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Pictures taken during May 2020

id: 56135
The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds!
id: 56136
Closeup on the Blue Angels
id: 56137
Thunderbirds, we meet again!
id: 56138
I don't think I've ever taken photos of the Blue Angels before
id: 56139
Some good looking jets
id: 56140
Also this guy... who just wanted to fit in
id: 56141
The flyover was a dumb idea but it was sort of fun to track down the jets
id: 56142
All spaced out
id: 56143
Go Thunderbirds
id: 56144
I caught a second round of the jets because I saw a bunch of people parked on the side of the road. I just quickly parked and asked what was going on
id: 56145
It was right in front of the little airport so I was finally able to get some shots of it
id: 56146
Next time I'll have to come back at Golden Hour
id: 56241
So soft
id: 56242
Closeup of the stripes and spots pattern on Neil's fur
id: 56243
Neil's not sure why he's getting so much attention
id: 56244
I see you
id: 56245
Back at the vet again. We thought for the final time, but no.
id: 56246
Put those ears away, there's no need for alarm
id: 56247
Since we thought this was it for Neil, I put his missions on my bag. He says "these seem familiar.."
id: 56248
Yep, only two
id: 56249
He liked the window
id: 56250
This is such a great photo of Neil
id: 56251
He was such a little goober
id: 56252
Sun time again
id: 56253
In the last couple weeks, Neil kept getting thirsty but couldn't really quench it. So he kept drinking from weird places
id: 56254
Rather than stop him, I just moved a chair up to make it a little easier
id: 56255
He seemed to prefer this mug so I just kept refilling it and making sure it was accessible
id: 56256
12 cups??
id: 56257
His fur started to feel different near the end
id: 56258
When we thought Neil was leaving us on the 1st, Mom and Becky did a very nice thing and sent some flowers in a Neil-esque holder. They tried to cancel when he got his reprieve but it showed up anyway. I thought it was great. Neil approved
id: 56259
I put the spider plant outside since I figured it'd do better out there
id: 56260
We watched all of From the Earth to the Moon together
id: 56261
Neil's fur started to get a little ragged
id: 56262
But he was still as friendly as ever
id: 56263
The final weekend was very rough. It was on me to make "the call", but with the weekend, I had to decide on Friday or last until Monday. I decided to wait.
id: 56264
Neil was not having a great time. if you look at the timestamps of these photos you'll see that I was basically just sitting with him all night
id: 56265
The vet said he wasn't in pain, he just felt very "blah".
id: 56266
id: 56267
Neil looking for water again
id: 56268
This is the last photo of Neil and Buzz together.
id: 56269
On this, the final night, Neil almost looks normal again
id: 56270
I found him downstairs. He was ready.
id: 56271
On his little tuffet of towels
id: 56272
How're you doing, buddy?
id: 56273
Photos don't capture it, but he was moving strangely. It was clearly costing him a lot of effort. And his fur was tacky and ragged. But he made it through the weekend
id: 56274
Despite everything, he still enjoyed looking out the window
id: 56275
It's a good show out there
id: 56276
Nice and bright
id: 56277
It took some effort but he sat up for a while
id: 56278
Oh Neil
id: 56279
He was very wobbly
id: 56280
Well. It's time.
id: 56281
This is the last photo of Neil. He was everything you would ever want in a cat. Just perfect in every way. Once he got sick he held on so much longer than anyone thought. And it was a privilege to be there with him. This photo was taken after Neil was given a sedative. He slowly fell asleep and I just kept petting him, talking to him, and making eye contact with him. Acting on the vet's advice, I let him take Neil away for the end. Neil did a good job. He was a good cat.
id: 56282
Whenever I gave Neil his fluids, I stored the needles in a taped-off plastic cup, so I could dispose of them safely
id: 56283
Neil's Needles
id: 56284
Each needle roughly represents a day.
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