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Pictures taken during June 2020

id: 56285
A few weeks later, a second flower pot showed up. I named the first one Neil 8 and the second one Neil 9, for Neil's nine lives. Every once in a while I go out and visit with the Neils. Buzz and I miss him very much.
id: 56328
Which way is South again?
id: 56329
Mounting the antenna onto a big board made it much easier to manage
id: 56330
I forget why you have to tilt it. Something to do with my latitude and how far my longitude differs from the satellite's
id: 56331
Looking good!
id: 56332
GOES-16, is that you?
id: 56333
I confused some neighbors
id: 56334
This is how I kept the Raspberry Pi cool
id: 56335
Like my chalk compass?
id: 56336
This filter and amplifier is what makes this possible. It filters out signals other than a small range, which is the range that we want
id: 56337
I wonder if my neighbors thought I was spying on them
id: 56338
I think we have something!
id: 56339
We definitely have something!! This is the signal from GOES-16! It's got a lot of bandwidth, literally, so it can downlink imagery. Wow!
id: 56340
This is so so cool. Also, if you're wondering about the light-themed terminal, I'm not a monster. It was just too bright outside to see otherwise
id: 56341
I put a bag of ice (and eventually water) on top of the radio to keep it cool. I covered it in aluminum foil so the water wouldn't leak onto it. I think the combination of the foil and the water was probably a wash. But the radio never broke so I guess the bag worked!
id: 56342
A more permanent location in the backyard
id: 56343
Now with a weather enclosure for the filter
id: 56344
A full disc image captured by GOES-16!! New full disc images come down every 30 minutes.
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