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Pictures taken during August 2019

id: 54405
What's this all about, Davieau?
id: 54406
This is a fancy water heater
id: 54407
Gotta wet the filter
id: 54408
Expensive and loud grinder
id: 54409
The moment Davieau realized there are almost no coffee beans
id: 54410
Starting the pour
id: 54411
"Look at that bloom"
id: 54412
Drip drip drip
id: 54413
Checking out more beans
id: 54414
Coffee is fun
id: 54415
The coffee was pretty good!
id: 54416
Oh boy, are we really doing this? Visiting the BCC will be fun
id: 54417
Hey they have the same registration booths as Otakon
id: 54418
Registration was in the old Video 1!
id: 54419
Hey they use the same printer we use too!
id: 54420
Got my badge
id: 54421
Vic and I ensure we can never deny this later after we regret it. Also, am I a jerk for wearing an Otakon jersey to another con?
id: 54422
The BronyCon program guide cover
id: 54423
Checking out the schedule
id: 54424
Our first plushie sighting
id: 54425
Oh! Well... that escalated quickly
id: 54426
The old VAT! It's where the attendees dropped off their little kids, so we weren't allowed in
id: 54427
Vic discovered an ARG (alternative reality game) in the program guide
id: 54428
It's a secret QR code!
id: 54429
Amanda is clearly thrilled by the ARG
id: 54430
These people were stealing chairs to set up a video game station in the hallway
id: 54431
Vic had to get away from this projector setup ASAP
id: 54432
"Stabletop Games"... I get it
id: 54433
id: 54434
Don't mess with this pony
id: 54435
We found their radio gear
id: 54436
Holy crap, that is quite a line. And we don't get to skip it like usual
id: 54437
Fluttershy has a snack
id: 54438
Uhhhh. Uhhhh. Uhhhhhhhh.
id: 54439
More plushies
id: 54440
More giant plushies
id: 54441
Generic Name
id: 54442
The line was so long we had to go outside in the heat. The line control people were pretty ineffective
id: 54443
Do people come to a con like this looking for old yo-yos?
id: 54444
I did not get this sign's permission
id: 54445
I did ask permission to take a photo of this funny sign
id: 54446
Oh my god, did they ever. It was.. really really weird and sort of upsetting. Especially with the kids around
id: 54447
This Boba Fett walked up to Amanda and just pointed to the wanted poster with Pinkie Pie on it
id: 54448
Vic is in his element
id: 54449
Wandering the dealer's room
id: 54450
Sweetie Bot
id: 54451
I got my own plushie to blend in. Trixie rides in style
id: 54452
Vic continues to work on the game
id: 54453
Is this maze part of the game?
id: 54454
So many extra ears
id: 54455
This person has a uh.... friend?
id: 54456
It's Lauren Faust! She created the 4th generation of MLP
id: 54457
Also Bonnie Zacherle, the creator of the original MLP
id: 54458
Our seats for the panel
id: 54459
Trixie's hat stayed in the bag
id: 54460
Bonnie seems thrilled to be involved here
id: 54461
There's weird fake code flying by on the screens
id: 54462
And weird symbols on the ceiling! Is this also part of the ARG
id: 54463
Lauren Faust was pretty cool
id: 54464
Time for Q&A
id: 54465
It was tough to get clear photos from our seats since we were pretty far
id: 54466
This guy...... Yeah.
id: 54467
So many lights
id: 54468
The tech booth is pretty cool in here
id: 54469
Tech ponies?
id: 54470
Well, hello Princess
id: 54471
Oh this project is still going?
id: 54472
What the hell is up with that bottom-right one?
id: 54473
Flim and Flam had quite a show going out in the lobby
id: 54474
What's wrong, Flam?
id: 54475
So many weird nerds
id: 54476
Uhhhhhhhh. When Bronies and Furries collide?
id: 54477
Michelle Creber (Applebloom) and Kathy Sullivan (Spike)
id: 54478
Andrea Libman (Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie) was late
id: 54479
It was super weird hearing the characters' voices come out of just normal people
id: 54480
What the hell is this dolphin thing
id: 54481
Cadance is making friends in the lobby
id: 54482
We found Omar!
id: 54483
More random crowd shots
id: 54484
Do not make direct eye contact with Princess Cadance
id: 54485
This is where that train fell into the subway. Welcome to Baltimore
id: 54486
Spiffy dress
id: 54487
These people were asking for trouble
id: 54488
I checked out the PMV contest just to see how it worked. All the winners were just chosen by the judges, who prattled on about why they chose them. It seemed a lot more about the judges than it needed to be. Also there was a light directly on the screen.
id: 54489
Elevated tech booth
id: 54490
Look at this giant cable just running through the seats!
id: 54491
Fancy board
id: 54492
The PMV room
id: 54493
Haha, they used VLC and just left the default "show the filename" thing on
id: 54494
Get out of here, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
id: 54495
What the hell is this bizarre parade of furries???
id: 54496
Why are there so many furries?? Where are they coming from?? Where are they going??
id: 54497
Vic bought an AR poster. You can look at it on your phone and it gets 3D. I don't get it. Amanda's holding it up so Vic can demonstrate
id: 54498
This picture of Vic exists
id: 54499
This time we got closer seats. Hi Lauren Faust!
id: 54500
Those ceilings are so familiar
id: 54501
Listening to Faust
id: 54502
These people were cosplaying as the "how much I want to talk to people" cards we get with our badges
id: 54503
I didn't get a good photo of this guy but he was wearing the SpaceX spacesuit!
id: 54504
We were running out of stuff to do so we wandered into some sort of cosplay contest
id: 54505
All the contestants lined up. What the hell is that blue thing on the right?
id: 54506
Princess Celestia closes out the con. Well, for us, at least.
id: 54507
Nice sunrise on the way to the airport
id: 54508
Becky tries out my iPad
id: 54509
Monte! Nick and Becky's dog
id: 54510
Are you supposed to be on the couch?
id: 54511
Nick and Becky's sweet basement setup
id: 54512
id: 54513
Game time!
id: 54514
Both these facial expressions capture a lot about the situation
id: 54515
Who's ready to get breakfast?
id: 54516
Dad's ready to shop
id: 54517
What is this thing?
id: 54518
Scientists have yet to agree
id: 54519
Dad is amazed at all the options
id: 54520
Hey that's where I bought this camera!
id: 54521
Nice face, Dad
id: 54522
Dad was flummoxed by the Rubik's Cube. Not solving it, just why anyone would want to in the first place
id: 54523
He gave it a shot though
id: 54524
Is Monte being a good boy, Becky?
id: 54525
Monte and Becky
id: 54526
Little me and Becky with Dad. I think Becky is a magical firefighter
id: 54527
id: 54528
Yes, I'm taking pictures, Becky
id: 54529
Becky's having fun
id: 54530
I love the photo genre of "Becky making weird faces at pets"
id: 54531
Nick also likes Monte
id: 54532
What is this weird toy
id: 54533
So many dog toys!
id: 54534
You want the toy??
id: 54535
Becky considers Monte
id: 54536
Mom came by to visit too!
id: 54537
Monte gets to work
id: 54538
Hey Monte, your ear is.. never mind
id: 54539
These stairs are really weird
id: 54540
Time to go for a dog walk!
id: 54541
Celeb Becky's paparazzi photo
id: 54542
The shuttle to the airport
id: 54543
Doing Challenger research at the airport
id: 54544
Window seat!
id: 54545
Airplanes are loud. But not as loud as I thought!
id: 54546
Shuttle to the parking lot. Time to drive home!
id: 54547
Just look natural!
id: 54548
Pavona points
id: 54549
Natural workers
id: 54550
This is natural working
id: 54551
Ax has arrived and brought the purple
id: 54552
Alex at work
id: 54553
Creeping on Scott
id: 54554
Change your default wallpaper, Scott
id: 54555
Petusky immediately was just like "you want me to look like I'm working or at the camera or what"
id: 54556
Alex also has the default wallpaper!
id: 54557
Mitra will be horrified if she ever notices that this photo is featured at the top of the "careers" page
id: 54558
Hi Mitra!
id: 54559
Mitra loves photos. No not really
id: 54560
Time to debug!
id: 54561
This is the last time we will ever go to this Buffalo Wild Wings. There's bad service and then there's this
id: 54562
Elliot can't even believe it
id: 54563
It took forever and literally 100% of our orders were wrong
id: 54564
Tom's got some Coke!
id: 54565
Debugging continues
id: 54566
Hi Davieau
id: 54567
Tom inspects the screen
id: 54568
Alex didn't make the website
id: 54569
Ian looks so suspicious
id: 54570
Nate thinks about being on the website
id: 54571
Hi Ian
id: 54572
I printed this photo of Davieau and put it on Ian's wall
id: 54573
Pavona and Tom arm wrestling contest! I should've bet on Pavona
id: 54574
The moment Tom realized he was in trouble
id: 54575
Just don't break any bones
id: 54576
Justin's ready for lunch
id: 54577
It was so hot
id: 54578
Never ever ever let Davieau choose the music
id: 54579
Justin shows off Meridian
id: 54580
Get back to work!
id: 54581
Geoff and Mike try to look natural
id: 54582
Geoff sort of got it, haha
id: 54583
Picking over DroneSwam stuff
id: 54584
Justin sets up the propellers
id: 54585
Don't touch them, Josh!
id: 54586
Mike's got the payload
id: 54587
Scary blades
id: 54588
id: 54589
Setting up the scary drone
id: 54590
Scott and his baby
id: 54591
Deploy landing legs!
id: 54592
The DroneSwarm payload
id: 54593
Weird LED cube thing
id: 54594
Oh ho, a new drone
id: 54595
I only included this photo cause Davieau's making a dumb face
id: 54596
Just berating people while eating snacks
id: 54597
Justin lifts the drone
id: 54598
What's in the case?
id: 54599
Hey Jeff's here!
id: 54600
I caught Josh and Geoff mid-meeting. "...thanks JP"
id: 54601
Bob's cool models
id: 54602
I think this is HR land
id: 54603
Mysterious hardware at Davieau's desk
id: 54604
Why is your desk so weird?
id: 54605
Why is this on the floor?
id: 54606
The art in this rental place is.. something
id: 54607
White Claw?
id: 54608
Let's go to the rooftop bar!
id: 54609
This is the only photo I was able to take inside before they told me I couldn't bring my nice camera in
id: 54610
The view from the rooftop bar
id: 54611
Alcohol is fun
id: 54612
Nice view
id: 54613
Looking back west
id: 54614
Of course I had my cube out
id: 54615
Later we went to this German food place for awesome pretzels and beer
id: 54616
It was dark in there
id: 54617
Joe got everyone these ridiculous shirts that I couldn't handle wearing. And Goran got a Tony Tony Chopper hat
id: 54618
This is a flattering photo of Goran
id: 54619
Heading down to the beach
id: 54620
Beach passes?
id: 54621
How do tents work
id: 54622
Hi Bloo
id: 54623
CJ's ready for the beach
id: 54624
Joe's a doctor so knows the importance of sunscreen
id: 54625
What a ratty looking parachute
id: 54626
I'm pretty sure this is the first time this camera has been to a beach
id: 54627
Lounge mode: engage
id: 54628
Goran has some upsetting swimwear
id: 54629
CJ seems to like the beach better than me
id: 54630
Bloo embraced the pink shirt
id: 54631
id: 54632
I bet this is the first time a hat like this has been on this beach
id: 54633
Joe's bringing the sunscreen humor
id: 54634
Max stares off into the future
id: 54635
Goran simulator
id: 54636
Jello shots!
id: 54637
Bruce Springsteen performed here in some famous concert
id: 54638
Hitting the boardwalk
id: 54639
Waiting for lunch
id: 54640
Why ARE you sushi?
id: 54641
Checking out the weird mall-like thing
id: 54642
This is the weird mall-like thing
id: 54643
There's a second group photo with me in it, but this is the one from my camera
id: 54644
Packing up the tent
id: 54645
How did it work again?
id: 54646
Max isn't ready to leave
id: 54647
Goodbye, beach
id: 54648
Back in the apartment
id: 54649
The reaction to the next part of the evening
id: 54650
Yes. We are going to be riding this ridiculous thing
id: 54651
You pedal it from bar to bar
id: 54652
1000 words
id: 54653
All aboard!
id: 54654
This is going to be a ridiculous trip
id: 54655
Max is into it
id: 54656
Goran's hat...
id: 54657
The pedal car controls
id: 54658
It was actually a lot of effort
id: 54659
Bloo seems uncertain
id: 54660
Wide angle shot!
id: 54661
You can see my lack of shirt participation in this shot
id: 54662
Our driver was great
id: 54663
Bar stop 1
id: 54664
Let's play cornhole!
id: 54665
Goran's got the beanbags
id: 54666
Lining up a shot
id: 54667
Beanbag's in the air!
id: 54668
Bloo's throw
id: 54669
Throw the beanbag, CJ!
id: 54670
Next bar
id: 54671
This thing was supposedly like pizza in a glass
id: 54672
That green drink ended up being problematic
id: 54673
CJ does not like it
id: 54674
Bloo also did not like it
id: 54675
We made a friend at the bar
id: 54676
Goran, why is this drink so bad
id: 54677
Our new friend also hated it
id: 54678
This was the awful drink. Do not buy this drink!
id: 54679
Back to the pedal car thing
id: 54680
Blue Moon is nice
id: 54681
Is this a secret gas tank??
id: 54682
Group photo! I fit in! Also, what happened to Max?
id: 54683
Max is still reeling
id: 54684
Well now what?
id: 54685
Jackbox, obviously
id: 54686
We're on the move again
id: 54687
Vic predicted we would see numerous Jeeps with no doors.. we saw at least one!
id: 54688
It's probably for the best that I didn't get a scooter
id: 54689
The sun's gone
id: 54690
This place was pretty fancy
id: 54691
Where is the food
id: 54692
Hey it's that guy I am
id: 54693
Butter is two dollars! That's how fancy this place is
id: 54694
This food is so smal!
id: 54695
Look at the size of the brim on CJ's salad bowl!
id: 54696
We found some PS2 games in one of those library "take a book / leave a book" boxes
id: 54697
What's in this mysterious place
id: 54698
Whoa, rainbow cloud thing
id: 54699
It's just a bunch of strings!
id: 54700
Looking up into the rainbow cloud
id: 54701
Rainbow rain?
id: 54702
Walking back down the boardwalk
id: 54703
Hey cool, an RC car
id: 54704
The beach is a little less crowded
id: 54705
Silverball museum?
id: 54706
Hi Goran
id: 54707
Where did I even find this
id: 54708
VHS tapes are fun
id: 54709
Time for some night drums
id: 54710
This is a cool wheelchair for sand
id: 54711
Max energy
id: 54712
Of course, Bloo made us some coffee
id: 54713
Hi Joe
id: 54714
More Jackbox!
id: 54715
We're all so funny
id: 54716
Who will win?
id: 54718
Tsao gave me this great poster at Otakon! I tried pretty hard to pay for it but he wouldn't let me
id: 54719
My desk at work
id: 54720
Time to work on the podcast at my favorite Wawa parking spot
id: 54721
id: 54722
id: 54725
Reviewing slides at work
id: 54726
Window seat!
id: 54727
Foggy morning
id: 54728
Big meeting
id: 54729
Most of my DS and 3DS games
id: 54730
A bunch of my GBA games
id: 54731
I got tricked into going to a far away lunch
id: 54732
Fancy new watch
id: 54733
New shoes! Neil approves
id: 54734
I set up my Akko figure from Otakon
id: 54735
Figuring out FDS/AGS workflows
id: 54736
The parking lot at work
id: 54737
Tom showed me how to change out windshield wipers
id: 54738
More iPad time in a parking lot
id: 54739
Waiting for my car to be worked on
id: 54740
Haircut time
id: 54741
I sometimes actually park in my garage if there's hail in the forecast
id: 54742
Nice sunny day
id: 54743
Mel makes fun of me for hanging out in my car like this. But if you find a nice place to park it's basically a comfy seat outside, but with a good sound system
id: 54744
Freshly mowed lawn!
id: 54745
Lawns are stupid
id: 54746
But at least the grass is short now
id: 54747
Hanging out at home with Neil and Buzz
id: 54748
Working out at the nearby gym
id: 54749
Goddard parking lot
id: 54750
Sometimes fighter jets fly over Goddard
id: 54751
My room is a mess
id: 54752
Davieau broke something
id: 54753
"Don't take pictures of this!"
id: 54754
The thumbs up makes it
id: 54755
Reading in the Goddard cafeteria
id: 54756
Cheerful name
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