
Steve consults the rules
id: 54120
The necessities of summer
id: 54121
Steve and Megan's Mom check how to take lobster tail out
id: 54122
"Step 1, pick up the gross ocean bug. Step 2, take the stuff out"
id: 54123
Steve digs in with the lobster tail
id: 54124
id: 54125
Mike's ready to play some Hanabi
id: 54126
Megan loves games
id: 54127
Emily time!
id: 54128
Steve looks so startled
id: 54129
Someday Emily's gonna get that octopus
id: 54130
Official disco ball
id: 54131
More Carcassonne!
id: 54132
Mike considers his main move
id: 54133
I saw "Mind Eraser" on Steve's mug and asked if he got it at Six Flags New England. Nope!
id: 54134
The boat house
id: 54135
It's a little cleaner today
id: 54136
Hanging on the porch
id: 54137
Steve and Emily
id: 54138
Emily thinks deep thoughts
id: 54139
Confusing stairs
id: 54140
The strangest house
id: 54141
id: 54142
The ducks run away from me
id: 54143
Nice dock
id: 54144
Fishing time?
id: 54145
Looking south, I think, down the lake
id: 54146
Boats live here
id: 54147
This is how pizzas happen
id: 54148
id: 54149
Please don't mix these up
id: 54150
Dinner time! Too much pizza was made but it was great
id: 54151
Steve commits the ultimate Buffalonian sin
id: 54152
The modern father?
id: 54153
Mike has opinions on hops in beer
id: 54154
Late night discussion
id: 54155
Emily sort of has a mohawk going
id: 54156
Goodbye, Minecraft house
id: 54157
These stairs brought to you by M.C. Escher
id: 54158
Wheeling Emily into Ithaca Beer
id: 54159
Beer! I bought some pint glasses and a growler for display. Well, also it was full of beer. Now it's not.
id: 54160
Megan checks on Emily
id: 54161
The Finger Lakes are good
id: 54162
Does baby want a french fry?
id: 54163
Mommy Megan and Emily!
id: 54164
The Washington Monument with some ominous clouds appoaching
id: 54165
Now it's a Saturn V!
id: 54166
Lots of people like space
id: 54167
Now if they would just turn around and register that support with the white building with the dome..
id: 54168
This is really really cool
id: 54169
This guy is gigantic!
id: 54170
Finally caught a little lightning in the approaching thunderstorm. Luckily it just missed us
id: 54171
Guys, it's a Saturn V
id: 54172
Please stop standing up
id: 54173
Saturn V on the mall!
id: 54174
Almost time for the show to start
id: 54175
This is a very narrow place to assemble a rocket
id: 54176
It's launching! Some stupid part of me expected it to continue off the top of the monument
id: 54177
I think that's a life-sized CSM/S-IVB
id: 54178
The thunderstorm is coming!
id: 54179
The lights were really great
id: 54180
Let's keep getting closer!
id: 54181
Lots of cops
id: 54182
I don't think people were allowed to walk this close to the real Saturn V when it was being fueled
id: 54183
Hey. It's a Saturn V
id: 54184
I wonder if that's how high the MLP really was
id: 54185
We're so far forward here that in the second showing we couldn't hear any of the music or rocket noise
id: 54186
Pretty lights
id: 54187
They could've made it a little taller!
id: 54188
Now it's giant vacuum tube
id: 54189
Sunset at night
id: 54190
Away it goes
id: 54191
The LM is landing!
id: 54192
id: 54193
That's a big footprint
id: 54194
id: 54195
id: 54196
Let's see how close I can get
id: 54197
I got this close
id: 54198
Looking back up the mall
id: 54199
Well that was fun. Time to head back
id: 54200
Saturn V peeking over the trees
id: 54201
It seems weird that this equipment was just out in the open, especially with the thunderstorm approaching
id: 54202
Yeah I'm sure this would tolerate water. Note the box fan.. it was hot
id: 54203
id: 54204
One last look back
id: 54205
There was an event in the Air and Space Museum but the line was too long so I went home
id: 54206
I heard a loud noise in the middle of the night and found this in the morning
id: 54207
id: 54208
Well there's your problem
id: 54209
Yup, that sure is a broken branch
id: 54210
It's eating the neighbor's house!! Luckily it was just barely brushing up against it. No damage was done
id: 54211
The view from the neighbor's side of the fence
id: 54212
Don't eat the house, tree!
id: 54213
You'd be surprised how much it costs to get a tree chopped up. I would've done it myself but didn't want to risk it since it was up against the neighbor's house
id: 54214
Just some leaves, no damage
id: 54215
Careful with that chainsaw
id: 54216
More proof that the neighbor's house is ok
id: 54217
Chainsaws are fun
id: 54218
These guys were pretty good
id: 54219
I didn't pay to haul the branch away so they just threw it in the corner of my backyard
id: 54220
Almost gone
id: 54221
Begone, log!
id: 54222
Just some dead trees left
id: 54223
Guess what was still there at least four months later? That's right. This hole in the fence.
id: 54224
Hang in there, tree
id: 54225
Mel and Topaz like Codenames
id: 54226
Topaz has a fun
id: 54227
Topaz has a snack
id: 54228
Buzz's CEO photo
id: 54229
Come here, Neil!
id: 54230
Who wants a treat?
id: 54231
The cats are ten years old today! Happy birthday, Neil and Buzz!
id: 54232
This is the moment that Dan realized he left his wallet in his car.. at my house
id: 54233
The con before ours was some right-wing thing. So there were a lot of red hats with white text
id: 54234
Robyn has a shirt
id: 54235
Dan tries to find some stray cell signal
id: 54236
He's got his badge!
id: 54237
Now this is a crew
id: 54238
Waiting for Vic and Amanda to arrive with the van
id: 54239
Oh snap!
id: 54240
The van is completely solid at this point
id: 54241
Robyn preps for the server move
id: 54242
All empty!
id: 54243
Will brings in the first load of equipment
id: 54244
Second load
id: 54245
Get out the run book
id: 54246
Dan samples the weird new hallways chairs
id: 54247
oh my
id: 54248
Don't tell me how to live!
id: 54249
This seems safe
id: 54250
I am full of radios
id: 54251
Everyone look like you know what you're doing, Vic's here!
id: 54252
Dan wires up his radio
id: 54253
Vic is distressed to find that we haven't done anything wrong for him to gripe about
id: 54254
I got a picture of Anthony and Robyn at the same time! They make it so difficult. Two for one special!
id: 54255
Mel discovered that "person shouting from the runbook" is a super handy role
id: 54256
You can tell Vic has been burned before
id: 54257
Model puppy
id: 54258
What.. happened here
id: 54259
Dan's ready for his first Otakon
id: 54260
Fixing the wiring
id: 54261
Goddamnit, Mel
id: 54262
Finalizing the setup
id: 54263
Topaz supervises Vic setting up Featured Events
id: 54264
Vid Gal Jen!
id: 54265
Our new TV for the blue/red group is a little smaller
id: 54266
It's the 2019 VAT!
id: 54267
So many seats
id: 54268
How does the server work again?
id: 54269
This reminds me of that crane shot of mission control in Apollo 13
id: 54270
I love Lamen
id: 54271
AMV team dinner!
id: 54272
You can't hide, Robyn!
id: 54273
I finally got my 10 year Otakon pin!
id: 54274
This photo is a work of art. I'm putting Dan, Mel and Anthony's names in here just so my lazy search system can find this photo.
id: 54275
Mel hates these chairs
id: 54276
Laptop test time
id: 54277
Are we done yet?
id: 54278
VAT Lounging
id: 54279
Topaz trying to get the wireless mic to break
id: 54280
Topaz has had a long day
id: 54281
Booth life
id: 54282
Random Otakon hallway shot
id: 54283
Pepsi Man!!
id: 54284
My liege
id: 54285
So many nerds want pizza
id: 54286
Decent turnout for the space panel
id: 54287
id: 54288
Your color is red, you are in the red group, you are in the red group, go to the red light, go to the red light you are in the red group
id: 54289
The concert next door ended and they turned the lights on for the entire room, forgetting that we had the back quarter. This was a minor crisis
id: 54290
Vic, where's your real ghostmeter?
id: 54291
Topaz has the ballots
id: 54292
id: 54293
Bowsette Amanda!
id: 54294
The new Featured Events booth sticks out so I can just look right at the audience. It's weird
id: 54295
Ballot harvest
id: 54296
"r" for best in show! (Yes, we recorded a 1)
id: 54297
Vic demos his weird persistent vision LED strip thing by setting Programming on fire
id: 54298
Dan and Mel seem to be getting along
id: 54299
This is what it's like to take pictures of Mel
id: 54300
id: 54301
id: 54302
Anyone lose their kazoo?
id: 54303
This guy's photo rig is so insane I had to get a photo
id: 54304
These guys seem familiar..
id: 54305
Yeah of course. The classic combination of accordion and uh... oboe? Metal oboe?
id: 54306
This band seems so sad
id: 54307
id: 54308
"Jaaaaypeeeee" - Brett
id: 54309
Keep him away from walls
id: 54310
Tsao with his amazing art!
id: 54311
Wacky inflatable tube people!
id: 54312
Obligatory "I'm working the board and am bored" shot
id: 54313
We had fireworks on the ceiling for a big chunk of the weekend, as part of the "festival" theme. Then we almost made real fireworks when the projector started to melt from pointing up
id: 54315
New server
id: 54316
Render-chan and Error-chan!
id: 54317
Audience participation!
id: 54318
Dance, Mel, dance!
id: 54319
Also Will. Will can dance
id: 54320
Everybody dance!
id: 54321
Also.. this guy?
id: 54322
Vic later said "thank god you took a photo of the winner because I forgot to write it down"
id: 54323
Free Otakon
id: 54324
Ballots ballots ballots
id: 54325
Input the ballots!
id: 54326
Hi buddy!
id: 54327
Topaz helped to solve a tricky issue where we had input some ballots more than once. It required some careful thinking and a little database surgery but we got it fixed
id: 54328
Full escalator
id: 54329
Amanda and Dan are on the lookout for wristbands
id: 54330
They left the game room open late for staffers
id: 54331
Are these all staffers?
id: 54332
I'm in a strange Japanese mech arcade game
id: 54333
Uhhh, sure, let's start
id: 54334
Until what??
id: 54335
Yeah, got it
id: 54336
Party outside the rave!
id: 54337
That giraffe has bubbles
id: 54338
They're all dancing to Naruto openings
id: 54339
OK fine
id: 54340
id: 54341
How dangerous is this door??
id: 54342
Nerds in the sun
id: 54343
Artist's Alley
id: 54344
Whoa. Don't let the sunglasses fool you. Facehuggers are not your friend
id: 54345
These people are pretty cool
id: 54346
Replica prop weapons!
id: 54347
I had to pose with the pulse rifle. It was nice and heavy
id: 54348
Don't get closer!
id: 54349
It's Hudson's motion detector! The screen even showed a motion animation
id: 54350
I'll have to check them out
id: 54351
Anime race cars are back!
id: 54352
Amanda waits to hand out the awards
id: 54353
The official winners ballot!
id: 54354
That was a fun weekend. Now everybody out!
id: 54355
This year's "Vic in the elevator shot" is less interesting. Dan stole his thunder
id: 54356
Bye, AMV server!
id: 54357
This is where Otakon lives
id: 54358
F Dreamcast? What do you have against the Dreamcast?
id: 54359
Waiting to make sure we're dropping off our gear in the right place
id: 54360
Someone was signing the lyrics to our AMVs! Also Vic got all crazy-mad when they showed the videos wrong.
id: 54361
Hirokatsu Kihara! He worked on Kiki's Delivery Service and other Ghibli films
id: 54362
I made a ballot ball
id: 54363
Let's find the dead dog
id: 54364
Elevator time
id: 54365
Vic did a very nice tribute Kyoto Animation as the last thing in the VAT this year. But to keep the tradition alive, we watched Come Sail Away, just for us
id: 54366
Wire farm
id: 54367
Vic is master of wires
id: 54368
Goddamnit, Mel
id: 54369
Why, Mel
id: 54370
Will is allowed to coil cables, unlike me
id: 54371
Amanda bought some bathing suit and is showing everyone
id: 54372
Otakon 2019 AMV Department group photo!
id: 54373
Mel finds a way
id: 54374
Dan isn't a princess because he can't feel the pea under all these chairs
id: 54375
id: 54376
Omar has some questions
id: 54377
id: 54378
I've never been on the van trip to the loading dock before
id: 54379
Hey we're on the woof
id: 54380
Vic wishes he wrote down how he fit everything in the first place
id: 54381
Smart to make a sign without the year. "Why are the Otakon Vegas mascots on there?" "In memorium?"
id: 54382
Time for the retro
id: 54383
Dan and Brakus have feedback
id: 54384
Run, Robyn! Don't let Topaz catch you!
id: 54385
Alan gazes into the future
id: 54386
"Alan, do the pointing thing!"
id: 54387
Alan has two IDs! Who does he think he is, Mckeed??
id: 54388
Hanging out while we wait for the group photo
id: 54389
Stairs are fun
id: 54390
Stealing someone else's selfie
id: 54391
Whoa, old timey photo for the staff photo!
id: 54392
Some sort of a tribute for the chief of staff I think
id: 54393
Let's eat Chinese food and get out of this room with the volume turned all the way up on staff videos. Also that guy behind Alan is upset
id: 54394
Mmm.... food. No talking.
id: 54395
They were playing mini documentaries about Otakon back in the day
id: 54396
It took too long to gather all the con chairs for this photo so I gave up on them. Presumably someone got the proper photo
id: 54397
Dan loves the ball pit
id: 54398
Feel the energy. Also, I see that, Anthony
id: 54399
Topaz can't even believe he's awake
id: 54400
How has the $30 breakfast become a tradition. So stupid. We need to find a diner
id: 54401
This year's program guide
id: 54402
Hey I know that thing
id: 54403
"Oops! All Butlers!"
id: 54404
Hey that's us!
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